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Jun 032011

Transfer Musings

As I stare at the clock waiting for my half day to come to an end I find myself thinking about the only thing you can in a close season; The transfer window.

In the wake of our first signing, 40 year old Brad Friedel I can only hope that the best is yet to come. Friedel, although experienced with 601 professional games to his name, is no better than Cudicini in my opinion and will either sit in the same position as Pletikosa did, in 3rd place, or will be our main keeper. If the latter is the case this is surely not the right move for a team that wishes to push for a Champions League place again next season. If he is to sit in 3rd spot I would imagine his wages would be fairly high to rarely play. I find this quite a strange acquisition.

So on to more ambitious targets then. The Daily Mail are lost for stories again and have linked us amongst other clubs with a cut price bid for Gonzalo Higuain. The Mail declared that the striker was ‘out of favour’, however after watching a lot of Real Madrid last season I beg to differ. The only reason he didn’t play was through injury and he was on scintillating form. I fear that we would bare no interest for Higuain though as we could not offer him Champions League football and could barely afford his wages. The bottomless pit of cash at Man City on the other hand…

I believe we should be ambitious however in this window. Surely a cheeky £10m bid for Berba wouldn’t go a miss? Sure he’s lazy at times but his technical ability and finishing would be a tremendous asset and I would like to see what could be achieved when he is on the end of some of our fantastic technical play from our holy trinity of Modders, Bale and VDV.

Just throwing it out there…but does anyone remember Coutinho, the youngster from Inter? The lad showed tremendous flair, skill and maturity for his age and could be worth a bid.

It is common knowledge that we need a striker, and if we could get a world class striker to finish even 1 in 7 or 8 of the chances Modric and Bale create we would be scoring for fun and be right up there in the mix for the title. So given our current budget, wage structure and status..who do you think would be a realistic target for Spurs?

Written by Davyid

  17 Responses to “Transfer Musings”

  1. Coutinho is a new one on me!!!! Looked fantastic against us and very composed. Agree we need a striker desperately. maybe Dimaeo?

  2. Two problem areas, up front and gk, one fixed (short term) with an accomplished premiership keeper , 8 mil for Gomes then concentrate the funds up front. Fix the keeper this time next year ……. Good move !!!!!

  3. Friedel is crap why did we sign him. We should try and sign somebody like shay given

    • Citeh will not deal with us. End of.

    • We signed him because we need 3 keepers, and we need to pressure Gomes into playing his best. gomes knows that there is a backup keeper who we can have 100% confidence in (unlike Cudicini) to step in should Gomes mess up. Additionally it would give us the option of leaving Gomes at home when we jet off to Azerbaijan or Norway for a Europa League match.

    • Plus now Shay Given has had a season of not really playing. He will not be as sharp as he was before. Look at Cudicini – the guy was excellent until Cech came along and put him on the bench. A few years of not really playing much really affects your form. Look at Jenas….

    • Don’t be silly. On what basis can you possibly make such an assertion? He’s proven quality, end of story

      • Because when you are out of match practice, you lose your sharpness. Which is vital for a keeper. Proven quality yes, but when you don’t play for a year, that “quality” becomes a memory rather than proven. The basis for that assertion was Cudicini. He was one of the best keepers in the league until he stopped playing regularly. Kuszczak was a quality keeper too before he went to Man U and never played. He then played a couple of times last season and looked very wobbly. He lost sharpness and confidence. You cannot tell me that Given would not be emotionally and mentally wounded from losing his place & being denied a move in such a shock fashion.

  4. Shay Given is good, but is not World Class, as he’s a great shot stopper but his other attributes are limited.

  5. Friedel is a class act, he is extremely consistent and a perfect short term solution at the back. Those who are criticising him have obviously not kept their eyes on the prem over the last few seasons, Friedel is a shrewd acquisition! Glad to see we’re moving early this summer! COYS

    • Anyone who thinks friedel is ‘crap’ is an idiot.
      Lets hope we do our business early like you say mate.

  6. I will get criticised by many, but I really think our best bet striker-wise in Odemwingie. Yes he is far too old. But he has the attributes our strikers lack, and took to the Premiership like a duck to water – so less of a risk. Plus scored a few. He would not command huge wages, and looks up for a switch to a bigger club. WBA would be happy to make 5-6m profit on him, so would not put up great resistence (I bet that they are looking for a replacement already). Plus Hodgson sold Benayuon and Mascherano when a bigger club came knocking, so he would wear this one too. One in the bag. Then get a second younger striker. He isn’t glamorous, but he would get the job done. Most people here set their sights unrealistically high, and then get overly disappointed when no one arrives… We finished 4th with our current crop of strikers, so it would not take a world class one to improve things.

  7. I think we definitely need two strikers, one of world class calibre at least. What gets me is the fact that we have the money (as shown in January window) but it’s the players who ultimately decide whether or not they want to come to us. Aguero is class but would never come to us. I don’t know where the higuain story came from but it’s total nonsense. Milito would be a good option from inter as they already have eto’o and Ibrahimovic. Not too sure about damiao as he is not proven and internacional want too much money (£17m!). Mirko vucinic from Roma would be a good punt as would someone like falcao. Power and pace is what’s needed upfront. Get rid of crouch and keane and bring in two more. Defensive mid is sorted with sandro and hudd, Parker I believe would disrupt sandro’s development. Another strong pacey CB too. Walker should slot in at right back (excellent for villa last term) and a cover for BAE should fix the problems. We should earn a little windfall from the deadwood we’ll get rid of hopefully!

    • I agree to a certain extent on the Parker disrupting Sandro’s development but Parker is fairly injury prone so the two of them would get games in a busy season such as next year in the europa league etc.Plus if we ship off JJ and Wilson then we need another holding type in the middle anyway and Parker would be an easy signing i’d think so we can focus on the strikerswe need…good post mate and come on you SPURS!!

  8. Assuming we could off load all four of our current strikers, I would love to sign the following;

    1 – Drogba – 2 year contract. Proven scorer in the league, can play up front on his own and I think we would see a bit of a renaissance with him similar to that of Gallas. Lets face it, if he scores twenty league goals for us next year, he will have topped all of our strikers combined. The other benefit of Drogba is that he may help us to sign my net preference;

    2 – Lukaku – Unproven and would cost in the region of £25m, but with Drogba as his mentor for a couple of years he could ease his way into the Premiership life. He’d bound to chip in with some goals and, given his age and first year in the Prem, 10ish goals would be acceptable to me.

    3 – Leandro – Similar to Lukaku both interms of experience and age. Would be cheaper than Lukaku, if current reports are to be beleived, however, both of these could become our focal point for the future. again, with someone such as Drogba to mentor him as with Lukaku, he could ease his way into Prem life as Drogba would be the main striker. Again, 10ish goals in the league.

    Might be worth trying to get in early with Leandro; if he is as good as some say he is, our very own Sandro included, a good Copa America could see his price rocket. A buy him now and loan him back to Inter may be the compromise we have to make. We may get a chance to see him this weekend, as apparently he is included in the Brazil squad to face the Netherlands this Saturday.

    We would probably be looking at around £10m for Drogba, around £25m for Lukaku and probably £15m ish by the time Inter agree to let him go. So we have to find circa £50m and try to convince Drogba to take a pay cut.

  9. I think we still need to buy a keeper as Gomes is now probably going to leave- Stekelenberg
    We need a defender as Bassong and Hutton are going to leave- Vertonghren (Caulker, Naughton and Khulahalo should go on loan to premier league clubs)
    We might need a midfielder as Palacios might leave- Parker/Diarra ( Livermore and Parrett should also go on loan to premier league clubs)
    We might need a winger as back up or to help Lennon (Bentley and Dos Santos are leaving- we might have to use our youth with Townsend, Bostock and Rose)
    We definitely need two strikers as Keane and maybe Defoe are leaving- 1 of Damiao/Higuain and 1 of Aguero/Falcao.
    Its easier said than done but with the signings mentioned above we will be back in the top 4 and might win a trophy next season.

  10. Friedal does the basics well I think he’ll end up as a goalkeeping coach I suspect

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