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Jul 292010

Well the big guns are back for tonights match  but will they be rested or will they play? Anyway as you know the past couple of games I have set up a new page for the games streams, well tonight it is in the FORUM only, just click the link and login or register, the streams are embedded into the Tottenham vs Villarreal topic so you can watch and chat, I will work on adding more. There are fewer streams around tonight but I have managed to dig a couple out for you guys.

The world cup players are back but some of the youngsters have been in good form in pre season so far, so will Harry stick with some of them? It is our first home friendly and there will surely be a decent atmosphere at the Lane. Harry seems to change his formation to  a 5-4-1 or 4-3-3 only to later revert to 4-4-2 later on in recent games, but I guess that is what a friendly match is for.

Personally I think it’s important that some of the World Cup boys get some fitness and get a good half an hour on the pitch, these are the players that will be opening agaisnt City in 2 weeks so we don’t have long left to prepare them. We are the favourites for the win and I fully expect the boys to deliver, it’s a shame we haven’t had no new signings to take a look at for tonight but who knows, maybe next week.

Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow morning for a match review and highlights if I can find some, if you know of any before I do use the contact me page and give me the link. I am going for a 2-1 win tonight, leave your predictions below.

Watch all the action from 8pm in the Forum , either login or register to be able to view the boards. Enjoy the match!

  2 Responses to “Tottenham V Villarreal – 8pm Live!!!”

  1. Nice article, Coxie!
    I’m beginning to like the idea of Robbie Keane being with us all season.
    He’s 30 years old so in his prime. Let’s use him. People forget he scored a hat trick early last season.
    He’s still quality.

  2. Well we got hammered why Harry takes these Spanish sides on when Spain is in a purple patch in every Sport . I have a valid point here its not the skill that made me gasp but there energy levels where unreal the shaven head player was all over the pitch and his mates where not far behind . When we broke there was about eight in the box to stop us scoring and when they broke the same eight was in our box and only three or four defenders from Spurs. This is the kind of football being played by Germans and some English teams . every Villareal player looked the same weight all looked like whipptes all run and dribbled the same and tackled back in numbers forget the subs they would have still played with the same tempo. When we had the ball they pressed us in threes another sign of this new energized way of playing . The commentator said they don’t look like a team who finished seventh. If we don’t get to grips with this energy we will not survive the play off’s whoever we play. This is like when the Americans dominated Athletics and runner after runner won the 100 metres until the shit hit the fan and we got caught up in it we will just have to wait because when all the team are energised its hard to stop it for our sake i hope we do if Tom Hudds looks like Fallani then i will no we have the secret and i will stop my rant until then and my evidence is damming i will keep ranting . Coys

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