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Aug 232010

Well less than 12 months back and Gareth Bale was in the wilderness and seemingly frozen out by Harry, it looked as though he would be sold or loaned out in January and Nottingham Forest were the front runners. What a difference a few months can make.

Boom Boom Boom Let Me Hear You Say Bale....

More than luck than by good judgement by Harry as an injury to BAE forced the hand of the gaffer to give Bale his chance again at left back and boy oh boy did this kid take his chance. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen anybody grab a chance better in my life than Gareth Bale has done. This kid in less than a year has gone from almost joining Nottingham Forest to the hottest property in the Premier League.

Bale was signed by Tottenham for around £10million in the summer of 2007 from Southampton, he arrived as a 17 year old with great promise. He was in an out of the team for the first season due to picking up some injuries but he did chip in with a couple of goals along the way. He missed the back end of the season with ligament damage.

The following season Bale was a bit part player under both Ramos and Redknapp, unfortunately Bale had a hoodoo hanging over him which saw Tottenham not win a Premiership match in 24 attempts with Bale in the team. I think Harry read too much into this because he really didn’t seem to want Bale anywhere near his starting XI and for most part of the 2008/09 season Bale was frozen out again at left back in favour of BAE. None could really argue too much because BAE was really growing as a player and had become one of our best left backs in recent times.

2009/10 Started the same for Gareth and it looked as though he finally had enough and wanted to move in January but then fate decided to step in. BAE was due to play for Cameroon in the African Cup Of Nations so would have missed a few games but he actually picked up an injury just before. This saw Harry throw Bale into the team once again at left back for the FA Cup 3rd round match agaisnt Peterborough to which he was very impressive. He then started agaisnt Fulham in which we won 2-0 and finally his first win as a starter ending the Premiership curse hanging over his head and once again putting in an impressive display. In face for about 5 games in a row Bale was our best player from left back.

Bale seemed to be tearing teams to pieces when getting forward, he was good at defending but seemed to lack concentration and get caught out a lot, especially agaisnt the top teams. This showed when we faced Man Utd and Redknapp put BAE right back and Bale on the left, neither player felt comfortable and it showed. Harry has now found that when both are fit that playing Bale left mid and BAE left back does the trick. I can see why Redknapp wants to turn Bale into a good defender because of his ability to get forward as well it is like having 2 players in 1 on the left which is effectively like having an extra man in midfield.

With our push for 4th and that Elusive Champions League spot still up for grabs, Bale hit the winners agaisnt Arsenal and Chelsea. He finished the season as an icon to the fans. Gareth Bale had gone from the forgotten man to a player indispensible to the club. Even some of the big European teams have been sniffing around Bale but thankfully he has signed a new deal at the lane. Bale looks as though he is now enjoying life at the Lane and is truely adored by the Tottenham supporters. Since breaking into the team last January I don’t think Bale has had a really bad game, he is now one of the most exciting players to watch.

This season has started the same as the last finished for Bale, he looked threatening agaisnt Manchester City on the opening day and he bagged himself a brace agaisnt Stoke at the weekend, the highlights for that and the download can be found in the highlights section under the streams tab. If you haven’t seen his second goal yet then you must see it.

So this is the story of Gareth Bale, the rise and fall and then rise again of Bale, I think he is now established as one of the best players in the Premiership and he is ours and at still only 21 we have plenty more of him to see.

  18 Responses to “The Rise And Fall Of Gareth Bale”

  1. The boy has been brilliant so far; I pray that he stays healthy throughout the season as he seems to be a target for vicious tackles.

  2. Dodgy headline! Since being at Spurs (although he had a shaky start) he’s only risen. Long may it be so!

    • I disagree, he was frozen out a lot and nearly dropped down the league to play for forest, he was nearly a £10million flop, not through his own fault maybe, maybe he just didn’t get a good run in the team and we almost lost him. I consider his repuation fell because he arrived with such great promise which he is now delivering.

  3. Hi- I agree, although your headline is a bit misleading! If anything it should be: “The fall and rise of Gareth Bale.”
    I always thought Bale was destined for greatness. I thought the same after seeing the first games of Ledley and others like Matthew Le Tissier at Southampton (pity we never signed him.)
    What troubles me about Tottenham is how hard it is for promising young players to get a game. I wonder how many other talents we have getting frustrated outside the squad? I always tried to watch the Spurs reserves (when we had a reserve team) when they played near me and over the years saw several very promising players who just vanished from the radar.
    Players never develop unless they get serious playing time. Let’s see more of players like Rose and Obiko (not sure of spelling). Signing really promising talents like Bostock is a waste of time, money and talent without playing time.
    Finally, Spurs fans should develop a lot more patience with new players. People like Bentley – who has great talent in my view- should be encouraged, not jeered at and slammed on websites. This happens to so many of our new signings over the years. If they’re not an instant success they are useless. It doesn’t work like that- everyone takes time to bed in. Think of your new job.
    Anyway- thanks for the website.

  4. I think it’s brilliant the way he’s come good. However, as a Forest fan, I wish he’d done in it up by the Trent!

  5. A great player who seems to bring the best out of Lennon,and vice verse,it’s as though they have an eye for each others runs.

  6. Please do your research. Bale played in the 5-0 win over Burnley in September 2009. That was his first win in the prem in a Spurs shirt

    • I will research if you promise to read properly, i noted the win agaisnt fulham being Bales 1st win in the Premiership as a starter, the burnley win he come on as sub, yes it was a win with Bale but i specifially mentioned the Fulham win as his first win for spurs when he started.

  7. OOOOOh lot of pedants around today…….I suppose if you want to take it to the letter it should be ‘The rise, fall and rise again of Gareth Bale’ but hey who’s arguing the maint point is he’s on fire at the moment and long may it continue.

  8. What I really enjoy is the way the team is able to find space and play into that space. This is what makes this recent Spurs team so enjoayable to watch. I look at see 80’s partnerships developing again. The way Hoddle/Waddle and Waddle/Gascoigne connected is similar to what I see with Modd/Bale and Hudd/Bale working the ball into spaces. I love watching it.

  9. Oh, and Bale is God, of course!

  10. Triffic….

  11. Bale was showing what a great talent he was as long ago as Southampton, but suffered that first season injury when he joined us. I recall when we beat Chelsea in the Carling Cup, watching him wave his crutches in the air in celebration, and at the time, though he was unlucky not to have been in the side but for injury.

    I think both Bale and Gomes suffered a lot of bad luck when they first joined Spurs, but I never wrote them off as some of us did. Of course, I also thought the same about Bentley, so I am not necessarily that clever, but I just couldnt see how Gomes could become a bad player overnight, and we also need to remember that most of Bale’s first season was under “Oneday” at a time Ramos, who virtually wrecked us

  12. Dude, SERIOUSLY???

    Are you that insecure in your work that you censor the first little bit of criticism? I notice that you changed ‘illusive’ to ‘elusive’ though, so at least it’s not ALL bad.

    Dear, oh dear!

    • No Spursman I removed your comment because it was pointless and stupid, we want to talk Tottenham related issues here not spelling mistakes, if you wan’t to pick on spelling mistakes then go and be a school teacher or something. Sorry Mr Perfect we shall take more care not to offend you with spelling errors in the future.

  13. Lads just read the articles never mind about the spelling after all everyone’s got room to improve haven’t they?
    Except Spurs of course cough,cough.

  14. It was a constructive criticism about your article. Only someone who doesn’t have the confidence to stand by their assertions looks to deflect or delete criticism. I also stated that your site provided amusement and entertainment, which is a compliment. You didn’t focus on that, did you?

    This site makes many errors. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for reducing the enjoyment and impact of it. If you want to express your love for Spurs, something which is supposed to be the uniting theme of this blog, then it is your responsibility to ensure you do it to the best of your ability. If someone then provides you with a means to do so, labelling them pointless is a weakness on YOUR part, not the person providing criticism.

    You have a one word response attached to this article. I pass no judgement, but using your own standards that too could be classed ‘pointless’, as it doesn’t express a point. (Just so you’re aware wishboner, I have no problem with your comment)

    You deleted my comment not because it was stupid and pointless – you did it in a fit of pique as evidenced by the fact that you CORRECTED the mistake I pointed out. If it was stupid, why did you correct your mistake? If you’re confident in your work, then I defy you to have the confidence to allow THIS comment to stand.

    It’s not a judgement, it’s simply pointing out an error that enables you to better the quality of your work.

    • The comment box is for discussing the article, if you have any constructive feedback or negative comments on how to improve the site then please use the contact page provided and leave the comments box for Tottenham related talk, I’m not 100% on this but I am guessing most people come here to discuss Spurs and not spelling errors, I might be wrong but that is just a hunch.

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