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Aug 262010

It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet just what we have achieved, I suppose it will seem strange watching the draw for the Champions League group stages and seeing Tottenham pulled out. However nobody can deny that we don’t deserve this chance. For once a Tottenham team with real promise has actually delivered.

Last night was perfect because of the early goal, it was so nice to be able to watch a Tottenham game and have the nerves taken away so early on, we are used to going through agony for the whole 90 mins before we are finally put out of our misery but last night was different. The result never looked in any doubt, what a contrast from last week’s match.

Friday will see us in the 3rd seeds pot but to be honest nothing else matters from here, everything is a bonus, bring on the big boys. Inter and Real could be in our group but I say bring it on. We can beat anyone at White Hart Lane because we have something no other team does…. Gareth Bale!

Our group will end up with any three of these teams in it, one from each pot.

Pot 1

Inter Milan
Bayern Munich
AC Milan

Pot 2

Werder Bremen
Real Madrid
Shakhtar Donetsk

Pot 4

Hapoel Tel Aviv
FC Twente
Rubin Kazan
Parizan Belgrade

  2 Responses to “Tottenham v Young Boys Highlights And Who We Could Face Next”

  1. Whilst it would be great to see some big names at the Lane this autumn, the pragmatist in me prefers to be drawn in a less challenging group. After all it is our first tilt at this lark. Avoiding long journeys would also be desirable. We dont need to start suffering from that well known footballing ailment ‘Champions League Hangover’ now do we? To my way of thinking the ideal group would be Lyon, Werder Bremen and FC Twente. Now, who do I have to shag to arrange this? 😉


  2. I’d rather panathanikos than bremen personally

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