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Oct 302010

No I’m not a dad yet. I’m talking about who in our current squad plays or even looks like a past Spurs legend and why. Of course I’m not going to be able to compare the entire squad to that of the Double-winning side of 50 years ago. However, some of our current players have the playing style of legendary players who graced the lane a bit further up the timeline.

If Paul Robinson was here, I would have dared to liken him to Pat Jennings mostly for the goal he scored. If you have nothing else to do at the moment, watch their famous goals one after the other. Both of their shots have the ball bouncing over their adversary’s head and into the net.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding a ‘twin’ and explaining where I’m coming from along the way. Might take a lot of¬†explaining though! Don’t worry, all of the forthcoming blogs contain no trace of Jenas, but have been made on a site where Jenas is handled.

One or two of the ‘twin’ pairings might force me to take some flak. See if you can guess which ones.


As soon as Glenn Hoddle’s boots touched the turf of White Hart Lane, he lit the place up.

As soon as Luka Modric’s boots did the same, he himself did the same.

The twin connotation here is basically – Like Hoddle, Modric is honestly as ugly as f**k, but their football has been some of the most beautiful that Spurs fans e’er did see. Modric’s vision and passing ability illustrates this perfectly. One of the finest games the ‘Croatian Cruyff’ has had in his Spurs career so far has got to be the 2008/2009 League Cup Final against United. Single-handedly, Little Luka poked holes throughout United’s defensive system like emmental cheese.

The way Modric takes a shot at goal  resembles the magic that Hoddle created in his 12 years at the Lane more accurately. The strike is sweet but harnesses a lot of power. The style of their strike is the most similar of all the traits they share.

When lining up for a shot, Modric usually waits for a loose bouncing ball and then launches his right boot at it. Hoddle was the more successful at this skill, but he was playing with a heavier ball, so the flightpath of the ball would’ve been different (e.g. the ball wouldn’t lift over the bar so much).

Mod and Hod – Beautiful football in a very good disguise!

  2 Responses to “I’ve got Twins! Tottenham Twins! (Baby Blog I)”

  1. I got one i got one. The legend Chris Armstrong was nearly as shit as Peter Crouch!

  2. Peter Crouch and Gregorz Raziak!

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