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Jun 012013

Just doing my late night flick through the Sunday papers and no prizes for guessing what story dominates most of the back pages.

The Sunday Times puts the focus firmly on the Bale to Real Madrid saga and predicts that Real Madrid are ready to smash the biggest transfer fee and set a new world record by going in for Bale at £85m.

It starts to get to the point for me now that if we are saying that Real will really put that kind of money on the table that maybe we would be more fooling to not take it (as long as it’s re-invested back into the team). Many won’t want Bale to go at any price but there’s an old cliche that everyone has a price and I am afriad we might just fall victims to that again.

£85m though is a massive amount, at that price would you take the money because it only took chelsea £100m to win the league we wouldn’t be far off, or would you stand your ground and tell Madrid to spend it on Suarez instead and poke it?

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  28 Responses to “Tomorrow’s Big Headline, World Record Bid On The Way?”

  1. 85 mil? For that money, we can make a team that can win the English Premier League but the story is nonsense.

    • if they are serious that they will pay 85 million pounds, tell them we want di maria and higuain plus 30 million pounds…use the 30million to get daimio and the loss of Bale would be well and truly negated…I don’t want Bale to go but I don’t think Levy will spend the money required to take us to the next level. I hope i am wrong..COYS

      • Just how many strikers are you expecting us to play at any one time? What about a midfield playmaker, winger and left back?

        • angel di maria is a winger/midfielder and though not in the same class as Bale (who is) he would be an able replacement…I only suggested Higuain and Daimio as first choice forwards with Ade and Defoe as subs or sold and money used to buy other players, like a left back or creative midfielder…don’t get me wrong…my first choice is Bale to stay and Levy to pull his wallet out of his very very deep pockets and spend the money to take us to the next level

  2. The only way I would take it is if the deal is kept under wraps until we get players in . The ones I would go for are Soldado , E . Banega at Valencia , Bernard the young guy from brazil , Damaio , Ince from blackpool and one other holding player . I would also sell Adebayor , Defoe , Dempsey , Gomes , Parker , Livermore and Huddlestone .If I have missed a few well .The sales of those seven should add about 25ml to the 80-85ml of Bale so about 100-110ml . The of these players in about 80ml no more so we still make a profit. It will never happen but the sale of Bale at this price I think will .

  3. Real Madrid didn’t get where they are today by selling their best players. What is the point? The only reason to sell your best players is because you have intention of the team getting any better. Spurs are not that far away from having a team that can challenge for the league title and if Levy had brought in a couple of quality strikers in the last window who knows what might have happened but we would have made Champions League. At the end of the day I am not really sure about Daniel Levy or his intentions as far as the team goes. He has had so many chances to bring in some badly needed quality up front and has failed miserably and most Spurs fand feel badly let down by him. Whether or not it is Joe Lewis telling him what or what not to do who knows but I do know that they have never really shown much ambition for quite some time now.

    • good point why sell now see what we bring in if levy wants us to progress then buy not sell

    • What about Ronaldo to Madrid? Or Beckham to Madrid? Cantona was at Utd all of about 4 years. If Bale gets injured by December we will all be asking why he wasnt sold for this much so we could build such a contending squad.

  4. If Bale has another great season, with some serious strengthening, we will be a serious top 4 force and, possibly outsiders for the title – and can ask for as much or more next Summer if needs be.
    If Bale goes down the pan in any way next season, we may wish we’d sold when we had the chance.
    Stick or twist.
    I’m for sticking.

  5. Surely the worry is,even if tTottenham were to get this kind of money for Bale,every player we would show an interest in,would suddenly have a anther5 too 10million stuck on them,regardless of there quality.Im for sticking on to him ,for at least anather season anyhow,and perhaps even longer,as there is always anther super (so called)star around the corner,who will; become the next fad player to go for.Thats just the way the game is thse days.Unfortunately.

  6. sell defoe ade parker livermore dempsey BAE and buy damaio, martinez, lewandowski(with bale money),eriksen, wanayama.

  7. I’m also for keeping him at any price. But if he has to go, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. We thought the world would collapse without Modric, but we got more points without him.

  8. Bale will want to go, maybe not this season but before he reaches 25, this is a ridiculous price and should be accepted, you complain that we can’t buy the players we want because we can’t pay the wages, the only way we are going to move on from where we are is to get the new ground built and bring in more revenue, all the clubs above us this season have at least twice the turnover that we have, the new ground is the priority.
    Having said that could we not get Modric 25m hardly a success at RM and claims he has friends at Spurs and looks for their results, and Higuain for 25m and add the 35m over to what was to be spent this season hopefully buying quality not quantity, this could strengthen the team as a whole and move us on.
    You would miss the brilliant play that Bale produces in flashes during every match but the team would be still be able to play quality attacking football. Maybe we could have first choice of Bale if and when he wanted to leave RM.

  9. Take the money and run. For the second half of last season we were a one man team. Will DL spend the money to bring in players to complement Bale’s skills? If GB cops another Charlie Adams tackle next year, he could be out for a season. His sale value will drop significantly. We have become far too reliant on GB for the overall good of the team. This is a gold plated opportunity to have a transfer kitty of between 60-80 million to reinforce the squad all round. If we bring in the right players GB will be quickly forgotten.

  10. There are valid arguments for both options, however, we were still being linked to some quality players when it seemed certain bale would stay. Therefore I think levy may have finally learned we need to spend big to seriously for the top 3/4 so I think if we can get rid of all the fringe players plus adebayor we should at least bring down the wage bill significantly for a few new signings. But if you are a quality player you want to sign for a team with ambition, selling bale will send out a very negative signal to players across the globe and I can’t see us bringing in the same calibre of player without bale no matter how much we have in the kitty! I say we keep him for a season, use him to lure soldado/daimio, eriksen, fabio coentrao (if bae leaves and if madrid aren’t stubborn re the bale saga). Would love the talk of hulk signing to be true but wage demands will be a serious issue thanks to ridiculous clubs like zenit paying way over what he should realistically be on

  11. Please let this be true! I love Bale to me he is already a Spurs legend he deserves the best and if we were to bring in 85 MILLION! I repeat 85 MILLION! He most certainly have my blessing.

  12. Even if we could get that much by selling Bale, which I doubt, you’re dreaming if you think all that would go on players. Levy would put £50m at least towards the stadium.

  13. I swear 99% of football supporters nowadays have no business sense whatsoever… do you really think that clubs pay out the full transfer fee just like that? it’s usually paid out over a period of time, the higher the fee, the longer it’ll take, therefore, even if levy did want to invest all the money back into the club, it would be extremely difficult and come on, if you’ve watched spurs this season you’ll see that towards the end of the season our players were burning out, so the likes of defoe, livermore, huddlestone, dempsey and parker ALL leaving is simply stupidity, this is not a game of football manager, this is real life, selling bale is an option and at £80 million, in trust that the board don’t decide to reward themselves hefty dividends and they go ahead with the plans to rejuvenate tottenham building the new transport links and finally starting the stadium project, it could be a really good piece of business for us, one that sees us through to a very bright future, signings in should be a goal scorer of which leandro demaio and soldado seems to be the only realistic options we’ve been linked to, a creative midfielder or winger, depending on AVB’s tactical plans and personally i’d like to see some competition for walker at right back and some youth promoted to keep the seniors on their toes, as for adebayor, send him off to whoever will pay his wages…

  14. By having Gareth at the club will be a pull for top players to sign for us , he’s still got 3 years left on his contract and even if he really does want to go , we’ll, sorry he can’t , and then next summer with only 2 yrs left take some money, but we,ll all know more when he’s back from his hols

  15. RM will get Bale but will be forced to accept a one season loan back to us

  16. Sold, but for 90 million pounds.

  17. I believe we could get as high an amount as that, Bale isnt worth it but due to the amount of mega rich clubs interested in him I am sure we could get that, no other real world class player other than Suarez would be available this summer, so its all or nothing for Madrid.

    With 85 million I would accept, I would replace him with Ben Arfa for 12m as I think he is real quality, then go and sign Damaio for 17m, Coentrao for 15m, Erikson for 15m and Benteke 16m and finally James McCarthy for 9mill.

    Then just get rid of Gallas, Adebayor, Parker, Huddlestone and Ekotto and promote Carroll, Townsend and Rose

    • Jay that’s all very nice but have you thought about the wages for those stars? Its not as easy as just splashing the cash; the ongoing wages would give levy a coronary.

  18. I think what we need is one of those rich arab or russian billionaires to compete with the top clubs. Transfers wouldnt be an issue and wages certainly not. They would also be able to bankroll the new stadium … I know we have our oen way of doing things at spurs but unfortunately times have changed and we need to adapt.

  19. £85m? I would take that money and get Bernard,Mirallas,Mertens,Benteke and Damiao! This additions will surely win me the tilte.

  20. I think this summer’s transfer window will reveal what the true motives of ENIC, Lewis and Levy are, because if top quality players don’t arrive, and in plenty of time (not 5 minutes before the deadline), then we will know for sure that these people are bull-sh#tters – and so will avb.
    Come on guys prove you’ve really got what it takes to propel this team to where it really belongs; EPL title challengers and regular UCL qualification. Put yer money where yer mouth is or walk away.

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