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Dec 202011

I have just witnessed one of the best Tottenham videos ever created, it brought me to tears.

The video you are about to watch below will take you through the generations, it will bring back memories and relive some of our finest moments of history. Full credit to the guy who made this and brought tears to my eyes as I am sure it will many of you.

embedded by coxie

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To dare is to do.

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  15 Responses to “Tottenham Promo Video (Possibly The Best Spurs Video Ever, Must See)”

  1. ive got goose bumps

  2. Love it, love it. Come on you Spurs

  3. Why spurs dad? That’s why son, that’s why!!!

  4. What a feeling that just gave me!

  5. Hope Harry plays this on Thursday before the kick off it made me take my sock of and dispatch it with a scissors kick right into the washing basket CooooomonYoooooooo sssspppppurs

  6. No mention of Lineker?

  7. woo, bit emotional that !, love the finale to come on you spurs. Would love to see the Chelsea version, of course it would only take in the last 8 years.
    COYS COYS COYS COYS, cant wait for Thursday. as the man says, TO DARE IS TO DO.

  8. COYS !!!!!!!

  9. Feeling tingly… brilliant vid!

  10. oh wow! thank you for this,

  11. one tear trickeling down my face. How much do we love our club??? x

  12. one tear trickeling down my cheek. COYS x

  13. can’t watch it. FA have blocked it, something about copyright. Been to the lane since before the double team. Tells you my age! LOL. Would of been nice to have some memory stimulation.

  14. Any chance this vid can be uploaded again ??? did not get chance to see it before it was taken off due to copyright issue – Bastards !!! Many thanks in advance C.O.Y.S

  15. Been pulled.

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