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Mar 132011

After having not paid too much attention to the progress being made on the new training ground recently,I thought I’d take a look on the official site to see how things are moving along. And boy what a difference a bit of green turf makes.

Below is a run down of what the players can expect when the site is complete:

The new training centre proposal would cover 67 acres comprising:

  • 11 outdoor pitches – one artificial pitch and ten natural grass. Only one of the grass pitches has the potential to be floodlit, while the artificial pitch will be lit at night, only until 8.30pm. The main pitch to the professional squad area will be designed to the same quality and design as the pitch proposed for the New Spurs Stadium; complete with undersoil heating.
  • A two storey training centre, which also has a basement, which has been designed by architects KSS to be an integral part of the landscape. The building has been designed around a 70 x 50m indoor artificial pitch which features a transparent ETFE roof similar to the EDEN project in Cornwall.
  • The building also incorporates a learning centre for the Academy and educational space, medical facilities, a hydrotherapy / swimming pool, fitness centre/gym, changing rooms, a canteen and media centre.
  • Two further small buildings; a security building near the Whitewebbs Lane entrance and another small, single storey groundsman’s lodge in the far south west corner, for storage of pitch maintenance equipment and changing rooms for grounds staff.
  • Parking for 98 cars, five coaches and a number of cycle spaces.

Dispite a long cold winter work has moved along nicely.The DESSO pitch reinforcement and the Undersoil heating, as used in the pitch at White Hart Lane, has now been completed to the main First Team training pitches. And the site project team has now completed the drainage work to all the pitches across the site including the First, Academy and Synthetic pitches.

Additionally, the concrete structures for the basement swimming and hydrotherapy pool have been completed in preparation for installation, the ground floor slab has been laid and the concrete shear walls and columns on the ground floor have all been cast. But Most importantly, the site of the main building is now starting to take shape with the basement excavation works and retaining structures now all in place.

Enfield Council’s planning committee has approved the £30millon development, which will be used by Tottenham’s first team and youth players, subject to transport and environmental conditions…Taken from the Telegraph.

The thirty million pound training facility when completed will make a big impression on any would be signings,showing them that should they consider joining Tottenham Hotspur they would be able to train at one of the most up to date facilities in the world.A lure that many will find hard to resist I’m sure.

Thanks to the official site for all the relevant information.

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  17 Responses to “Tottenham Hotspur Training Ground Update:”

  1. when is it complete?

  2. Not sure to be honest James.I’ve looked on the web but I can’t find anything.If anyone knows please fill us in.Thanks.

  3. just so everyone is clear the picture provided here is of the ground maintenance building not the training centre. but the grass looks nice and green.

  4. looks great, thanks for the info, not so sure about the last sentiment though…how many footballers you reckon are out there that really give a crap about training facilities……..

    • All in the line of duty Zak.To be fair though I feel that quite a few players if not all would be impressed with a good training facility.One that offers the latest in sports resource.

    • Depends on who you’re trying to entice. Don’t forget footballers start early and often have their parents involved in the decision of who to join. Having a facility like this is sure to go down well with the parents of young players looking at the long term development of their children. And even for established players, if they have a choice between two clubs at a similar level and offering similar terms, this could clearly clinch the deal.

  5. Originally this season but expected to be completed sometime next year.

  6. I would have hoped Harry would stay and enjoy the Complex with Skys Jim White when he does is intervening of the lads and Harry at Christmas day training. But sadly the FA have also done a new complex to whoo Harry. I will miss him but the way he is upsetting a few of our players its lessening by the week. Why did he leave Defoe on the bench is a mystery . What about Beckham to go with our new World Class Facilities then him and Jamie to take over from Harry they both would attract great players and a few lady supporters. This is just another take on the New complex new Kit New Stadium and lastly the New Adventure from the Lads. COYS

  7. He left defoe on the bench cos he gobbed off to the press about considering leaving us in Jan….quite right too.

    Btw, if we own all that acreage why don’t we build a 60k seater on it?

  8. good update foggy,it will only be good for the club in all ways as it is the mutts nuts as a team set up. as far as player development from kids up to men all training on one site so it makes it that little bit easier to learn from watching and learning from the young to the great players who have made it.what a life if only.

  9. Why do we need 11 pitches… with a prem squad limit of 25, that’s like 2 players per pitch… they’re gonna be pretty tired playing one on one on a 110 yd x 60 yd! And probably not too good for teamwork.

    • You have to remember that it will not only be the first team training there Rafa.There will be the under eighteens,the really young kids and the development squad. Add to that the pre-match pitch which is exactly the same turf as at the lane to aid player preparation and it’s all needed.

  10. Thanks. It’s exactly the update i was calling for elsewhere a while back. Can’t wait to hear it’s in full use.

  11. Cant have a stadium there cos the residents wouldnt allow it and also threre’s a cemetary right next door which would be quite annoying cos every time we lost the journos would make some annoying death pun.

  12. 30 million!! thats crazy we could of got a world class striker for that. It would not be a top priority at this point for me. It will be great when finished but 30 million is mega bucks. I doubt the training facility will be much of a lure to top players as much as Champions league football and league position. GET THE FORWARD LINE UPDATED!!!

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