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Apr 212011

Last night I was disappointed with Gomes once again, he had a bit of a shocker in both legs against Real and you can see it is making our defenders also panic because they are losing confidence in the guy.

I love Gomes as much as the next fan but it’s not like he makes one mistake in every ten games it seems to be almost every game and as of late they have resulted in goals. Whenever we concede a corner I shit myself with worry that Gomes will flap at the ball and I can’t take it anymore.

Last night against Arsenal his positioning for the Nasri goal we very poor but the main incident was the van Persie goal that was given offside, Gomes was a  very lucky boy as the ball went straight at him and through his hands. Gomes seems to be making mistakes that not even a Sunday league keeper would make and on a regular basis.

It’s true he can pull off a good save but so he should, he is a professional for crying out loud and that is what I expect but if I am worried about him making a mistake from a corner or whatever then how do you think the likes of Dawson and Gallas feel when they are defending and have to rely on him?

I am sorry to all the Spurs fans that love Gomes because I too love him but it’s in our own interests to get somebody in who we can rely on to do the simple stuff.

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  1. totally agree..although i would only want an instant improvement in another keeper..not another up and coming..get Shay Given..he’s the only one…

  2. Your talking rubbish Gomes is 1 of the best keepers out there his save from Van Persies header was superb he had already heard the whistle as we all did when van persie shot at goal.
    You need to show a bit more loyalty & get behind players not constantly moan & roast him.
    Look at Huddlestone last night he had the crowd on his back for a few misplaced passes then scored a cracker and his lack of celebration suggested he was a bit p*ssed off that everyone was on his back. I Love Spurs & Spurs fans but you like a few others that sit around me need to stop moaning and get behind the team & players!!!!

    • im afraid you’ve got to open your eyes mate, refusing to face reality wont do you any good. Yes, gomes can produce the odd great save but thats far outweighed by his mistakes. he’s a clown.

      • Spot on. Iv been saying this for a while now, gomes is a clown and should be got rid of. There is nothing else to say otherthan its his job to make saves and every goalkeeper makes great saves now n again.

        • Some of you might be old enough to remember Gary Sprake, who was a good GK, but was also prone to clownish moments. He played for Leeds United when they were one of the best sides in Europe. In the pub last night, when someone was talking about Gomes, I asked did anyone remember and two people almost simultaneously said, “The guy who threw the ball into his own net”? THe reason I mention this is that everyone remembers the cock-ups more than the achievements.

          So how many of you are aware that he holds the record for the most clean sheets in the Eredivise? Who recalls that in his first season when he was making blunders every match (so it seems), that Spurs set a record of the lowest home goals conceded in the PL (9). Did you know that he is currently ranked sixth in the Actim Index? The five ranked above him are Cech, Hart, Reina, Van Der Sar and Foster. In addition, he has also had to rely on one of the most injury prone defences in the league.

          Don’t get me wrong, because if there is someone better and available, I would quite happily replace him.

          Before anyone starts moaning about replacing any of our players there are five questions you need to ask: 1. Who is better? 2. Are they available? Can we afford the asking price? Can we afford the wages? Do they want to play for us? Once you ask yourselves this, then you are living in the real world, and not some fantasy paradise that some of us seem to inhabit.

          What is most annoying about reading some of these comments is the churlishness of some of us. It seems to me that only a Spurs fan could complain about him failing to save a goal that was later disallowed. You can bet that if the goal had been allowed and we lost, the talking point would be the stupidity of the referee.

          There are a number of us who are beginning to sound like Manure fans in our logic.

    • Blind loyalty isn’t going to make the mistakes go away. The article is spot on. Gomes is the root cause of much of our defensive frailty for the reasons suggested above.

      • Without trying to excuse Gomes, these questions remain:
        1. Who is better?
        2. Are they available?
        3. Can we afford the asking price?
        4. Can we afford the wages?
        5. Do they want to play for us?

        Those of you who are saying “get rid” are failing to come up with an alternative suggestion. Not one name has been mentioned, never mind a name that ticks the five boxes above. The conclusion this leaves me with, is that even if you believe he is crap, the alternatives must be a lot worse.

        Can you imagine if on Saturday, HR decides to send out a team with only 10 players because he has listened to us and accepts that Gomes is crap, but he doesn’t have anyone better to replace him with.

        This debate always looked like a dog chasing it’s own tail. Well now we have caught up with our own tail, what are we going to do with it?

        • The Schalke keeper is available

          • One answer down, four to go. But at least you have made a suggestion.

          • i just thought this as well. manuel neuer of schalke (also german no.1 keeper) and he is 25?

            • Remember him now. He is available and he is on a “free”.

              Don’t know if he is any better than Gomes, but he would certainly be in the same ability band. Three out of five boxes ticked so far.

  3. I’m very dissapointed that these sites spend more time slagging off our players!! I don’t honestly believe that gomes was at fault for Nasri’s goal, it came through the legs of MD whilst he was moving across the goal. What about the save he made from the VP header, it was almost like seeing Gordon Banks again! Anyway focus on the positives, BAE was outstanding along with VDV and Modders, they all deserve 10/10.

  4. This article is rubbish. Gomes was very good with crosses he had to deal with and Nasris goal came through Dawsons legs and his view was bloked. He still almost manage to make a save while shot was awesome and to the far corner. Sheer power of van persies offside goal was something that most keepers wouldnt even have time to react. He has saved us so many points last two seasons so we need to back him up. Who´s the wonder keeper who would do better and want to join spurs?

  5. Utter bollox.

    Gomes has made far more outstanding saves than glaring errors… I can’t believe his heroics are forgotten so quickly… Last night at 3-3 he kept us in it.

    Silly stuff to say we need to replace – he’s obviously got no competition, buy a number 2 and get rid of Carlo/Stipe

  6. Unfair. Easy to maon about Gomes. His save from Walcott which he tipped past the post was top drawer, also his late save from Fabregas. As for crosses, when Arsenal were coming back at us, he puched two or three away easing the pressure. Nasri goal was not his fault. He is a top keeper.

  7. The thing is, all keepers make mistakes. We could replace Gomes and find ourselves moaning about the next guy in a years time.

  8. Gomes got us to CL and was massive last season re: vs arse-anal.
    Unless you’re thinking about Van Der Sar, Chech etc, who could come anywhere near Gomes in ability.
    Huddlestone scored a great goal but gave the ball away a lot last night and on one occasion led to a goal – that needed addressing not Gomes who can keep you in a game much more than out of it.
    It’s Defoe, Pav and Keane that need to go plus the wonderful Modric could do with goal-scoring training.

  9. The fact that Spurs have won only one out of their last nine games shows that the club has a serious problem concerning the character and the abilities of most if not all of its players as well its coaching staff. An important aspect is the fact that Spurs have the worst strikers of all teams in all major premier leagues of the world. Spurs have spend 78,5m last three years to buy flops like Dos Santos, Bentley, Pav, Keane, JD and Crouch. The fact that the club failed to move properly in order to buy in time at least one descent striker during the January transfer window demonstrates also a lack of ability to identify key problems of the team and that the club is missing a serious and efficient transfer policy and strategy. Of course theoretically Spurs can still win fourth place if they win all remaining games. Let’s hope that.

  10. Gomes is a superb Keeper… yes he makes a few errors, but he makes saves that most GKs couldnt dream of… Fans need to get right behind me to boost his confidence!!
    A few weeks ago i read similar articles slagging of VDV, i bet they are all quite now!!

    These articles do nothing but create negative vibes!!!

  11. Gomes is a great keeper when he does not have time to think about it. We were lucky Van Persie got flagged offside because there is no way the whistle was heard when he let it through his hands. He has to go and we need to get someone who we can rely on. He is making a clown out of himself and with an even more important run in than last season we can ill afford any silly and avoidable mistakes.

  12. The stats tell me that Gomes is a good keeper, though he is prone to gaffes.

    Something else that needs to be considered, is that I have noticed in most matches this season, when we get the ball in their box, there are often three of us and seven of them. Get the ball in our box, and there are three of them and four of us.

    I don’t know where to find the stats, but I have a suspicion that at the end of this season, we will find that Gomes has probably made more saves than any other GK in the PL. That has to be down to the defence. I mentioned the stats from the Actim index earlier in this thread, if you look at the players ranked above him, how many of us would not be tempted to swap our entire defence for that of Manure, Chelski or Arse. I am not saying that everyone of those players are better than what we have, only that every one of those defensive units is better than ours.

    So the question that I ask myself, is that if Gomes was playing for one of those teams, would the opposition be able to get so many shots on goal? If you think like me, that the answer is no, then the defence has to take some of the blame, though not for his cock-ups.

  13. I also feel that the spotlight from the Media is on Gomes a lot more than any other keeper how many mistakes have Arsenal’s Keepers made this year but the papers do not seem to make too much of it. Ben Foster has made some awful mistakes, last week against Chelsea for example but they do not get criticised half as much as Gomes does.

    Like i say, we as Spurs fans need to get behind him, i know full well when he has got strong support he is outstanding for us. All the moaning tends to do is make him doubt his own ability which then causes him to not perform as we know he can. GET OFF HIS BACK & SUPPORT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! COYS

    • Were we on his back against madrid and most of his other numerous gaffs? No we werent.
      Arsenal have dropped the goalies that have cost them!

      • Is your Wet Sham friend back again? You seem to have made three posts contradicting each other.

  14. It’s so easy to blame a keeper for goals conceeded. Blame for nasri’s goal? It was VDV who didn’t track along with him? Daws got ‘megged, and Gomes is out of position in your opinion? We got Gomes and Europe knew we’d bought a good keeper. He’s saved loads more than you realise, clearly. You can find fault in everything if you look hard enough. But you don’t seem to know much about being a ‘keeper. (if he stood flat footed and watched it pass would be a clear indication of positioning)

  15. So let me get this straight, Dawson falling asleep to let Walcott in was Gomes’ fault and VDV letting Nasri wander into open space right outside the box is Gomes’ fault…Gomes wasn’t at fault for any of their goals and made some fine saves, the fabregas save comes to mind most readily.

    • The Nasri goal went straight down the middle, it was poor posistioning, Gomes also got very lucky with the van Persie goal which was offside as it went straight through his hands.

      • your talking out of your crease cox

      • He was unsighted on the Nasri goal b/c it went straight through Dawson’s legs…and the other argument about the RVP offside is just silly.

  16. Yes for sure a couple of cock ups, but was brilliant yesterday, the goals were not his fault, it was our defending that was to blame. without Gomes we would not even been in 4th last season, give the guy a break, he needs us on his side.Remember at WHL against Le Arse and Chelski last season, did he or did he not keep us in the game with world class saves.

    • I remember absolutely battering chelsea and we should of won by at least 6or7 but pav the donkexw n co missed some sitters as usual. Gomes had no influence on that match whatsoever.
      It is gomes job to save goals, every goalie makes spectacular saves now and again but gomes makes makes more gaffs than anyother in the prem.

      • No, every GK doesn not make spectacular saves like his. Watch some more football please.

  17. Seriously guys, these post need to stop. I admit, the goal the other day against Real was a real clanger. But name me a keeper that doesnt have 2-3 clangers a season? If they dont, it is likely they are sitting on the bench or literally do no get involved in anything during the game, until someone is 1-1 with them and shoots. Gomes is quality. I have to ecco the comments above about his records in clean sheets both in Holland and here with the home goals conceded. It is no coincidence we are a much harder team to beat and generally score against since he came to the club. That record came during a period where we were able to play a consistent defencive set up. Something we have been unable top do this season. He’s still young for a keeper too. My initial thought after the Nasri goal was “what was Gomes doing?”, but watching the replay, he was blind to the ball, Nasri’s body position looked like he would put it right, took a deflection off Dawson, but the time Gomes could see anything, he wouldnt get down to it. If any keeper would have had the reach and reflexes, it would have been him. Even o’holy Teddy agreed on sky during the break and the RVP disallowed one, all day long he must have heard that whistle, so get off his back. Support the best team (including GK) we have had in generations.

  18. triffic goali… suits us down to the ground.. lets hope he cocks up today…eh..

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