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Sep 292013






We all saw it yesterday, ok the second yellow card that Torres received wasn’t a yellow card and Vertonghen got Torres sent of. You can call it unsporting but when another player just tried to claw your face off would you really try to do him any favours?

Mourinho likes to point the finger at Vertonghen but the truth is that if the ref had seen what Torres had done a few mins before then we wouldn’t even be having the conversation as Torres would have been long gone, a fact that Mourinho likes to conveniently overlook just like Mr Wenger used to do.

Fernando Torres could find himself in further trouble. On Monday Mike Dean will be asked if he saw the incident where Torres scratched Jan in the face, if his answer is no then he will be asked what he would have done had he saw the incident. If Mike Dean then states that he would have produced a straight red card for the claw to the face then Torres will be subject to further disciplinary action from the FA.

It was a good game to watch, uncharacteristic like from Torres, usually a model professional but once the battle between the two go started it was always going to be one of them who got sent off, Jan won the battle there, they were both partly to blame and I make Robbie Fowler right, they were like a couple of girls and no apologies will be made here for saying that.

Fair result, we had the better first half but Chelsea dominated the second half and deserved something out of the game, we sat back and invited pressure and we got punished, they red card done us a favour because it killed their momentum and attacking threat.

This is what football is all about, a good game with a great atmosphere that is filled with incidents we can discuss after the match.

Conclusion, Torres didn’t deserve a second yellow for the incident that saw him sent of but he did however deserve to see a straight red just minutes before.

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