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May 262013

I ask the question that should Real Madrid go ahead and make a £60m bid for Gareth Bale and we were to cash in, would that be as disastrous as many think?

If we sold Bale and was to reinvest that full amount back into the squad plus any transfer funds already available maybe we could surprise ourselves. We would have to buy pure quality though to make that happen, something I feel we failed to do from the sales of Modric and VDV, I feel we bought good squad players rather than quality, we have also been guilty in the past from the sale of Berbatov of banking a lot of the funds and buying average.

now I don’t want Bale to leave for any price but maybe we can still compete at the top if it is invested properly, Liverpool didn’t do too bad from the sale of Torres but wasted a large chunk on Andy Carroll.

no doubt our der solve will be tested over the next couple of months but we will pay the price if Levy lets this drag on through the summer and this has cost us points at the beginning of the season at the start.

Selling Bale as disastrous as the pundits make out?

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  1. YES ! The biggest problem being : Showing a total lack of ambition ..
    Having 60-70 million to spend is nice. but players of that value don’t want to go to a club that already is selling their best players AND don’t have CL football. We’ll end up getting 5-6 8-10 mill. player and maybe a 15…
    Keep Bale ! Bye reinforcement, 2-3 players that will make a difference. and make this club the kind of club that players like Bale don’t want or need to leave !

    • Hit the nail on the head there, mate. Keeping Bale is about SO MUCH more than just money or holding onto a star player. It’s about making a statement of the clubs intent and ambition!!! Selling Bale would send out a message that Spurs are content being a feeder club, with a big bank balance.

      We DON’T have to spend big this summer, we have to spend smartly/. Two things which Levy has prided himself on in the past (i.e. Sandro, Lennon, Bale, VDV, Berbatov, Lloris, Vertonghen, etc)

  2. You can’t also forget that with a sale that big, it makes it more difficult to deal with clubs, because they price gouge you. They know you’re flush with cash, and up all of their selling prices for players. I remember it happening with Berbatov.

  3. Just like to know are you delusional or what? when was the last time LEVY ploughed the money back, last season netted about 120m from sales how much was spent 45m no forwards as well and this is what u will get ,where have u been the last 6yrs
    sorri mate the majority wont be invested

    • The money has gone on a £45m training ground, £65m on buying most of the property around WHL, and £25m on planning permission and architects fees. Would you really say that was a bad investment? It’s about the future of our club. Fact, without a new stadium we will never be able to compete at the level we need. Fact, with FFP coming in attracting and developing the best young talent is key. Something we have previously had a bad record in doing.

  4. It says we are not interested in winning anything and other players will not therefore want to join us. Besides he is staying so it’s rather irrelevant.

  5. This article should never have been written….because apart from the amount of money there is no upside to selling the 3rd best player on the planet

  6. he wont be sold-also we have an owner just valued at circa £5 billion-so come on mr lewis get the wallet out and tell levy to buy quality and clear out the shit in june not august-get the stadium built and we are on our way-make us the club that everyone wants to play for

  7. I am fed up with Authors!!!!!!!!! suggesting we should be better off selling our best players. The people who’ve commented above are rightly saying ‘why would other players want to join a club that sells it’s best players’. That day is gone. There’s nothing if a player goes on strike (Modric/Berbatov) but that kind of character isn’t wanted in the squad anyway. The attitude I want in our squad is the ‘Michael Dawson’ attitude. The govenor tried to sell him and he wouldn’t go, he just put his head down and got his place back in the team. Lets sign a few very good players and concentrate on a decent shot at the title next season.

  8. There are journos and men in the street who say this is a great move. Go out and buy THREE £20m players. Tosh! Where are the wages coming from? How do you attract the best players when you are selling the 3rd best player in the world? But as previous contributors have said – where is the ambition? Levy’s approach to this is correct. At a time when we are building a new 56,000 seat stadium, not only do we need to fill that stadium, but we need to attract sponsors and investors to help us finance it. Selling Bale sends all the wrong signals to potential sponsors and investors. It’s worth remembering that the Telegraph have twice carried stories suggesting that the reason we were de-listed from the AIM market, was so that Levy could sell 25% of THFC to a major sponsor. This would enable us to keep down the level of borrowing with the new stadium. Bale is a fabulous asset in the search for the correct funding, in addition to his obvious playing ability.

  9. I’m with the majority on this one. Keep bale at the club for as long as we can. Its a joy to watch him playing for us. Tell Real Madrid, or whoever, keep your money.

  10. when have I ever not sold our best players ?. May keep him kicking his heels for a season but he’ll be gone when he wants trophies.

  11. The problem is this, we sell Bale for 60/70 million, but, with no CL football which players are going to come? The ones who come will be average mid table players or European journeymen! I am sure that Bale will move abroad, but let’s keep him for as long as possible; if Madrid offer 60, tell them thats for an autograph only! COYS

  12. I wonder if GB watched the CL final last night, thinking I should be in games like these. Spurs will only be able to keep players like him if they move up a level, and build the new stadium. That’s their future, if only they can finance it. They never really tell us much about the project – a hugely complex scheme per DL – it seems stalled at the moment apart from the supermarket.

  13. The current crop of players were not bad. What let us down is the home form and the time AVB took to having a settled line up. If Bale stays we need a good left back, A creative midfielder, 3 strikers, DAMIO AND DAVID VILLA and SOLDADO. I would swap A. LENON for young INCE Then balance the books with S.Parker, T.Huddlestone, Wiilliam Gallas, Kyle Naughton, BAE, ADEBAJYOR, DEFOE and DAVID BENTLEY. Back up the team with young CAROLL, PRITCHARD and the A.townsend and we are laughing. Finally D.Levy and AVB should sort out our squad with new recruits come end of July so that we are ready by come beginning of the season in AUGUST.

    • We need to be realistic with the amount of players we sign…..I have said it since 2008 its time we go and get ourselves a couple of proper strikers.

      We are ok everywhere else, we have Townsend, Rose, Kaboul and Sandro to come back, all are great players, Holtby will improve as will Sigurdsson, the rest of the average (Parker, Dempsey, Livermore etc) can be kept as squad players..

      Just go and get 2 strikers, the only two who need to go are Adebayor and Gallas

      If it was me I would go for Benteke and Hulk but they would cost loads, the realistic scenario would be Remy and Benteke….both would be a huge improvement on what we have

  14. We can get more than 60million, every big club in the world wants him and 7 of the biggest clubs have new managers this year all looking to spend.

    This is the summer to have an auction and get real doe for him, PSG, Monaco, Man U, Man C, Chelski, Madrid, Bayern, Barca all want him…..all of them have huge budgets, and all of them except Barca have new managers…….with Neymar going Barca and Goetze going Bayern Bale is really the only world class young talent left in this window.

    81 million or no deal, explain to each side that if 81mill is received then we will sell, one of them will bite the bullet.

    We will get that money, Bale is great but soft as shit and doesnt have the mentality to push on, he is one injury away from destruction as too much of his game is about his physical attributes and mentality wise he is lacking something.

    Use the money to sign Ben Arfa as a direct replacement, this lad is class, Benteke upfront, Hulk as our big signing and then go and sign Erikson and we will be a better team than before all 4 of them wouldnt cost 81 million.

    Go on Spurs break the transfer record

  15. What a defeatest article. He is irreplaceable. FACT: Levy is an asset stripper. We sell Bale he’ll buy Downing. Bale will stay if we show ambition and I dont mean bankrupt the club. Two or so real quality signings will keep us in the hunt. No doubt we will have no choice eventually as Levy will sell him to put down a large deposit on the new ground.

    • Bale scored 20+ goals with his money we could bring in 40+ goals on strikers

  16. Aha! If it was me lol I would invest in four or five players while Bale is here then flog him to recoup the outlay. That way we attract players and balance the books. So Buy Hulk £32m Eriksen £17m, Villa £13m, Benteke £20m and take Fabio Coentrao from Madrid as part of the deal. also shipping out Gallas, Ade, Parker, Bentley, Ekotto, Defoe, Dempsey to clear the wage bill and bring in another £25-30 mil. Job done!

    • Forgot to mention Tom Ince £17m! Total money in not inc £12m for finishing 5th= 90m. Total money out £99m….that’s how the big boys are rolling, and we still have money from all those deals last year.COYS

  17. All our problems revolve around Daniel Levy. Even if we were to sell Gareth Bale I have no faith whatsoever in Daniel Levy anymore. He will, with the money from the Bale sale, go out and buy with two things in mind as he always does. Can I make a profit on this player or is this player a real bargain? His buying has nothing really to do with the team needs or if it does it is very loosely connected to the team needs. He always always leaves everything to the last minute giving the manager or head coach not time whatsoever to bed the new players in plus he will only buy players he can make money on regardless of what AVB wants. Levy is Tottenham’s biggest drawback when it comes to the team and has held them back for the last three seasons which coincides with when he took over the transfer dealing. Since he pulled off that marvellous buy of Rafa Van Der Vaart his ego has shot through the roof. I personally think the guy, when it comes to transfers, is an absolute moron with no real ambition when it comes to team matters. In the last window he did nothing to help AVB at all with the exception of Lloris, Vertonghen and maybe Dembele although the jury is still out on him. We missed out on Moutinho because he left it too late and he gave up for the sake of a couple of million on Damiao. Even if he had gotten Damiao we would be in the Champions League I have no doubt about that and so we have missed out on £30 – £40 million pounds for the sake of £2 million pounds and this is a good businessman? I cannot wait to see how he performs in this next window.

  18. As a fan from the Land Down Under I would hate to see us sell Bale. In the past we (Levy) has done what was needed as per Tony’s message to invest the funds from transfers into necessary planning and strategy. Take a look at average crowd attendances as a function of capacity and we are number 1, 99.7% average capacity for the season approx, but that is a figure of 36,000 or there-abouts. Man U (love or hate them) had an average of 99.5% approx but that figure was close to 70,000. Twice our capacity. Imagine the extra funds that brings in to invest in the team, both players and back office.
    We are now in a position where we do not necessarily need to sell Bale to continue the development of the wider business. Clean out some of the players that are surplus to AVBs strategy, give him the funds to invest in some top class strikers and develop the youth players who have shown promise to show players both young and old we are a team who has ambition, drive and the desire to succeed matched with the knowledge and capability of a great back office to provide finances and support to get there. I have been to one game in my life (hey not the easist thing to do from Aus) and it was the greatest football experience i have had, keep it up COYS!!!!!.

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