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Apr 212011

That has to be the best North London Derby I’ve seen in my life. Yes it did help it being a draw,
but it was more than that this time. It had drama, bite, and some wonderful football from both sides.
A draw was a fair result, but an unwanted one when you look at what both teams were playing for.

Tottenham were looking to get level with Manchester City in the final strait of the Second Battle of Fourthplace. But the draw means that Spurs will have to win every forthcoming game and hope that Manchester City slip up somewhere.

Arsenal were looking to save face after Emmanuel Eboue [‘surprisingly’ absent from the squad tonight] threw two vital points away and the title along with it on Sunday. A win against Tottenham would’ve put the pressure back onto League leaders Manchester United after the goalless draw with Newcastle United last night.

A lot to play for ahead of this game, but neither got one over on the other tonight. A perfectly balanced game.

Walcott opened the scoring just five minutes in. Van Der Vaart replied two minutes later with a perfect right-footed drive into the bottom right corner. Nasri replied for the Gunners by striking a sweet shot under Dawson’s legs into the net to make it 1-2 to Arsenal. Modric was brought down in the penalty area by Diaby, but the referee didn’t give the penalty.

It got more frustrating for Spurs as Gallas did a ‘Rocha’ (tried to clear a ball at feet-level using anything other than his feet) allowing an opposing player to score. Gallas knocked the ball with his chest and straight in to trouble. Walcott picked it up near the six-yard box and chipped it in for Van Persie to head it. Gomes to his credit did pull off a great save against the header, but the Dutch striker had another bite of the cherry and knocked it in to make it 1-3 to Arsenal at 40 minutes.

Spurs had it all to do now. But four minutes after Arsenal made a two-goal cushion, another response from Tottenham had been made. Huddlestone pulled off his patented back-lift strike which fortunately went under Van Der Vaart’s shorts and into the net leaving Szcezny to watch in awe. Huddlestone hadn’t really been at his best. A lot of his cross-field passes were, if I’m honest, a bit crap.

The half-time score resembled that of a nail-biting full-time score: 2-3 to Arsenal at half-time.

The second half didn’t let up at all. Both teams got straight back to work.

Bale got injured in the first half after having his legs taken out form under him by Arsenal goalkeeper Szcezny in a challenge for the ball. The goalie didn’t even wince. He winked, in fact.

Aaron Lennon came on for Bale in the second half.

Fabregas was put through on goal and scored, but was considered offside by the linesman.
Replays showed that he was actually onside by half a yard. A relief for Spurs, but an annoyance for Arsenal.

Spurs’ long-awaited equaliser came about when Lennon was tripped up by Szcezny in the penalty area.
Van Der Vaart stepped up to take it and struck it in cleanly to draw Spurs level with Arsenal.
It was a frantic race for Spurs to get the fourth goal. Modric had a clear shot from just six-yards after a cross from Kaboul (on for Corluka), but Szcezny had a lucky escape as his trailing foot prevented him from conceding another goal.

A point each then. But it could’ve gone either way.

On a sidenote, Wenger is fast losing respect from me. At full-time, very limply shook Redknapp’s hand after such an exciting hard-fought game and then stormed off. What’s more is that when I was in the pub watching it, at full-time, a Gooner came over and shook MY hand properly *cue jokes about disinfectant use*.

If your garden-variety Gooner can be decent enough to respect opponents (in some cases), why can’t the manager do so?

  10 Responses to “Tottenham v Arsenal 3-3: Daring is Caring”

  1. Wenger is feeling the pressure – that is why. He refused to accept that the added-time penalty on Sunday was actually penalty – despite everyone else in the entire world thought that it was. Even out of Eboue’s stupidity it deserved to be a penalty. Then he questioned the time added on – despite Van Persie’s blatant 2 minute long: “I’ve won the game, and we will win the title and let me take my shirt off” celebration. Add that time on the end. He is becoming really sour and spiteful…. and child like. Excellent coach, but the pressure is getting to him. Great game. Ekotto was phenomenal. Van Der Vaart was sublime. Our 2 full backs set up a goal each. 2 of our goals were spectacularly scored with the wrong feet. Good performances all over barring Kaboul. The starting line-up was sadly inviting pressure, so it was difficult – but it was the right result at the end.

  2. Kaboul is great what were you watching. The big big mistake was not playing Sandro instead of the lumbering Thud. Bad move Harry and possible cost us two points. HHXX

    • I don’t think it’s Harry’s fault Helen.
      Thud’s passes were very wayward I know, but that was him, not Harry.
      Plus, he scored that great goal to get the score to 2-3.
      Didn’t cost us two points. I could say Modric should’ve placed his shot from six yards better and that cost two points, but I won’t.

  3. Btw…Spurs do not have to win every game to get 4th. That would merely guarantee it. At most City could get 74 points. If we beat city, then the most they could get is 71. City would have to produce a monumental effort to get 68 (2 points a game) let alone 70+. The aim is to beat city, then match them in remaining games. Still tough, and if City get more points, then they will deserve it more than us. Hey ho.

  4. Nope. Ray Wilkins was confirming that Lennon was doing more right-back work than Kaboul… If Kaboul was playing in a wing position, then he would have been passable…but he wasn’t…and failed to stop Nasri on every occasion. But I thought that Sandro should have started too (and said this before kick off)…. great goal by Hudd tho.

  5. Viewing Hudd’s goal in retrospect I am more and more impressed with VdV’s contribution because if I saw a Huddlestone volley zeroing in on my groin I’d be hard-pressed to inch myself over the ball rather than turn 180 and pray.

    • Ha, that gave me a laugh. True though.

      People have been criticising playing Hudd over Sandro, and his passing was wayward at times, but that goal really was a bit of something from nothing and it seemed to shake Arsenal, as well as the complexion of the game.

      Sandro has been a revelation, but I think people are too quick to forget that Hudd was one of the few constants in last seasons side. On a side note, Tommy seems to be intercepting a lot more opposition passes than I remember him doing pre-injury. And to think he’s still only been back a week or two after 4 months out. I’m certainly glad to see him back in the side.

      • Id like to see Sandro and Tommy together with Modric. Playing a 4-1-4-1, with sandro as the sweeper in between the back and the middle. This would I believe a more defensive as well as offensive team.

  6. its still in our own hands even if city only slip up against us, goal diff won’t come in to it,and as for still having any respect for wenger how did you have any in the first place

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