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Jun 042013

Will he? Won’t he? Gareth Bale and his Real Madrid move will drag on all summer, as Spurs fans we know this already and the only surprise to us will be whether it’s all settled this month.

Spurs themselves are on the lookout for fresh players, mainly strikers and without the lure of Champions League football, it is a lot easier to attract players of high quality if they know they will be playing in the same team as one of the world’s best in Gareth Bale.

With all due respect a player like David Villa is 10 times more likely if he can see us holding onto our top players and knows he will be playing in a team that features Gareth Bale rather than a team that features Gylfi Sigurdsson.

If we sell Bale for the £80m that has been touted then we can afford to bring in some top players to help soften the blow but will it be a lot harder to attract them? I think so. However if we speculate the money and show intent then there is every chance Bale will stay. Keeping Bale then again could also take up a huge chunk of the wage bill and limit what we can afford to bring in.

Either way we will lose out in some respect. Keeping Bale and seeing Levy spend some money that he has kept stashed away for strikers for the last 3 years would be the best outcome for us.

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  7 Responses to “The Spurs Dilemma”

  1. This article is total nonsense, the only truth is that spurs should keep Bale. With increased TV revenue and additional income from Bales image rights and sponsorship (aprox £20m), Spurs will easily be able to pay Bales increased wages with change to spare ! and be able to attract quality players to play alongside Bale.

  2. The ideal is to keep Bale and also invest but with the loss of Champions League income that could prove difficult. I do feel that we could get in around £20-£2 from other player sales and there should be an additional budget for players with increased TV deal. Levy net spend has only been £5-£10m over past 5 seasons so now would be time to back the manager. With the new training ground and stadium you can see why Levy has been tight. I do feel that we would be a stronger team if Bales full transfer value was reinvested but we would need to buy before he is sold. No good the whole of Europe knowing we have £60-£80m in the bank as prices for players will rocket. My view is this, keep Bale and invest £50m. Two strikers, Tom Ince, and possibly a Erikson type for CM. That team would give us better options up top, wing cover and also for CM if Dembele, Sandro, or Carroll get injured. You may laugh but next season may just be our chance. UTD, City, and Chelsea all have new managers. Yes good managers but the teams will be in a state of flux. We’ve just had our season of the players getting to know AVB. If we invest in Villa, Damiao, Ince, and Erikson (those type of player) and keep Bale then we may just have a chance of winning the league. This could be our best chance until the stadium is built. If it doesn’t work out then we can still sell Bale next summer to cover the cost of players brought in now. What was it Bill said……

  3. That should say £20-£25m

  4. Spot on Essex!

    Better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low

    Nuff said

  5. Essex we have been saying this for four years, unfortunately I and many others fear Levy is lining his pockets with our hard earned money and don’t believe the money is going towards the new stadium, the only thing currently being built behind White Hart Lane is a supermarket.

  6. I think we should keep bale

    1) we can attract bigger players
    2) we need a striker Damiao or Martinez or benteke would be good
    3) sign villa which could help as we could play him behind the striker and bring bale back out to the left
    4) sign hulk which provides more options anywhere up top
    5) sell Parker assou eckotto Livermore adebayor Townsend
    Next season we have a great chance for champions league and even the title
    All the big clubs have new managers but we have the manager and the players to do it however we need this team out every week

    Gk lloris
    RB walker
    Cb kaboul
    Cb Dawson
    Lb vertonghen
    Rm Lennon
    CDM sandro
    Cm dembele
    Lm bale
    Cf hulk or villa
    St Martinez benteke or Damiao
    That is a scary line up and one that will frighten the likes of united
    With a new stadium on its way we need to build that stadium a team that is goin to win titles so this stadium will only see the good times

  7. All this speculation over ins and outs,makes for stressful times.The thing that strikes me most at the moment,looking at the realality of things,is the actual silence from any one actullay connected with Tottenham,be it Mr.Levy or AVB.A lot has been said from ecx palyers and even Mr Wenger recenctly.I dare say all will be revealed from the 1st of July.As long as its not last day shenaginians yet once again,and the it taking the late arrivals,time to bed in.

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