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Aug 062012

Less than 2 weeks to go now until the season kicks off and with Jermain Defoe as our only striker with any Premier League experience it’s time for Levy to put down some money and take a punt on a striker.

I am sure AVB doesn’t want 4 strikers like previous years as it looks ever more likely he will advance Bale and probably just have 1 recognized striker up front but with Adebayor digging his heels firmly into the ground maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

Someone like Leandro Damiao who we have been links with for over a year would be worth a punt, sometimes you have to take a gamble on an unproven player who has scored in other leagues. Even a Jordan Rhodes who has done it at a lower league and wouldn’t cost that much and would be happy to wait for his turn to prove what he can do at the top level, just so we have that back up of players who know how to score goals.

I don’t think Harry Kane can cut the mustard at the moment, maybe in time but he certainly isn’t a Premier League striker at the moment and with less than 2 weeks to go now there is no way we can afford to play through August with just 1 striker at the club. I hear rumours that we need to sell Modric first but sorry where is the money from selling Keane, Pav, Crouch, Palacios, Kranjcar and Corluka?

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