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Feb 072011

How about this last week? Quite a wild ride innit? From the embarrassing loss to the Cottagers, to the disappointment of transfer day, then to the joy of a hard-fought win in Lancashire and finally, a last-minute winner from the magical boot of fan-favorite Niko Krancjar. If someone ever asks me what being a football fan is all about, I shall refer them to this week.

The ups and downs that make this game so wonderful, yet also make us pull our hair out. From the depths of despair after a match performance that could be best described as “bad”,  to the jubilation of two fine wins over stubborn opposition, this is why the beautiful game is not for the weak of heart. And we, the football fan, to make matters worse, must over-analyze everything related to our club, which usually leads to ridiculous conclusions. But again, this is the fun of being a football fan. So, for the analyst in all of us, let’s dive right in to the two latest twists in this season, shall we?

Spurs over Blackburn-Gritty, grinding, ugly, yet beautiful. Watching every Rover attack break down in the final third like waves on the beach, was nerve-racking, yet thrilling in the same breath. Seeing 2 Meter Peter rise up over Samba to meet Rafa’s pin-point cross was like watching a painter make the final stroke of his brush to complete a masterpiece. Absolute brilliance. Then the painter felt like going back and mess with the piece for the next 85 minutes only to realize that everything was already perfect. Fun times the trip to Lancashire. Fun times, indeed.

Spurs played like a wounded animal backed into a corner, which is exactly how tough teams should play on the road. Angry, tough and hard to break. That is how one has to play against the teams from the Northeast. Organized and disciplined. Take the chance when the opposition seems to have you where they want you, backed into a corner. And we all know what happens when a wounded animal is backed into a corner, it jumps out and goes straight for the jugular. Which is what Tottenham did. No one will remember it as Blackburn controlling the match, or their 15 odd shots to our few, or their numerous missed chances. Instead, one will only look back and see a scoreline of 0-1 to Spurs and 3 points in the bag.

Bolton at the Lane-We all know how well Spurs play at home, plus when the line-ups were announced it was a welcome sight to see a 4-4-2 being used. I am not knocking our system when everyone is healthy, but at the moment, the 4-4-2 is the way to go. Unfortunately, we again had to deal with Jermain “Couldn’t hit the water if I fell out of a boat” Defoe up front while Super Pav continued to ride the pine. To explain this, I must assume that Harry must be smoking some really crazy stuff which must make Pav look like a marshmallow and Defoe the second coming of Ronaldo. Anyway, Rafa gets us going with an early penalty conversion followed by a ridiculous rule enforcement by Mr. Zebra. Seriously, how many times has Encroachment been called? Maybe the ref was thinking this was American Football. So Rafa has to take the second, rightly earned, penalty again, which led to him missing it by a matter of inches. Another question: Why did you go to the exact same spot on all three penalties? I figured for the re-take, Rafa would go to the right. Meh, no biggie. We were bossing play and looked likely to grab a second as Azza, BAE, Rafa, Charlie and even JJ played well enough, only for Defoe to mess up in the end. Shocking, I know.  Otherwise, a fine first half.

The second half picked up where the first ended. Again, Spurs on the attack. Rafa tweaked his hammy so he was withdrawn for Pienaar, who did alright, but he’s no Rafa. As the game wore on, Bolton started getting a foothold in the match and caught us on the break. With some help from Gomes, loanee Daniel Sturridge equalizes against the run of play. Don’t get me wrong, Gomes saved our skins on numerous occasions at Blackburn and during other matches, but seriously, how does he screw that one up? So far, I have counted a few big-time mistakes (like the Chelsea one) which may cost us later.  Back to the match, Bolton were unlucky not to have a penalty of their own as Pienaar clearly tripped Gary Cahill in the box, but as karma is quick, Mark Clattenburg booked Cahill for simulation. Who says things don’t equal out in the end? Not this guy. Later, JJ hammered a shot against the wood that saw the post lucky not to be completely destroyed. Then, after some nice team build-up, Pienaar was released on the left side of the box and with only the keeper to beat, he messes that chance up. It seems the inability to finish at close range has rubbed off onto more than just our strikers. At this point, Harry made some subs, and the two forgotten men, Pav and Niko are introduced. Pav for Crouch (should’ve been Defoe coming off) and Niko for Wilson, which meant Harry was going for it. Hooray!

To go off for a moment, it is really nice to see a manager who isn’t afraid of going for it in the closing stages. Yes, we could have been caught on the break as our holding MF was withdrawn but as our club motto is “To dare is to do”, might as well have a pop.

To the final moments of the match, buoyed by the notification that Arsenal blew a 4-0 lead at Newcastle, White Hart Lane started rocking. Pav played some nice football and after good hold-up play, lays the ball to Niko, who takes a touch, fakes with the right and unleashes a wicked swerving shot into the back of the net. The Lane erupts!

Madness, shear madness in the blue half of North London. 3 points to Tottenham. And well deserved. To make the result even more sweeter, with the exception of Man City, all of the clubs in front of us dropped points. Now we sit in joint 4th, tied with Chelsea on points, positioned very well for the rest of the campaign.

We have to use this momentum and take it back to the Northeast for this weekends trip to the Stadium of Light. Gotta bag all three points. Keep all that positive energy flowing.

Sunderland and Milan, we got you both in our sights and we are locked in.

Here’s to Tottenham and their mini-revival after a dark period. Here is to belief in that, though adversity, resiliency is forged. Here is to unsung heroes playing their part. And here is a Spurs side that continues to amaze and impress.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a lilywhite day everyone!

  47 Responses to “Things Are Getting Better….And More Exciting!”

  1. I’ll second that. 😀

  2. It’s not Harry who’s smoking; it’s you! I’m glad of the six points, no question – but this team is going backwards – Krancjar is a hit and miss guy and won’t score again for weeks [if he plays]; the difference between Defoe and Crouch is that Defoe’s lost it [it might come back], Crouch never had it [so it won’t]. The thought of lining up against AC Milan with Jenas on the field let alone in mid-field is too frightening for words [and Palacios is gone as well]. With Lennon not being able to make either wing his own, it’s not going to be a happy return to Italy – and the second half played without Bale, Modric and VDV is the shape of next season already! It was great while it lasted. Bale, even if he’s back, won’t be match-fit – and why is Walker scoring for Villa, Giovanni at Santander; Townsend at wherever, when what Tottenham need is flair?

    • Bentley is playing well for Brum and Keane has scored and looked sharp. Harry your favourites will take you down. Never ever known a manager to treat players so badly who`s face don`t fit. PLAY PLAYERS ON FORM AND NOT YOUR CHUMS REGARDLESS OF FORM HARRY AND WE MAY STABD A CHANCE!!

      • Couldn’t agree more. It has been well chronicled that our squad is one of the best in the league, but we have a manager that doesn’t know how to make proper use of it.

    • When you say we are going backwards, what is your benchmark. This time last year, we were 11 points behind Manure and Chelsea, this year we are 10 points behind Manure and level points with Chelsea. Last year there were the top 3, and four teams trying for that fourth place. This year, there are four teams trying for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. We are 13 points better off Against AV compared to the same time last year, and 7 points better off against the bindippers (who have played one more game than us).

      Of course you could be talking about us going backwards in the CL, where we are only in the last 16.

      IMHO, the only reason Ancelotti still has his job is because we lost two silly games to Wigan and Wet Sham. I think we will finish fourth again this year, as I fully expect Annelka will do his usual act of causing chaos once he cant get a starting place at Chelsea, and I still think Citeh may also blow up, so third place is not beyond us.

  3. Blackburn is in the North West mate.

  4. A win is a win, But we were no way convincing and have not been for the majority of the season. Chavs, Utd and Arse slipping up makes the window even more infuriating as if we had signed a striker or two we would be in with a good chance of competing. Thought Defoe took his goals really well. So what if it took him 14 games…Fcking DONKEY!!!!

  5. Have a lillywhite day too palski.

  6. You wankers will never make the champion league final,you are pretenders.

    • Manc wank

      • the only silverware your be lifting is the silver spoon that stirs ya cup of tea wondering what could have been.Whilst watching us lift the real thing,again,and again and again ha ha ha.

        • that was the stupidest thing I have ever heard, typical stupid Manc

          • If you go to Manchester you would see some real brain donors,when god said thick they thought he said dick and got a second helping.When the debts finally cripple the manc wanks and old whisky nose dies or retires watch City become the big manc club.Rooney took the piss with his pay rise but i guess the price for a granny slapper must have gone up and Waynker Rooney must be feeling the pinch.

        • Should you not be on a Man city forum….Think you need to lay off the crack! Hows the debt……

        • He probably lives in surrey.

          • Manure has the most stupid fans in the world.

            Example 1. When Ferguson was having probs with JP MacManus over his attempted theft of Rock Of Gibraltar, the Manure wankers thought the brest way to deal with it, was to go to a racecourse whenever Mac Manus had a runner vand stand by the hurdles and make as much noise as possible in the hope that the horse would fall. Never mind the jockey. You can imagine all the other horses saying, don’t worry, they are not trying to frighten us, its for MacManus’s horse.

            Example 2. When they were trying to stop the Glazers, Manure fans falsely ordered cabs and pizzas in an attempt to disrupt the financial advisers business in London. The cabbies and the pizza delivery men were the ones who lost out, when the reception staff told them they THEY were the victims of an IDIOTS prank

    • Get lost manure… where do you live? Dorset? Have you actually ever been to old crapford? Anyway, FUCK OFF.

    • Liverpool are still a greater club then Manure so put that in your arse and smoke it you sheep shagger.

      • You brittish people are amaising. I just laugh my ass of when I see your insults. They are genious.

  7. hey utd fan!!!!! how long before rooney want a payrise, and want a move to city??? he has already been at it, next time around utd may have to take a loan in a bank to found his wages. so stop talking like utd will be there forever, it wasn`t like you lot did win anything in the 80`s. have been good for nearly 20yrs, and think you will be there in 5yrs?.liverpool had more sucsess in shorter time than utd, and look now. but as soon as rednose dies(he will at OT), utd are screewd, we know it and you know it!!! shut the hell up, probably a city fan in 5yrs. and how IS the dept????????

  8. arry bashing again,either you like him or you dont,all the “dispite harry” bollox gets up my arse,when before now have we been last 16 champions league,when did we finish 4th before? the club is finacialy succesful,we play edge of your seat footy and we have a english manager and a english chairman, a young bulging squad that is gaining valuable experience in real first team games,
    maybe we should be happy that we are progressing, and joint 4th on the 6th of feb and only 10 points of top spot!!
    dont tel me, thats despite arry!!

    • No the credit should go to Bond, no Jordon, I mean Allen, No Sherwood or is it Les or ….or..or…Wake up Harry is average at best. We have a top squad bar the two idiots who are undroppable. The season is not finished if we finish in the top 4 I will happily eat humble pie but I am a realist and with the shit upfront we have no chance unless we suddenly become the best defence in the league and we can get 25-30 goals from the team consistently. VDV will be top scorer and Defoe may get a goal before teh end of the season. Gomes is costing us goals , Harry has fcked Bale up by not resting him longer and not taking him off quicker when he was injured. What i despise is all this we only had 2 points when harry took over!! IT WAS A FALSE POSITION AND ANY NEW MANAGER COULD OF GOT US UP TH|E TABLE. Credit where credit is due Harry did a good job in his first season even though he spent silly money on Crouch, Wilson, Defoe and Keane and Pool were pants and city were in major transition. He came in and gave the team confidence with his Army of coaches.

      • i never mention the 2 points bit and i agree, i would have done better than ramos!
        im not even that much of a fan of arry, all i know is that last calander year i witnessed us beat chelsea and the scum within a week oh and the thrashing of inter”champions of europe”Milan. whos in charge, i have no influence or power with, am i a happy yid? hell yeh

      • We have actually conceded fewer goals this season, than at the same time last season. In te last two seasons, since HR joined us, we have only conceded 21 goals at WHL in the PL up to the end of last season. That is the best in the PL

        • all im saying is that we have never had it so good, well not since iv been a fan, if you havent been to a champions league game yet then it really is fu**ing magic, and i wouldnt swap it for anything.COYS

  9. in response to south coast yid i agree that harry is a terrific man manager. He has inspired Comllis players something Ramos could not do. But look at the players hes brought to the club Defoe Crouch Keane Krancjar Palacious Sandro Chimbonda spending millions and only one of them would be a starter in our first X1. i did not include VDV as harry admitted that this was not his pick.
    Who were the ‘star players’ he most tried to sign in the transfer window Beckham and Neville!!!
    Unless we have someone else responsible for bringing in players we will not progress further. This is not Harrys team he just expertly motivating someone elses. Time for a Director of Football?

  10. i do belive tully is making sence. look what harry has bought:palacios, crouch,defoe,pienaar(not needed but ok), khumalo(who harry said wasn`t good enough),keane, chimbonda,gallas,kaboul, kranjcar(great)and those two kyle`s. now lets see who he has been after. david james, carrick,van bommel,beckham,phil neville,adams,suarez,carroll,bellamy,kenwyne jones(20mill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god sunderland are mental),forlan,liorente, rossi. he did loan out walker to villa, and keep hutton? and his treatment of pav,gio,bentley,bent. harry has not been kind to those. and he almost loaned out bale, witch is to say that before bale got playing, harry did not rate him. and he did not keep the media out of things regarding players, like those coments about bent! and beckham? what do we need a 37yr old has been for? this wheeler-deeler crap is going to his head. we could had suarez, but harry did not want to take a chance on him. king kenny did, and i belive he will be a great player. and carroll? “well i have crouch, and he is a big player that has always been great for me” harrys words. dores anyone think that carroll is a worse player than crouch. ok, so hi did bid for some players, rossi and liorente. but why wait until the final day of transfers? and the 2points after bla,bla games? please, it is so used up now. i think harry has done a fine job until now, but it seems he is in over his head this season. this was about harry, not spurs. love spurs-not harry. coys.

  11. crouch again not a fan,but scored against city to get 4th, wilson or should i say “the sargent”-everybodys hero until his brother was killed, like i said, im not that keen on harry and god knows questioned his tackticle knowledge or lack of it but the point still remains, weve never had it so good.
    as for the lack of signings this window, i would have been crying in my beer had we had any part in the ridiculas figures that were paid,but im still going to be watching tottenham vs ac milan in the last 16 of the greatest club compitition in the world,if you had offered any of us that last september we would have had your arm off!!

    • I will be there in person mate at the San Siro. I hear what you are saying and I hope I am so wrong and we qualify for CL again but tlogic and my understanding of the game tell me we will be fighting for top 6 and even Pool will probably over take us. Agree Wilson was great in his first season and 100 x better than Zokora!! But Harry has wasted million sand the fact that 2 of our starting strikers who cost close to 25 million have 2 league goals is an embarrassment and no wonder Levy does not trust Harry with money hence VDV.

  12. What is wrong with some people? So what if the best players in the squad is largely made up of players that Harry did not sign – in Italy, in Spain, that the coach does not sign anybody. It is what they do with it what makes a manager. If you take the season from the 9th November (14-15 games) then Spurs are 3rd – 1 pt behind Arsenal and 2pts behind Man Utd – that is how well we are going right now. If Harry “is taking Spurs backwards” or “does not know how to use his squad”, then I’m happy with it. Too many people judge Spurs by how many goals the strikers score. If you look back, Man U used to win Championships without a top scoring striker. It is not essential – as long as you get results. We CLEARLY are. What happened to those teams who signed strikers in the window? Torres played a ‘mare. Suarez “scored”, but it really was an own goal, and wasn’t even trusted in the Chelsea game. Carrol could be even injured for the season. Dzeko has played 4 league games, without scoring – but his teammates got 7 goals in that time. In fact, Crouch has out-scored Dzeko since he has arrived. A striker may have been nice, but we are going great guns without it.

    • Comparing Saurez and Torres in one game against a pony who has not scored in 14 is just plain bo llox!! Stick up for our players but don`t talk crap and compare Defoe or Crouch to any of Man UTD strikers it makes you point look pathetic!! We are not talking about poor returns we are talking about the worst striking rate in any division….not checked on that but I would put a wager on it. We would be top if we had even half decent strikers!! Comparing Crouch who has played in the league since he was in nappies and played most of our games to Dzeko is laughable and pathetic!! NONE OF YOUR COMPARISONS ARE SIMILAR OR MAKE SENSE!!

      • I bet Saurez and Torres will score more than Defoe from now until the end of the season..fancy the bet? You can add Dzeko to that list and I bet Defoe will play more games and have less assists!

      • You missed my point. People would have been chuffed if we signed Dzeko, and sold Crouch. So if you played Dzeko in his place, then this is what you could have got – 0 goals in 4. Just signing a striker is no guarantee of anything. Like I just said: one target is injured for a long time, the other not trusted in a big match, the other not scoring yet, and the last one cost 50m. Dzeko may well start scoring – that is not my point either. My point is that if Defoe, Crouch, Pav got no more goals for the rest of the season, but we contine getting over 2 points a game average, then I would be chuffed to bits. That is what matters.

        • You are missing the point, UTD never had a striker as bad as Defoe or Crouch. Dzeko offers more than defoe even when he is not scoring and who is to say he would not of scored for us just because he has not scored for City. You are living in fantasy land as Pav will hardly start unless Defoe gets injured. So if your theory is correct if we kept and played Bent he would of had 2 more goals than Defoe. My argument is Defoe is pants and always has been. He has not scored for 14 games not 4 games!!! How can anyone defend his selection is outrageous. We may be winning but the strikers have not contributed except Crouch with his assists. If we had a decent striker we would be in a lot healthier position oh and Keane has score 1 in 2 games so we were better of with him don`t you agree.

      • Oh, by the way – Defoe and Crouch are not my favourite players in the world either. I was glad when we sold Defoe, and did not want to re-sign him or Crouch at the time. So I am NOT sticking up for them. And I DID want us to sign some sort of striker in the window – but not as desperately as most.

        • You may wishing we had at the end of the season, when you see Defoe and Crouch miss those chances you must surely hoped we signed someone even a loan signing or some veteran as Harry is the veteran king.

          • Ok. Maybe this will help show that a striker is not necessarily everything. MAN UTD: last 14 games: 31 pts, 31 goals scored. Spurs 29 pts from 14 games, 21 goals scored. TEN goals less, but only 2 pts less in that time. Goals from strikers in that time? Utd: Berba – 13! Hernandez 4. Rooney 3. Macheda 1 – that is 21 goals out of the 31. Spurs: Crouch 2. Pav 2. Vdv (mostly used as a forward) – 6. That is 10 out of 21. Yet Man U only got TWO more points from all those striker goals. What happens if Berba gets injured? Ouch. Vdv gets injured? Ouch yes, but we will still score at the same rate regardless.

  13. Just informing a couple of u who hate Jenas for Milan- he is suspended

  14. Harry has to remember, as Dalglish said and our great Bill Nicks, no one is bigger than the club.
    Keep your egos at home HARRY, and start playing players on merit and not on favouritsm, if he plays this system we could do a lot better.

    • True words, Harry has no plan B. It`s play your boys and if they don`t produce just sit on your hands and wait and wait and wait…. He may be a good motivator of his boys but he is a terrible man manager of the rest of the team in fact his magic is wearing of on his boys too… THFC is not Pompey!!

    • Dalglish is very very good because he is 110% a liverpool fan. His heart does everything. I don’t think he is a genious but what he did since he camed is amasing. Look at the lineups, look at the tactics in the game. it is a work of art. he brought confindence and unity in the players and torres will look like a complete idiot if tottenham qualify for champions league and chealsea doesn;t because he said something like “i wanted to be at a bigger club that plays in the champions league” good luck torres but I hope next year you watch tottenham in Champions League at TV while you play in Europa League

  15. And you all think without Harry we’d be in CL and in 5th spot so far this year? Remember Juande, gross to name a couple.? We’ve had some shit in recent past including players freund? Austin? Edinborough, Armstrong Etc etc. So sort it out boys and get behind the manager and team COYS

    • Juande never wanted to be here, He cam for the pay day then he wanted the sack and a big fat payoff he screwed Levy over and the fans. Harry was a stop gap IMO but he excelled as he had a good squad and due to his great motivational skills and some good coaches around him we grew in confidence while Liverpool`s empire was crumbling. Lets face it we had the 4th best squad and we finished 4th so Harry did his job. if we finished 3rd it would of been excellent!! If we finished 6th it would of been a failure.

      • Why have you got it in for him? Liverpool’s empire crumbling? We got 70 pts – which is usually good enough for 4th in most seasons. Which is miles more points than any previous manager got. Harry was not a stop gap as Levy tried to get him before Ramos, but Harry refused at the time. Levy got his man the second time around, and it has been great. Harry did not sign Bale, Hudd, Dawson, Gomes but he got the best out of them. Others too. Last season we would have been happy with 6th – not a failure. How can a team that has only finished in the premier league 5th twice can see 6th as a failure. Come on. let it go. I do not claim that Harry is a genius, but it cannot be denied that he is the best since venables – who managed a 3rd place finish.

  16. all who say`s we will keep scoring? remembre we had a bigger and better squad before x-mas. we have loanded out our 4th striker. if pav and crouch gets injured, then what???? defoe alone up front? since vdv is prone to injury, we might find us in that situation. defoe is not good enough. and to think people does not se that we need strikers that scores goals. as one said before me, wait until the end, and than you can think on all the chances we didnt scored on. and it could come to goal difference. so we do NEED scoring strikers. tully is right.

  17. You lot on here make me constantly laugh. You used to wind me up and I’d try to reason but I’ve learned to control it and just read this and giggle.

    In your perfect world we’d play Bentley, Jimmy Krankie, Gio, Taraabt, Walker, PSB, Pav, Townsend & the like of all the ‘hindsight’ players that are doing well at ‘B’ clubs or in the Championship… Then you’d complain that the others in the side weren’t doing enough work when they go missing for half the game.

    That Harry is crap because he’s done nothing since he’s been here (Top 4 was an accident & nothing to do with him) & you want Maureen (Who of course will jump at the chance) and to spend £40-£50m on a striker (From the hundreds you think are queueing up) but you don’t want to move from the Lane and you’d like the tickets to be cheaper and you don’t like Levy because he tries to make money.

    That we should lose on Saturday because the player YOU want isn’t playing, even though the team picked by the manager DID. And that by being successful, the manager is leading us all to ruin because he persists in playing a guy that was our top scorer last season. The bastard.

    Thank god you’re not in charge.

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