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Oct 092011

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A week on since the latest installment of the battle of North London and now 4 league games without defeat against our rivals after so many years of being second best and in truth not even coming close to getting one over on Arsenal, times are now changing.

No dvd released by the club this time, perhaps because we seem to be taking control of the most recent derby’s now and we can’t really bring out a dvd every time now can we. For me the power is shifting in North London and before the Arsenal fans get irate, I am not talking about past glories, the size of stadium or club and I am not talking about the fact you are in the Champions League and we are not because I am quietly confident you won’t be either next season, in fact I’d put my house on it. I am talking about the fact that I personally think we have overtaken Arsenal in regards to the squad quality and the eleven that take to the pitch every week.

There is no doubt Arsenal held bragging rights for well over a decade and maybe will again in the future but for now them days are behind us, we can take to a North London derby now and expect to win, we have the squad quality to be able to compete. I don’t think we will be able to dominate the way that Arsenal did over us for many years but at the time they were playing the best football I have ever seen grace the Premiership but none the less it’s nice to now be able to pick them off and cause them the pain that we have endured for almost the last 15 years.

There will always be the minority of Spurs fans that are never satisfied with the job that Harry has done and will continue to do, but when have you ever seen such a quality Spurs side in the Premiership? We have our best squad ever since the formation of the Premier League, we have been in the Champions League and will compete for a place once again and we now beat Arsenal on a regular basis. We were once a joke but now we are one of the best teams in England who other teams take very seriously indeed. So get behind the team and cast your mind back through the Premiership years, we have never had it so good, so take note and be carefull what you wish for. You can’t build success over night and untill we have the stadium and more spending power then 4th place is realistically the best we can hope for barring a miracle.

I took the liberty of piecing together a video of our last 4 league games against Arsenal to give you all a reminder of how things have changed. Mr VDV will stand out in this video for those of you who think we should sell him, just watch the video and tell me you still feel the same. It’s been about 6 months since I last made a video but we haven’t really had much to rave about since our CL run.


embedded by coxie

Forever in their shadow? I don’t think so!

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  35 Responses to “The Power Shift Of North London (With Video Proof)”

  1. Nice video Coxie. You should do more of them matey.

  2. ok, you want the ‘power shift’ of north London?

    Try and qualify for europe more than just that ONE time, maybe try 14 times in a row.

    or how about you try and win a PL title? yes, you are in a better position right now, but please…dint get carried away you moron.

    • Hello stevie me old mate. From the smallest raindrop the mightiest of river is born.

    • (sigh)
      stevie, he didnt discuss the past, rather the present and future. Stop living in the past, Arsenal glory days are over. Take a leaf out of ur esteemed manager’s book and look out for the future, in which it IS Tottenham shadowing Arse/Anal.

      COYS and great vid!

    • you know theres a power change when all Arsenal fans can do is bring up the past, your’re starting to sound like liverpool fans now mate, don’t do it you’re better than that

  3. fantastic video……. well done son.. brought back all the good memories…… bravo!

  4. Awesome,cheers,lovin it again and again COYS!

  5. Just brilliant – back to form!

  6. this is why we gooners hate spurs fans. better yet why everyone hates you spuds.. ok i get it ,this is probably your greatest team you have ever had..and your all a bit excited. but guess what, i still think your team is pretty average.. thats right, you have a good side. but lets look at the facts you still cant compete with man united, or chelsea,, you got trashed againts man shitty 5 1 at HOME, you still cant beat man united, defence is still suspect, this is the worse arsenal team ever and i still think we will have what it takes at the end of the season to finish above you guys….

    • You’re more than welcome to come back at the end of the season afc. I’ll bring the salt and vinegar to make your words more appetising for your digestion.Lol.

    • And thats why we hate you gooners. So deluded. In the past you were miles ahead of us, no doubt. Henry, Fab, Nasri, gilberto, pires and so on.. list of quality players. But it’s all about now. Right now we are better than you, we have a better squad than you. We are not considering ourselves PL title contenders, we cant compete with the money of Man City and United are arguably one of the best sides in Europe. We’re unbeaten at home to Chelsea in 5 years, have beaten you 3 ttimes in the last 4 outtings Have beaten Liverpool at home last 3 years running and lately up at Anfield. At present, we’re better and unless Wenger acts drastically in january the gap between us will continue to grow. An average team doesnt have two players valued at 30-40m, another in vdv that has played at top teams and at 27 is with us. One player in Sandro that looks as though he could be up there with the best in a few years and a future eng RB in Kyle Walker. Get over the bitterness and accept the fact we are better.

    • we let in 3 against United, you let in 8, so it looks like we can compete better than you against United

  7. I must admit that spurs truly are becoming an excellent club, probably better than Arsenal. Got to say well said Yiddo and Foggy.

    peace out, and, i hate to say it, but COYS.


    • Nice one Stevie. Come around for a bit of banter any time mate. You can share in afc ‘s fish supper.Lol.

  8. we will see my little foggy friend… but dont forget the good guys allways come out on top and judging by the last 50 years i guess we are the good guys 🙂

  9. ben its no mean feet having a better team than arsenal nowdays.. i can think of many teams that are better than arsenal.. but dont get to excited you have probably never seen your team win anything of note(carling cup),,, not even challenged for the tittle not once, hell maybe you had never seen your team beat arsenal until a few years ago, but dont get carryed away, this is arsenal we are talking about there will be BIG changes around the emirates over the next few years.. we aint just going to fade away like you hope and pray for.

    • You talk about Carling cups and winning things, when was the last time you won anything- you lost to bloody Birmingham! You say something of note- after you lost the Carling cup your season failed miserably and you were out of any better competitions in less than a week after that loss. The carling cup was more important to you than it seemed. Get over it, if anyone had to bet on a team in North London to win a game, they would choose Spurs not Arsenal. Currently we are better than you, it showed when we played, it showed in the transfer market, it shows in the premier league table, the power has shifted in North London and right now we are the better team in North London. COYS!

  10. but yess spurs do have a better team than arsenal

    • Well said mate. Who knows we might both make Champions League at the expence of Chelsea. Now that would be funny. Cheerio Roman. Don’t forget to pick up your billions on the way out.

  11. teams like chelsea and man city have no place in football.

    • Agreed, they have earned nothing of what they have and deserve to win shit, how they can boast is beyond me, at least clubs like united, arsenal and spurs worked hard to get what they got.

  12. Agreed. There really should be some kind of spending cap. I know UEFA are trying to implement something along those lines. But when you can bend the rules and sell your stadium name for 400 million it’s the same old, not what you know but who you know deal.

  13. So… you’re version of ‘not looking back’ is by… looking back at the last 4 games against us. 3 of which have been at your ground. Even the most deluded spurs fans must admit we should have won the last one, but you did thanks to a handball and a freak goal. Lets see what happens when you visit the emirates, and at the end of the season.


    • Passing the ball around midfield all day don’t mean you should win, how many times did you test friedel, not many compared to the saves scezney made

    • History is a relative experience Joe. To a certain extent your past performances give an indication as to where you are in your development as a club, or to a greater extent as an individual.

      So to look at where Tottenham were three seasons ago gives us a view that we have improved considerably. Whereas to look over the same period at Arsenal would show that you have begun a downward spiral.

      This is in no way meant to be detrimental to Arsenal as you have some good fans, afc and Stevie being the perfect examples. And your good self of course. It is however a matter of fact that your dominance over Spurs has come to an end.

      For example it would not have mattered where the games were played previously. At the Lane, or your place as you would have won and easily so. The hand ball or the freak goal would also have gone your way.They do say you make your own luck by being positive. Yet “recent” history shows that times are a changing. Something that will no doubt feel strange to those teams that have had dominance over Tottenham for some time. Chelsea are another team that have begun to see this taking place.

      However. The power base could just a simply revert back to the Gunners. This is why you need to constantly be aware that you have to strive to improve. Otherwise to stand still is to reverse your fortunes… And this is your clubs major problem I’m afraid. Something we know, and have experienced first hand.

      Thanks for your input. it is greatly appreciated.

  14. Another video if anyone’s interested:

  15. It’s over gooners,live with it bum boys

  16. I wish VdV had caught the ball and run into the goal with the ball under his arm.Its so funny when you arsenal pricks cry like little girls as pingpong would say,even Alan wanker Smith was crying over the footballs used in the EPL as they move in the air? never heard him mention it before.Keep on acting like pussies please,it really amuses me COYS

  17. lets not start braggin too much yet my Spurs fans !Yes we have one of the best squads we’ve had for years.Yes Arsenal look shakey as hell and its great to see.But its a long season lets keep it moving.

  18. One often has gooner fans,telling us everyone hates Spurs.Go onto a few otherfootballing sites,and see where most of the vitroic is directed against.Like ManU/ManCity/Liverpool?Everton ect.Guess who gets the vote,you’ve got it the arse.everytime a winner for being the most disliked team in team in the premier league.IF you do not beleive me,Just pop into their sites for yourself.And get a dose of realision.To be fair us Spuds are not the most favourites amongst the Spammers either.Then again,for a team with the most National Front supporters in Briatin,they are not amongst the brightest lot around.Then agin all clubs have their moron followers.Unfortunately for the arse they seem to have an awful lot of them.Judging from some of the comments on here at times.

  19. as some1 stated we got beat 5 1 but match if the day was so sweet that you lost 8 2. Kjnd of makes our loss look not so bad…

  20. I think this is one of the best videos yet :D, keep up the good work! COYS!

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