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Dec 312010

Van Der Gazza!

Ok, Van Der Vaart’s only been at Spurs for five minutes unlike Gascoigne who was at Spurs for a good few years before receiving the legendary status which still stands today and will always be exalted.

Nevertheless, I twinned these players mainly because of their sheer enjoyment of playing the game whichever shirt they’re wearing [or wiping their tears on] at the time.

They are both passionate about their football and regarded as cult heroes whichever club they were playing for (check the picture); Gazza left impressions at Lazio, Rangers, Newcastle and Spurs. Van Der Vaart likewise at Ajax, Hamburg SV, Real Madrid and Spurs.

Not only that, just as Gazza’s footballing brain and skill on the ball was in abundance, Van Der Vaart’s is also undeniable. This showed immediately on signing for Spurs.

During the home game against Aston Villa, to score the second goal, Van Der Vaart was staring at a dropping ball; but he didn’t just lash at it, oooohhh no. He saw a Villa defender sliding in to intercept so he simply took the ball on his chest and then lashed at it, scoring the winning goal to earn a valuable and rather difficult three points.

Both these players are legends of the Lane in my opinion.

  5 Responses to “Tottenham Twins Episode 3: Van Der Gazza”

  1. We’ve now got a team like the gazza era capable of competing, just the ‘Lineker’ missing to bag those strikers goals

  2. Davyid m8..agree wiv absolutly everyfink your sayin here m8..know i’ve or-redy sed this but ef it..TO ALL SPURS FANS WHO READ THIS..I LOVE YOU 1 AND ALL..HAPPY NEW YEAR..FROM ME(REG)..ME MISSUS TINA..AND ME KIDS FLOWER AND LENNNON(aptly named after 2 spurs greats..flower(danny blanchanch)..and lennon is pretty obvious dont ya fink!!).LOVE YOU 1 AND ALL FROM US(yes i’ve ad a few!!).WE LOVE YOU TOTTENHAM WE DO..OOH TOTTENHAM WE LOVE YOU!!!

    • Yidreg -

      Happy New Year!!

      And why didn’t you just call your kid Danny/Dani after Danny Blanchflower instead lmao.


  3. Yidreg77 you are a true Totte the name of my Yorky Terrier your lovely kids will always have History in there names and i for one applaud you for your kids names and you will always have Davspurs love has a parent Granddad and loyal Cockerel.

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