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Dec 242013

So now we know, Tim Sherwood the new first team coach. Daniel Levy has pulled a few surprises on us as Chairman but I bet few of us saw this one coming. The length of contract also amazed me as I initially thought he would be given until the end of the season and then ‘see how it has gone’.

Two things excite me about this appointment. The size of the contract shows that Sherwood is extremely confident about his abilities to lead and that he wanted to have a solid span of time in which to prove himself.  Levy will appreciate this assuredness and demand for a decent chance to take the first team back into Europe.

It’s obviously a huge gamble by Daniel Levy, to anyone looking in from the outside. TS has no previous managerial experience and to have an ambitious Premiership Side as your first appointment would be a daunting prospect for anyone. But look again, the guy has the club in his blood. Imagine his frustrations at watching this new talented squad suffocated by AVB’s flairless and unimaginative style of play. He knows the club and the players inside out ….the one problem when you promote from within is that the staff recognise and accept the appointment. I personally think that the respect everyone at the club has for TS as an ex Spurs player, staff member and now Head Coach will help to establish him in the role and bring back the style of football we all know and love.

The second major thing that pleased me was this announcement from Daniel Levy :

“We have a great squad and we owe them a Head Coach who will bring out the best in them and allow them to flourish and enjoy a strong, exciting finish to the season.”

I have highlighted the two main phrases. “We owe them” implies his appreciation of the frustration and demoralising effect AVB had on the squad with his tactics and leadership manner. “To flourish and enjoy” again points at his full realisation of the true talent and potential this set of players have. It implies a change of attitude and playing style that will allow their natural abilities to be fully exploited and allow them to become a football team that can challenge for top honours.

The immediate appointment has stopped all unwanted gossip at WHL about the successor to AVB and everyone can now move forward….a smart move. We sit in 7th spot a mere 6pts behind Liverpool. Whilst I appreciate that was achieved under the old manager (apart from 3 points), I also believe that 7th was about as good as it was going to get. Now I think we can ‘kick on’ from this position and break into the top four.

It’s certainly a brave move by Daniel Levy but a clever and calculated one. Let’s hope TS is the guy to harness all the budding talent at his disposal and bring back exciting times to The Lane on both a domestic and European level.

I think he is just that person……….COYS !!!!

  17 Responses to “TIM(E)…..FOR A CHANGE”

  1. Let’s not be naive

    Every time we have done well in the last 5-6 years the moronic British media have tapped up our best players to make us rebuild

    Carrick, Berbatov/Keane, Modric and Bale.

    We fall for the tactics of these gutter trash journalists and blame the manager

    • Many things my friend…but not naive. No one has been able to poach from this squad yet and if the team is a success then no-one will want to leave. AVB was a foolhardy appointment based on graphs and charts but no style or charisma. TS shows daring and that quality is part of our motto …I wish him well.

  2. […] So now we know, Tim Sherwood the new first team coach. Daniel Levy has pulled a few surprises on us as Chairman but I bet few of us saw this one coming. The length of contract also amazed me as I initially thought he would be given until the end of the season and then […] […]

  3. We can only cross everything and hope. I do have reservations in as much Sherwood has been in the coaching business for ten years and hasn’t got the required badges? we do require someone able to think quickly, his interviews infer he may not have both oars in the water. He tried to prove this by playing three attacking MF’s allowing Southampton to walk thru the central area, he eventually corrected this with Bentaleb, lucky it wasn’t Man City.

  4. yea borodin except for his scum tattoo luvly maybe he will erdicate that, like we should have done to redcrapp!!!
    a foolhardy appointment ,so what was redcrapp based on 4world class players or losing 11pts
    So after 2 games you know this about TS was you at the game sunday and wednesday!!!!

    • At no point in my article do I refer to our two games under his leadership. It refers to the actual decision (and possible reasons ) of appointing him. I will say this though… his decision to play Nabil Bentaleb showed someone who was aware of ALL of the talent at his disposal…..He DARED…and that I like.

      Anyone ever seen a pic / proof of this alleged tattoo ?? As far as I am aware it was a stupid claim made by Paul Merson years ago but never actually substantiated.

  5. First time I have seen Levy back himself into a corner I back TS like I did AVB I would as this is my club always has been. Having said that I’m reserving judgement on this tacky affair until whatever happened between AVB and Levy comes out, and it will one day. Coys!

  6. It is pointless making protests and moans about the appointment. Its a fact now and the best
    we can do is get behind the coach and the team until the end of the season. We as supporters
    cant change things. Lets hope that with the next two games (both at home) we can kick on
    and catch the rest of teams above us. On the positive note we have the best away record in
    the PL this season. All we have to do is improve our home form and we’ll be fine.

  7. Sacking AVB was a disgrace. The stats don’t lie, we were doing okay in the league and really well in the cups, whilst successfully bedding in all them new signings plus players returning from loan (rose, Townsend – who said AVB didn’t promote youth?). We got smashed a few games but if you lose 1-0 or 10-0 it’s still 0 points!! We will have a shit season with lloris, walker, and vertongan all jumping ship next year. Tim is an amature, spurs are amature and us fans deserve it because we had a good thing with Harry but wanted him gone and same with AVB. We deserve Tim, we earned him.

    • Nothing better than looking at stats….yawn. Though I do accept your point about Harry I will always believe that AVB was bad for the club, it’s morale, it’s style and most of all it’s ethos.
      Let’s see what happens to AVB now, if Spurs were wrong then he will surely prove that with his next club ???????????

  8. Lets not forget he was linked with a lot of top clubs over the summer but chose to stay. He will go on to great things, whilst we will fuck about between 10th and 5th in the league, maybe getting champions league when the other teams aren’t so strong. We have never been able to compete in Europe, premiership and cups all at the same time, AVB was addressing this by trying mould a squad this year. It was working to (again stats say it all) and I’m sure the nice football (Tottenham way haha cracks me up, we have a style – yeh mediocre wiv the odd flair player) would come but you have to earn the right to play that game. AVB was making the players respect possession, respect positional attentiveness, and the importance of sacrificing your own performance for the team.

    Two years time we will be right back where we are now stating how good we could have been if lloris, walker, verts, dembele, etc all stayed as well as the previous players who left (carrick, bale, etc).

    We get what we ask for, good looking average football with no trophies – we could have had more but chose not to.

    • Ask yourself one question my friend…apart from his ‘inherited’ team at Porto and based on his careers with Chelsea and Spurs…who would now take him on compared to other available managers ????
      Always precede your statements with “I think” or “In my opinion”…never just say “He will go on to great things”…..comments like that have a habit of coming back to bite you.
      In my opinion….”AVB will never again enjoy the success he had at Porto because it was never actually his. His ego and stubbornness will prove to be his downfall…his inability to change tactics mid match and his manner of blaming everyone else except himself will forever be his ‘Achilles Heel’. Porto may well be his next club but watch what happens. I predict very little”

  9. Well stating “my opinion” is pointless because it’s a comment made by myself so it goes without saying. It’s like eating your Christmas meal today and saying “very nice”, I wouldn’t say “in my opinion that was very nice”.

    He’s a good coach, all good managers are stubborn and have huge egos, look at ferguson, wenger, etc – have a way of working and stick to it. It’s inner confidence that you need to succeed!

    He will go on to great things, we will stay where we are just with a bit more flair to keep the fickle fans happy short term.

    • Time will be the judge…..there’s more to being a good manager than stubbornness and ego….Ferguson and Wenger are both very good tacticians and recognised as being brilliant at changing style and players when a game is going against them. AVB would always stick rigidly to his initial plan and it was that inflexibility that helped us leak so many goals. He simply would not ‘plug the gap’ or dare to try and score an equaliser / winner by putting on another striker.
      Until another team take AVB on as coach and experience league / cup success I shall remain confident in his inability to motivate.

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