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Sep 062010

It has been a quiet week at the Lodge as the usual round of international qualifiers have seemingly robbed us of the majority of our first team squad,albeit with the exception of our very own Wilson Palacios who was put through his paces along side some of our up and coming stars namely Harry Kane and Kudus Oyunega of whom the club hold great hopes for.

For the youngsters to mix it up with the first teamers every now and then must do them the world of good as they are able to pick up new techniques from some of the best players in the country,it must also give them a taste of what awaits them should they perservere.

There was also the returning to the fray of one David Bentley who having suffered an ankle injury picked up in one of our pre season games found himself dealing with the unwished for advances of another of our under eighteens Adan Smith.

It is always good to see one of our more experienced players returning from injury as I have no doubt he will have a part to play in our rather frantic season.Although with the arrival of Van der Vaart I’m unsure as to how much,especially if the rumours were true and he was being lined up for a loan deal with Mark Hughes and Fulham.

Amongst the few there was also a welcome sight in the form of William Gallas who being put through a strenuous training program seemed rearing to go as he prepares for a behind closed door game this coming Tuesday,with the hope of him then being made available for the game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday 11th kick off 3pm,a game in which we must return to winning ways.

After seeing Dawson crumple in a heap whilst on England duty I wonder how many Tottenham fans had the almost unnatural thought rush through their mind,a second,which took the form of “Thank goodness for William Gallas,” now I bet you never believed you would ever be thinking that.

Below are some more training photos to keep you going whilst we await the completion of the second England game tomorrow night with hopefully no more injuries sustained,enjoy.


  6 Responses to “Tottenham Training Photographs(Bentley Back in the Saddle).”

    modders in place to start for croatia

  2. Yep,I’ve just read that myself great news,Modric and Van der Vaart to start the weekend?

  3. and sandro and gallas? mmm mouthwatering

  4. to change the subject slightly,why is our record for bringing youngsters through so bad?just seeing the young keeper in the pics brought it home to me.didnt we pay more for ben alnwick than shity paid for joe hart???

  5. Not sure what the prices were mate,but hoefully things wll change sooner rather than latter,regarding the youngsters though these loan periods seem to be helping as Walker and Townsend for two impressed me durnig pre-season so I would have thought their time wil come shortly.

  6. Fulop was part of the Alnwick deal.

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