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Sep 302010

Tottenham and AEG, the American operator of the O2 Arena, have teamed up to mount a surprise joint bid to lease the London Olympic Stadium after 2012.

The bid was submitted on Thursday, the deadline for applications and the same day that the Premier League club was due to hear whether its plans to redevelop its existing White Hart Lane ground in north London had been approved by the local planning authority, Haringey council.

Tottenham had been sniffing around an Olympic stadium application for some months and it’s joint bid may be seen by the council as a tactical lever in the club’s protracted White Hart Lane redevelopment negotiations.

Given the huge amount of time and money the club has invested in these plans, staying in Tottenham remains the club’s priority. But even if the council approves the scheme, the club must still overcome several hurdles, including approval from the London mayor and the government. It must also raise about £250m for the scheme.

The Tottenham-AEG bid for the Olympic stadium, said by a club insider to be “a sensible back-up option” to White Hart Lane redevelopment, means the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) – the government agency responsible for the post-2012 future of Olympic venues – has rival and similar-looking applications from Premier League clubs to consider.

West Ham United, which regards itself as the obvious choice of tenant because of the proximity of its existing Upton Park stadium to the Olympic Park, has the backing of Newham council.

Tottenham and AEG’s plans involve converting the 80,000 Olympic stadium into a 60,000-seater venue for football, as does West Ham’s application. AEG, the Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment business, would manage the venue, including arranging naming rights and premium seating and other stadium uses including concerts and athletics.

Each of the Premier League clubs’ offers have pros and cons. While West Ham would be able to point to local backing, it has debts of nearly £100m and is struggling to bring in new investors.

Tottenham, owned by billionaire currency trader Joe Lewis and chief executive Daniel Levy, reported a £33.4m pre-tax profit for 2008-09 and the partnership with AEG may give the OPLC greater comfort about the viability of the £550m stadium beyond 2012. The Olympic stadium conversion costs are in the region of £150m.

Although West Ham discussed a joint bid with AEG, the two sides failed to reach agreement because of “personality issues”, said one person familiar with the talks.

But the OPLC intends to sign a lease agreement by the beginning of next April and, given Tottenham’s ongoing redevelopment plans, it will need to establish just how serious the club is about taking up the Olympic stadium lease.

Although the OPLC is at arms length from the London 2012 organisers, AEG is well known to Olmpic officials. The O2 will be the venue for Olympic gymnastic events and the basketball finals and will be rebranded the North Greenwich Arena for the Games.

Tottenham also has London 2012 links. Sir Keith Mills, who was chief executive of the London 2012 bid and is deputy chairman of the London organising committee, is on the Spurs board.

AEG and Tottenham declined to comment.

So are we really keen on a move to the Olympic Stadium or are we just keeping our options open? West Ham remain fim favourites to land the Stadium after the 2012 games and as a Tottenham fan I would hope that there is no chance in hell that we would get it, it would mean relocation and in turn moving from White Hart Lane which would kill part of our history.

I think that there may be truth in this but I also believe that it is a backup plan in case there are any problems with the proposed redevelopment of White Hart Lane, even if we did have to play at the Olympic Stadium then it would may well be temporary until White Hart Lane is complete even though the current plans allow for us to stay at the Lane while work is underway. The deadline for any bid to take over the stadium after the games was today (30th September).

No thanks.

Credit to The Financial Times for most the article.

  97 Responses to “Tottenham Bid For Olympic Stadium?”

  1. please please please we dont want that pile of east london shit.
    no fucking way.

  2. get on with the bloody vote, glasses guy is just being a nuicense on purpose

  3. Sadly it would make the club far more attractive for a Man Shitty style buy out – fattening the calf as it were…

  4. Cheers David Coys. Here for post 23:00 voting fun!!!

  5. Erm getting to the ground would be easier, direct tube and train lines a 80000 to 60,000 seater stadium rather than 50,000 and having been past it I’d say it looks pretty good having driven past it. The only thing is the History of the Lane but this could actually improve the club financially and after a while like the Gooners it probably wouldnt matter, theres a big Spurs following in East London also it’s not prefered but makes sense Haringey have done nothing to encourage the club to stay plus the Tottenhamarea is increasingly becoming a shit hole

  6. Holte or councillors – which is the most boring?

  7. this is a joke, its taken so long, and they are asking such trivial questions now
    i think it might get deferred for another meeting to solve more issues

  8. Hmmm, if we can get it on the cheap then why not! It’s a giant bowl.. it should work fine.

    Any news on the decision tonight? I lost the webcast… can someone post an update please?


  9. I agree Tottenham is a hell hole lets move to a fantastic new stadium and become great again !!!

  10. oh no, the disk is full. it’s all downhill from here LOL

  11. jeez – Frank Carson has just come out in our favour.

  12. Spooky – my disc is full too

  13. it’s the way he tells them hahaha

  14. the olympic stadium is really pushing them to accept, Great play by the little bald genius levy

  15. I spent the whole night watching a council meeting. Never again.

  16. Frank Carson is now looking at the clock … he’s said his piece and wants to go home.

  17. I think it’s important to discuss the exact position of all of the cracks in the pavements, from Seven sisters to the Lane. Also what brand of toilet roll will be in the cubicles? What diameter are the burgers going to be? These are about as bloody important as this SHITE.

    GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Watching a council meeting is like being involved with a Holte thread …

    Chairman is summing up and though he should be impartial he is SO in favour

  19. has rosemary said anything tonight? bless her, must be a joy being a councillor….

  20. The Olympic bid looks too well thought out / decent to be just for tactical leverage with this committee.

    I’d rather have the stadium local in Tottenham, but both options have their advantages.

    Vote Vote Vote

  21. shut up rosemary and get your fucking hand up….

  22. In favour – unanimous

  23. vote time

  24. Unanimous!

  25. was that it???

  26. If Frank stands up and shouts Yid Army, my life is complete.

  27. Well that’s that done and dusted – what shall we talk about now?

  28. spuds you have no chance west ham have virtually all ready got it. anyway its in west ham territory and we dont want some crappy club from the pile of scum which is north london anywhere near east london.

  29. gone offline>?

  30. I agree – make Arsmell stay at the Effeminates

  31. We could abuse Chris for a little bit..?

  32. that was all very easy in the end!

  33. Stream is finished, once the vote is over there’s not much else to say is there.

  34. If chris irons forever does that mean his shirts are well pressed?

  35. We all want the new WHL so Harringey better play ball.

    I do have a feeling whoever moves into the olympic stadium they will be on a great financial footing. So if our stadium doesn’t materialise then at least the club will have a plan B to turn to.

  36. now time for borris to give it the green light, and we can call up screw fix in the morning for the materials

  37. COYS! Whats the next obstacle after Boris?

  38. I had to listen to that shite ALL NIGHT and the stream goes down at the vote


  39. get your own crappy stadium lol

  40. Regarding the Olympic Stadium – I understand that is a covenant on it that says that if it is taken on by a football club it has to be a successful premier league club – so that’s west ham out of the running then.

  41. you spurs tossers can fuck off,you come to east london there will be a blood bath.
    build your own fucking stadium on your own patch,we dont want no yido scum in east london.
    east london is west ham land.

  42. Did they all say yes??????

  43. oh well spuds are out of the running aswell then.

  44. west ham fans,

    we just did get out own stadium, they passed the planning, we didnt want that shitty running track, it was just spurs playing hard ball
    you dont sell out upton park against london rivals, and u want a bigger stadium. night night

  45. They ALL said yes.

    I reckon Leyton or Barnet will get the Olympic Stadium bid

  46. You wet Spam twats crack me up……Go and build your own crappy stadium you all say!!!

    Well leave the Olympic stadium alone and either build your own fucking stadium or stay in your current shitehole!!!

  47. Mr West Ham- shut up you pikey piece of turd. Noone wants to go to East London, full of d1cks like you

  48. I was counting all the good things one can say about west ham and got stuck at zero.

  49. spurs fans =biggest bunch of tossers in the world
    new tottenham stadium will be shit just like your players

  50. for your information our home game against fulham is a sell out. ps would tottenham sell out their home games if you were where we are at the moment. you didn’t even sell out yesterday in your cup final. 32,000 thats a smaller crowd the west ham have had all season.

  51. Mr West Ham- you should be careful with your insults. Didn’t Avramand Ben Haim miss the Stoke game because of Yom Kippur? For those of you with an IQ matching your shoe size Yom Kippur is a big day in the Jewish calendar.

    By the way it’s Yiddo not Yido.

  52. Nope – still stuck on zero

  53. tottenham fans just take it up the arse.

  54. 36,000 capacity in prem ( champs league they take away 2 rows all round lower tier and 1 for lots of upper tier, for advertising hoardings and then there is the sponsors seats which do not get counted) and you will be close to the magic 36,000

  55. Yeah, I just wish we could swap some of our players for your great lot!!!!!

    Oh to have Rob Green in goal!!!!!

    We’ve had a pretty poor start to the season and are still ahead of you!!


  56. Anyway, why the fuck are you on a TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR site. Just piss off back to your caravan site you bunch of Pikey scum.

  57. WOODY,i dont give a fuck about grant or ben haim.say what i want.

  58. I must have led a really sheltered life as this is the first time I have experienced the pond-life that is a west ham fan (sic). Are they all ignorant and thick foul-mouthed bigots or are those on this thread an exception?

  59. Mr West Ham – you really are stupid. How can anyone forget the picture of two gay hammers fans walking down the street hand in hand!

  60. you have a shit team
    your moving to a stadium with a running track
    you have awful owners
    you will be piss poor soon

    i cant see any way out of that small wet patch you currently are stuck in
    arsenal chelsea spurs fullham have all achieved in the last 5 years, west ham have done fuck all

  61. Yes you do Mr West Ham. But you just prove how stupid you really are. But then you are an Iron!!!

  62. for your information you illiterate bunch of tossers,hammers fans aint pikeys.i live in a £3 million pound house in you yiddo’s pikey scum go back to your caravans.

  63. I’m slightly confused why Wet Spam fans would browse and comment on a Spurs website. Lets face it that both parts of London are sh1tholes. The difference is that one club has the fan base (shall we also discuss ST waiting lists….?), history, in depth squad, triffic management team, well managed finances and errr… champions league football….!!!! The other club is WET SPAM. OMG, LMAO….

  64. papa i bet you would love to swap some of your over rated players for our lot. because our players only a few days ago battered them. o.k it may have only been 1-0 but it should have been 4 or 5

  65. your champions league football is a 5 minute wonder,enjoy it while it lasts.

  66. who put that value on your house?
    and you only have one house? as if it was myself and i had a house worth that much, i would have 2 or 3 houses, oh wait, yes i do. and none of them are caravans, cant deal with the plumbing in them….. oops wrong point of a argument, anyway this is about football, so try not to detract to much or you could just accept the loss, we dont want “your” stadium

  67. An illiterate hammer has the nerve to call ME illiterate … lol.

    “tossers,hammers” needs a space between the comma and hammers.
    aint needs an apostrophe before the t.
    Space needed after full stop and before i.
    i should be upper case.

    As for living a £3 million pound house – don’t be ashamed, lots of children in care live in specially built facilities.

    As for Essex – research shows that Essex has a higher percentage of pikeys than any other county.

  68. May turn out to be a five minute wonder, but at least we can enjoy it. What have you got to look forward to. Long hard battle against relegation!!! And watching Eastenders while we watch Champions League football.

  69. night night everyone.
    credit to haringey council in seeing the light.
    bring on “naming rights” lane

  70. Still trying to count the number of good things about west ham and I’m still stuck on zero.

    Love the “battered them – well we only beat them 1-0” bit.

    5 minutes of CL is currently 180 minutes – and we’re only second because of goal difference.

  71. Davidcoys you wouldnt have 2 or 3 houses if you lived in my property-no point,i live in the country side so i dont have to live next door to dick heads like you.

  72. parklanesnoop. tottenham have got what. do me a favour i know all tottenham fans are deluded but be honest. who are tottenham. i will tell you who they are. a small team from arsenal. in fact arsenal shouldn’t even mentioned in the same breath as a no hoper club like tottenham because they are so much bigger and more successful its embarrassing. your just a small club from barnet who cant even sell out their cup final yesterday.

  73. David – he said he “lives” in the £3m house. Judging by his grammar and punctuation, he either cleans the toilets or sweeps leaves. His dream of “going down” will happen again comewhat May… An earlier post mentioned Fulham, but we’ll be talking about QPR ahead of Wet Spam soon as well.
    @mr west ham: 5 minute wonder – yes we’ll enjoy £30m+ and CL. You enjoy your relegation battle AGAIN you loser.

  74. sorry i refreshed,
    nearest house to me quite far away, main house is situated in 30 acres of land, none of which is farmed, just meadows and woodland. in hertfordshire which i always found nicer than essex, nearest shops are about 15 minute drive, so countryside base is covered. thanks for your concern

  75. theirs only 1 good thing about tottenham. they are gonna give us 6 points this year. tottenham ha ha ha ha ha

  76. Now I understand you chris irons. You come on a Spurs forum giving it large as a Spammer and then realise you’re a loser, so you point out that Arsenal are more successful than Spurs. When you decide which team you support, then come back eh? Can’t sell out….? Hmmm let’s see which club has 25000+ ST holders on a waiting list….? I really do wonder how life is for stupid people like you. Is there a website I can donate money for some lego blocks or a climbing frame?

  77. You Irons really are stupid. Geography isn’t a strong point. Arsenal doesn’t exist as a place – It’s Highbury and Islington. Aresnal originate from Woolwich!! Tottenham last time I looked was in London borough of Haringey. We couldn’t sell out yesterday as you’ve already been told Uefa reduce capacity with advertising etc.

    West Ham have won nothing since 1980 , other than relegation. You’re a nothing club. Always has been, always will be!!

  78. davidcoys we are sorry you refreshed as well,you better go to bed now youve got school in the morning.

  79. david – you’re lucky – the nearest shops to me are an hour away, as is the nearest bar. It doesn’t get dark in the summer ’till 11.30 and gets light at 12.30 – in the winter we have an hour of daylight.

    More importantly the nearest spam fan is over a thousand miles away.

    Does laundry man not know the difference between countryside and country side – is he allergic to punctuation – does he realise that arsenal aren’t from arsenal – does he actually know anything?

    Hang on – he’s a spam fan therefore he knows nothing.

    Gooners talk goonerish and spammers talk spamish whilst Spurs fans talk sense.

  80. well good bit of banter guys. thi s is what makes football great. : )

  81. Laundry boy, is “theirs only 1 good thing …” a further example of how literate you are?

    Jim Henson broke the mould when he made you didn’t he sonny.

  82. 1 Win and the Spammer think they are god, it is amazing just how big they think they are and how small they presume we are, oh how wrong they are, the season ticket waiting list at WHL if you joined now is 10 years at current rate,the waiting list to get out of Upon Park is 7.

    They think we wronged them before, they think we wronged them with Parker but it was their own management who decided to shaft themselves good and proper by announcing the deal to the press.

    They don’t have a clue, over 100m in dept and they still pay Scott Parker how much a week?

    Don’t get me wrong he is a good player, but one of two good players get you nowhere, just as the two great players at Liverpool will win them nothing.

    Anyway it is in the best interests of everyone of everyone if West Spam get ‘The Running Track Stadium’ as it will no doubt be known as it will give the Stewards more time to prevent them getting on the pitch which they will no doubt do every time they meet Millwall or get relegated!

    Good luck to you Spammers and I mean it sincerely because you need it and are no threat to us whatsoever.

    P.S. Chris: I like the way you think we are in Arsenal, YOU CLEARLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HISTORY!




    Tell me what any Spammer has to be proud about 1 win.

    1 Win, in just how many games against us.

    I predict that on the 7th of July 2011 WHL will sing a Chorus of…


    Sorry for caps, off to bed now, thanks for the laughs Spammers.


  84. hoe i cant believe just how big you think tottenham are. tottenham are only a big club to tottenham fans but to everyone else your a medium size club at best. you say west ham are no threat to tottenham. i dont want west ham to be a threat to tottenham because that would mean we will never challenge for anything. i want west ham to be a threat to the likes of the big clubs like man utd, chelsea, and arsenal. ps you are very deluded mate. but then again you are tottenham the biggest club in the world with the most trophys. ha ha ha ha ha. ps how many fans would tottenham get if they were in the bottom 3 the reason i ask is because west hams home game against fulham is a 35,000 sell out and tottenham only got 32,000 for your cup final yesterday. keep dreaming spuds fans because you never know. oneday it mite come true ha ha ha ha

    • Woah woah woah, you want to harp on about other teams thinking they’re big???
      Which club showed interest first for an 80,000 seater stadium once the Olympics had finished?

      Oh yeh, it was YOURS!


  85. West Ham Tottenham have always sold tickets since the 70’s we have a good fan base so stop talking rhetoric and keep to the facts. The Olympic stadiium may be too big for the Hammers at the moment it’s a good site transport wise but most Yids want to be in North London just for the history…stop the vehement blood bath rubbish as well one on one I’d probably mess you up but we arent talking aboutthat were talking football and stadiums end of! Idiot…

  86. Chris mate you really should look at the list of richest clubs in europe and realise you cant amass wealth in football without a fan base…we aint picked upmany trophies in our time but there is a big enough fan base to put us amongst the 20 richest clubsin the world along with manure arsenal chelsea newcastle mancity and liverpool …these are plain facts not just stuff people make up…Wipe your mouth, forget about it and go to bed mate..

  87. If West Ham get the stadium, they would have the biggest stadium of all the teams in the Championship league!

  88. This statium is look very nice and impresive. this create a thought as every one to paly.Thanks for this post.

  89. Mornin’ all!

  90. It’s much nicer here without that West Ham lot!!!!!

  91. Papa dont think for one moment the west ham are going away.

  92. I don’t, Your’re like an irritating cockroach, small and insignificant but just always hanging around feeding on scraps.

  93. I would like to say Im a hammer and i live in a static caravan and I love it. Loads of different woemn passing through the site i get my end away usually once or twice a week with various skanks. Love it come on you ironssssssssss

  94. Di Canio, could you tarmac my drive for me???

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