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Jul 012010

Sitting here watching Sky Sports News and was thinking who have we actually signed? All I see is more transfer speculation for us Spurs fans. I mean it seems to me like anyother closed season,we are linked with big name players but as of yet no action. I remember a few years ago being linked with the likes of Kluivert,Rivaldo,Adriano,Ronaldo (the fat one) etc, so it’s not like we have never been linked to big name players but is this year any different, will we actually deliver on the big names?

Has qualifying for the Champions League really made much of a difference to the type of players we get linked with or are Tottenham getting used by other clubs to push up prices of their own players by claiming Spurs want them. One transfer I actually think will happen it’s just a matter of when is Joe Cole on a free. I’m sure Harry knows he can get cole to come to us and Cole recently said he will only come to a Champions League club, which rules out City and Liverpool. Apart from that has finishing 4th really made that much difference or is it just like any other closed season?

With just over a month to go before the start of the new campaign we keep getting linked with the same players week in week out but nothing ever seems to develop. We know we have Brazilian Sandro to join the club but that deal was done some months ago. Harry needs to trim the squad but as of yet nobody has actually left the club either, we know we have to shift out the dead wood and replace them with 3 or 4 players of quality if we are to push on.

I really hope i’m proved wrong in the next few weeks because if we are to push on it’s now or never. We have done the hard work by breaking into the top 4, we now have the means to attract bigger and better players. I expect Harry will bring in 2 or 3 players by August, however I hope he does not get sidetracked by England talk and focuses 100% on the future of Tottenham Hotspur.

So this closed season is it really going to be any different? are we going to be linked to big name playersand end up signing Emile Heskey or for once will we deliver on all this speculation. I would like just one nice suprise in the transfer window by signing someone we have yet to be linked with out of the blue, kind of like Modric, not much was said about him when we actually signed him. My tips are Joe Cole and Micah Richards but I just hope Harry knows he can now aim higher than he has his whole career and can tell the difference between the quality of players he needs for Tottenham opposed to the players he signed at West Ham and Portsmouth.

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  1. Perhaps one thing you’ve overlooked is that Spurs now have our own big name players already secured under long term contracts. Football as we’ve just witnessed is primarily a team game, and some of the ‘names’ really are just over-hyped players who really wouldn’t do us any favours in the long term. If our current squad were to be transfer listed tomorrow I’m certain many of our rivals would consider there are a few ‘big’ names on that list that the’yd go after!

  2. good point essex totally agree with you there, the bale modric and king signing new deals was like signing 3 new players. Having said that we need to ship out players that harry don’t want like jenas o’hara keane bentley pav taarabt hutton, if you add them sales on top of whatever he has to spend already you could be looking at another 30-40mil which we could use to bring in some quality because we will need strenght in depth

  3. I Dont think we need too much ,forlan and Joe cole in , out . ohara, hutton, keane ,

  4. well said micky pas,we def need to sell keane,ohara,jenas,hutton but i think harry will keep pav i bet he will do well for us in the champions league but plzzz harry get us a top top right back as if harry does sign joe cole bale will go back to bein a leftback i dont think micah richards is good enough maybe as a back up player but i could be wrong one last thing harry plz sell ekotto lol

  5. I think we should keep ekotto.. I mean he does have his off game her n there but I think bale is a much better playing
    on the left of midfield than at left back and he prefers it too.. I mean if we can get a really decent left back a highly recognized one even or maybe someone like a davide santon of inter someone young who will never start for inter as they have maicon someone like that even will be a good replacement for ekotto.. I think these arethe area Harry needs to look at before looking for forwards..

  6. i want Cole and Richards, personally as good as Modric is i would sell him for £25M. Need top class striker and even another midfielder. and we need to start getting rid of the ‘dead wood’, jeans bentley keane pav

  7. Bookmarking now cheers, needed a few more pictures maybe.

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