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Dec 062013

Quantum physics has some basis to believe that there are a number of parallel universes which exist in which different actions and decisions are taken than those in our universe. Its hard to wrap your head around but I can guarantee one thing, AVB has lost his job in all those where Fulham beat us 1-0.

Following the twitter feed and talking to people during the match, you could generally feel that he was already a foregone conclusion. There are numerous reports in the media, both print and digital, about how fans, management even owners at the Lane are unhappy with AVB. They remind you how the 110 million spent should be giving you instant returns or the style of play that is un-spur like. One paper even carried report of how the board were going to lean on AVB to accomodate two strikers in the playing eleven. That is pretty daft!

Let the man manage! The fact that his job was on the line after the City bashing was common knowledge but till when must he manage under the threat of being booted out? I honestly do not know the answer to that one. Maybe till the next unexpected bad result. Will that thought allow him to lay the foundations of a strong team which may challenge for the title next year? We are still within three points of a champions league berth. Is that not a good position to be in when we supposedly have not even started to find our feet? The fact that all the players have come out and stood strongly in support of AVB should stand for something.

This week our team travels to the Stadium of Light to take on Sunderland where I again expect our team to win. But this season so far has been greatly inconsistent and to take anything for granted is foolish. Sensing the mood at the present, anything less than a win may mean a new manager at our club.

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  7 Responses to “The Sword is still hanging over AVB”

  1. […] Quantum physics has some basis to believe that there are a number of parallel universes which exist in which different actions and decisions are taken than those in our universe. Its hard to wrap your head around but I can guarantee one thing, AVB has lost his job in all those where Fulham beat us […] […]

  2. If i am honest i was surprised when we appointed him.He appears arrogant and obstinate and a very cautious manager of play and tactics.Dont know if the new signings were his recommendations but the players i wasreally looking forward to soldado is now soldudo and eric lamela is now eric lamentable! They are internationals and for a number of reasons service,inverted wingers language problems a third of the season has gone and we have not clicked.Time is not on ourside for the league or champions league qualification. Forgetting about press stories i wonder if he can deliver with what is our best squad.why we didnt sign Benteke for the money we spent on Soldado i dont know.If this really is a transition season and we dont shape up in the next half dozen matches then break the bank for Benteke and Lukaku and get Laudrup. My judgment is not on freak city result but on how we play.come on AVB be bold

  3. Hahaha hey james not sure if you’ve been paying attention but benteke is having a terrible year, swansea is 6 points behind us, and come on, chelsea would never sell us lukaku, get real. we need to stick it out and keep plugging away. soldado and lamela are going to pick it up. anyone who thought this would be easy read too much bs on the internet saying that we would slide right into the top 4 with all the new players. Firing AVB in the next few months would be very bad for us, way worse than keeping him!!!!

  4. Fair comment Mikey but i feel we are indireneed not of one striker but two.Lukaku doesnt seem particulzrly happy at chelsea and if not january then get him at the summer.Benteke should have been signed in the summer and it would have built on our belgian connection-which might also attract Lukaku. Laudrup put forward because he hasdone well with what hes got and with our squad might just provide the stimulus weneed.AVB is now All Very Boring.A team very close to us play much better football. Watched the videos of Lamela and cant wait for him to discover his form -man managemeny maybe?Did not take Michu to long to settle
    Heres hoping before Levy,s christmas sack appears!

  5. It used to be that most English clubs prided themselves on the number of managers they had appointed since THE WAR (so few!). We used to point and laugh at shambolic continental teams who seemed to appoint a new manager every season. How unstable for building a proper team, we thought, how mad! Now we seem to have caught the continental disease with a vengeance. Any team goes through a bad spell or even a bad or humiliating result (6-0!) and everyone wants the manager’s head. I’ve been a Spurs fan since the year of our relegation, 1978, so I’ve seen loads of ups and downs. For the first time in a very long time, I can see the possibility of my beloved Spurs getting to the very top. All we need is some patience and the ability to be resilient and take some hits as we work our way to the top. Yes, I also have doubts sometimes about AVB’s tactics and selections at times, but I think we are generally moving in the right direction. I started this season with a promise to myself that whenever things got tough, I would remind myself that we had a manager who was as ambitious and hungry for success as the most hopeful fan. I’ve had to revisit that thought more than once in the last in the last few weeks, but I still believe. We go on about the team needing to show some character, but we ( fans ) need to show some character as well. We can’t panic every time we run into trouble. We do our team no favours when we behave this way. Give AVB time and space to get us to where we want to get to. Remember, he’s still learning about his players and the best way to deploy them. We will get there. COYS!

  6. Benteke is a 1 season wonder risking 30 million after 1 good season is madness! No way
    Chelsea would sell lukaku to us would love it see it happen. Avb needs to stay since he came we sold modric and vdv an ledley retired yet got us record points then lost bale an tryin get near entire new squad to gel, be happy wer still close fs

  7. Cockerell those are wise and calming words. I think you have some very good points. From the fans perspective though, if we were playing a decent type of football and losing hat would be a different story. Or if the slightest progress cold be seen. The frustration is coming from a style of play which won’t work and is not improving – slow build up play, lateral passing, etc.
    the. There is the lone striker who is not suited to the role and gets no service because of the inverted wingers. These last two points might improve over time but I think most have their doubts.
    Your statement about support from the fans is no less valid though. I just wish I could see a style of play which gave me hope. 30-40 yard strikes from Chiriches and Holtby are papering over the cracks at the moment.

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