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Jan 312011

You can watch the remainder of transfer deadline day live in the forum HERE, just create an account quickly or log in and you’re away.

Just heard more reports that Giovani dos Santos is set to join Racing Santander on loan until the end of the season. Still waiting for some confirmation on this one but it does seem likely. Gio has always failed to impress Harry and Spurs wouldn’t stand in the way of any move for the Mexican.

Harry Redknapp has confirmed on Sky Sports News that Tottenham have bid for Phil Neville but it’s up to Everton if they accept the bid or not. Redknapp said Tottenham won’t worry about it if Everton don’t want to sell their captain. Harry also stated that there was no chance that Peter Crouch would be going anywhere tonight.

The news of the striker is nothing as of yet. Harry said that he is no expecting anything to happen although he and Levy are still working late at Spurs lodge and Redknapp said he will be staying there overnight for training in the morning. We have been linked with late bids for Forlan and Rossi so don’t be surprised if something happens in the final hours, although don’t be surprised if nothing happens either.

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  106 Responses to “Transfer Update”

  1. complete disgrace, phil f*cking neville and pienaar aren’t going to take us to the next level

    • I thought they said Harry had gone home?

      No Diarra is a reall problem seeing as sandro isnt ready, hudds 0ut, wilsons forgot his merits and jenas goes missing to avoid poor stats.

      Looks like we need people to get back to what they were last year or back from injury sharpish.

  2. Fuckin pissed off!! All down hill from here lads unless he pulls something out the bag!! Come on Harry for fuck sake

  3. Something dodgy going here, We have Hutton, charlie, naughton and Walker along with Kaboul who all can play right back, WTF would we want with Nevill?

    • maybe he can play upfront? Probably scores more goals that defoe and crouch :p

    • Neville can play rightback, leftback, def midfield and centrehalf at a push.

      Not the signing we are looking for though.

    • I think he wants him to play holding midfielder and for the versatility. Harry was on SSN saying that personalities are just as important as ability. I have fuck all ability but bags of personality, can I get in the squad????

  4. think its time to offer Forlan unlimited weekend calls and text messages.


  6. Cannot believe this shit……… We end up with Crouch great. Unbelivable we bid 38.5mill for Aguero last night and from that we get no one.

    • that bid was clearly a load of shit, probably aguero agents put that out as a way to boost his contract negoiations

  7. sick to death of Redknapp…..

  8. absolute bollocks, any fool who looks at our goal scorers this season will see we need a striker

  9. Heskeys on his way…£3

  10. Rossi will be signed

    • You want a wager on it!! Cloud cuckoo land!!! Nevile will be our massive signing all fcking month and 3 windows gone and we have the same shit upfont. I would take DJ Capmbell right now anyone to just freshen things up front Defoe and Crouch know they are certs to start regardless of effort and form they just turn up and play fcking shambolic!!

    • @spurs guvnor, how can u possibly have any faith in that happening?

    • You must be the eternal optimist

  11. Twitchy still thinks he is at Pompey. Gallas – Free and a veteran, Peinaar 3 million bargain basement squad player. Time for Harry to resign before he is forced out!!

  12. keep the faith brothers

  13. Calm down, at least we are not spending around £35m on a striker that has 11 goals in the premiership to his name and some pretty dubious hobbies…

    • He was also only 6th or 7th top scorer in the Championship last season, there is no way he is worth £10m let alone £38m that Liverpool have paid!
      This is just liverpool making a panic buying statement with the chavs money!
      I mean if Newcastle would have offered Liverpool £12 plus Carroll for Torres last week the whole world would have laughed, but……..lmfao

  14. And why the hell did he play that formation at Fulham? Lennon on the left? Pienarr on the right? Defoe up on his own?????????? some times he has to hold his hands up and say I got it wrong, if your going to play 4-3-3 then Pav up on his own, not Defope FFS

  15. Will be interesting to read Levi’s thoughts on ‘Arry and his dwardling in his autobio in a decade’s time… A motherfcking striker mate, not more midfielders and aging backs. Royally shirty right now

  16. he as to be after Neville as a defencive mid fielder.the only thing that makes any sense.

  17. phil nev that gave that pen against romania and never could get in the scum first team.what a fucking load of shit.forward,forward arry in the next hour and a half or your lose your job soon arry.

  18. As soon as i stop crying i am going to fucking Bed, soo Pissed off

  19. If we don’t sign a striker in this window then we need to revert to 4-4-2. We don’t have world class strikers but they did each put a few away last year which helped us to 4th.

    Switch VDV to a roaming left sided role like Modders played year season. When Bale is back he can replace BAE at leftback. It may help him from being marked out of games.


  20. Yidosh61 – Sick to death of Redknapp? You numpty, short memory mate.

    • Well said mate, still frustrating not to have got a striker though, a new GK wouldn’t have gone a miss either !!!

  21. Redknapp gone home….
    7th this season at best
    oh well theres always next year

  22. Dont get me wrong Harry has done a massive job for us but he has messed up big style here! Liverpool will catch us now and i think we’ll be lucky to get europa league!

  23. We will drop like a stone if we dont sign a striker in the next hour i dont think we will finish in the top 6 with the c**p we have got upfront. I have never been so underwhelmed then with the news of Neville. What happened to the potential signings of diarra and Fabiano SO SO SO SO SO disapointed.

  24. If Phil Neville signs I give up. Is that really an indication to the rest of the players that the team is really on the up. Gives Harry real motivation material for Wednesday… “Come on lads, we are on the up, we have broken the bank for that all important player… Phil Neville”. Amazing!!

  25. we won’t get 4th place with phil fuck face brother of other fuck face gary nev.arry where is our forward

  26. unbelievable. we’ve needed a striker for a while now and with no centre-mids we’re bidding for a right-back?
    pienaar is not good enough to play ahead of Niko.
    Let’s hope we get europa league football.
    If we can bid 38.5m for aguero why can’t we sign forlan?
    we’ll be one-season wonders

  27. was waiting for that one “sick of redknapp” – typical spurs negativity. 4th last season, unbeaten in the league for god knows how many games – on course to mount a challenge for 2nd/3rd/4th this season if we put a run together – and just cos we don’t sign a striker people think our seasons over???

    i’d have loved to have signed a striker but lets not get too carried away. we still have defoe crouch and pavlyuchenko who have all had purple patches in their career before where they have scored a high goals/games ratio. It only takes for that to happen (plus our inevitable decent weigh in from bale/vdv) and we’ll be fine. Its not as bleak as everyone is making out!

    Have faith that we’ll do it just like we did last year. coys

    • we know its not bleak, but we all know the wolfs will be at the door if we dont get 4th again, we will have TARGET written on our players foreheads if dont gain champions league football next season and every Spurs fan knows it!

    • regretfully these purple patches are all too rare, over the course of their spurs careers their scoring record isn’t good enough

    • Keep dreaming, You have no grasp of reality. We will not finish in the top 4!! Fact. Last season was a one off. City are much better and no Liverpool will take us. You think it`s negative and gloom merchants but it`s the reality! On course to mount a challenge for 2nd /3rd you on medication!!! Have you seen any games we have been awful for 75% of our games!

      • Tuly you are blinded by your own negativity. How the hell are liverpool going to take us?? they’ve signed an unproven striker from the dutch league (can only think of 2 strikers from dutch league that have ever performed in the PL) and ANDY CARROLL!! The guy has had 1/4 of a good season(for a sh1t club) and then got injured. Not to mention been arrested and several other personal problems – that signing is going to be a train wreck. Also they’ve lost Torres so actually I think their squad is overall weaker (or at least the same) as it was this morning! Liverpool won’t be a threat. They are too weak in midfield/defence squad-wise

        City – they have done well but they haven’t had a bad patch yet which they will.

        I agree with you we haven’t played well 75% of our games – but thats the point, neither has anyone – including united!! United have scraped through the season unbeaten but everyone else is giving stupid points away all the time. If we can put a run together we’ll be right up there….and we’ve got more than enough quality players to be able to put a run together.

        Not sure how you can say we aren’t in touch with a challenge for 2nd/3rd/4th – if we win our game in hand over city we’re 4pts behind them. I’m not saying we’ll get it – but we’re well in touch.

        I’m sure you were saying exactly the same crap last year about us not finishing 4th. (I was) But this year I’m trusting in redknapp and i think we’ll do it.

    • Good points. I think with Bale out we should revert back to 4-4-2 and stick Van Der Vaart on the left. Crouch and Defoe can still be a decent partnership. Some people buy for the sake of buying. Liverpool could have Messi and Ronaldo in their team but they still wouldn’t makeup for the restof their shitty squad.

  28. F*ck me, £3 for “Heessssss-keeeeeey” I think you got robbed son,….LOOL :-)

  29. Harrys done us proud and plays with bottle but we shouldnt be looking at £30-40m players, we havent the money for that type of player plus all the wages, we need to find decnt players under £20m, Argentinaians Brazilians…….a bloody German if need be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so long as he can pop the ball in the frigging net.

  30. No striker AGAIN ! FFS. The Hutton experiment needs to stop immediately. Put Corluka in or bring back Walker. Ive never seen a rite-back as jittery on the ball, Harry must be blind!

  31. Don’t be a bunch of fucking crybabies let Harry sort it out. Remember all the bitching and moaning prior to the VDV signing? Harry got a track record, wait until the end of the window and if nothing happens by then, it will be fine to shit your pants.

    • LMAO, get the bog roll ready !!!!

    • Please return at 12:01 and explain your pathetic post!

      • Levy has a track record of playing hardball and missing targets, He gets VDV after he was offered to us and lets not forget Madrid wanted rid and VDV wanted out. The players we are after are happy at there clubs and vice versa.

      • Right or wrong I will. Question: if you are so sure nothing will happen why are you still hanging around? Perhaps your not sure?

  32. Listen Redknapp was good at getting us to 4th but he never consolidated the position….his signings are awful, I have not been impressed with Pienaar, Palacios for 16m was stupid, Keane for 12m was dumb, Crouch for 10m was crap, Bassong for 9m rubbish, Krancjar he doesnt use, Defoe has never been good enough yet he paid 15m for him, Sandro for 10m is bad.

    The only good signing he made was Gallas

    Van Der Vaart was Levys signing

    Bale, Lennon, Modric, Ekotto, Huddlestone, Dawson, Gomes etc were all Comollis signings if im right.

    Levy cares about the club and he watches every game and must know Crouch and Defoe arent good enough, and why keep Pav if he doesnt play him, I swear his last league start was against Chelsea and he scored

  33. I’m sure getting edgy about our stikeforce – Defoe is pathetic in front of goal, he knows nothing about placement. And we need a strong holding midfielder – WTF is Harry doing?

  34. redknapps a prick.forget europe this season lads

  35. maybe he was telling the truth when he said he isn’t a wheeler dealer

  36. I hate this … Neville ?!!! is HR thinking of captaincy ??? Where is the striker ????? Centre mid ????
    Am I the only to think Nico is the same Pinaar ? Oh lord is it back to square 1… I am in total panic… 1 hr left !!! (is there an extension for the clueless?)

  37. One player is not going to take us to the next level. The stadium will. There are too many teams competing for top 4 that only a couple can guarantee getting there each season – so we couldn’t rely on that to build on. Yes the stadium will take time, but for now we need to make the best of what we’ve got. We are still progressing – just not at as fast a rate as some here would like. YES, a replacement for Keane would have been ideal, but it is not to be. Harry is right about Newcastle though, that they are pretending that they did not want to sell Carroll by making him hand in transfer request, and also spreading the lie that Spurs bid 23m – we should sue them for that. It could affect future deals. However it worked for them as they managed to get 35m+. They wanted to sell him all the long.

  38. Glad Everton have rejected latest bid. I hope we leave that one now.

  39. That’s it I’m sick to death of Harry fucking redknapp if he seriously can’t see what’s wrong when every other spurs fan can its time for him to go! If we don’t sign anyone its a missed opportunity, Liverpool will catch us, chelsea will push on, all bought what they need. We have needed a a striker for two years now and still nothing has Been done! I’m suprised levy has let it get this bad! Surely we can’t pass this opportunaty up! Get a fucking striker!! I hope we fans vent our anger at harry and the board should we not get a striker and for leaving it too late in the window, ii for one will be!

    • My god mate, you haven’t got a scooby.

      • What’s the point of having a manager that’s does nt recognise our weaknesses?! 1- playing crouch upfront and a season of 4-4-1-1 is not working yet he persists with it. Yet when we play 4-4-2 it suits our players and we play better. He continues to use error prone players like hutton when corluka or kaboul are the better options. His signings have been proper wank since he has been in charge barring vdv who levy got. He has not bought the players we need to progress nor has he spotted our failings that eveyone else can see. He steadied the ship, did the hardwork got us champions league then is messing it all up by not building on it. I don’t know about you but I want to push on, not finish 5th and have our best players leave for regular top 4 clubs. If we don’t sign a striker its opportunity gone as this was our time to offer CL to bigger players. Instead we are left with 3 strikers who have who have scored 6 goals between them who are simply not good enough! This I blame redknapp for!

  40. I don’t care if we don’t sign a striker. Just give Pav a long run in the team, and Crouch a fucking long one out of the team!

  41. The big worry for me has been mentioned before about players leaving. Now they have tasted CL footy (some already before spurs) they wont take Europa league. The likes of Bale, Modric, VDV, wont hang about if u have clubs like Barca, Inter sniffing about with big wages too. The prem is still by far the best league but without CL they won’t sit about. I really hope they do but only time will tell.

    Just think with one big name striker it would have shown those 3 in particular that we really are a force and also might have given Defoe,Crouch a kick up arse (cannot put Pav in that bracket cos he don’t get a game) To be honest i was still hoping that Torres might have prayedlike Pienaar did and decided to come to us rather than Chelski.

  42. I’m not taking the piss, if we weren’t buying a striker in why did we get rid of robbie, clearly defoe and crouch aren’t scoring why didn’t we give robbie or pav a go?

    • Makes sense but Harry talks shit!! Keane and Defoe don`t get on and there will only be one winner. bent was sold for the same reason to make Defoe`s life easier. Harry Out and take you comedy act little and large with you!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. If we dont get a striker 4th is gone, we cant compete with Chelsea anymore if they have Torres and Drogba.

    Which will mean Bale will leave and Modric will too.

    This is the beginning of the decline our chance has gone how can any team be taken serious when we have Crouch as our first choice striker, we will regret not getting a striker badly, Redknapp wont care he will be off to England saying I got spurs into the champions league, the prick would be happy with Parker and Neville

  44. English football is full of collusion. Shame on Spurs for upsetting the pre-ordained order of things now being punished for it. If Spurs fall out of Europe places, everyone is for sale and the club in the shitter.

    i know harry hates us as supporters but cant make out why ,but i got to admit that beats the biscuiot he is a first class PRICK!!!!!

  46. Agree with the guvnor…..confident of Rossi

  47. no interest in players like Mario Gomez, Miroslav Klose, Oscar Cardozo. All under 30m all good goalscorers. We needed a striker. Pav needs 9 months on the bench to find form, JD will hit 5 in a game and not score for the rest of the season, crouch assists vdv but scores none. Too reliant on bale/vdv. come on harry. just one signing before the deadline!

  48. is it all harrys fault?????? i cant belive the 2 players we’ve been linked with all month end up at liverpool and we end up with nothing. i cant see anything happening now we are gonna struggle for 4th as chelsea and liverpool have done great business, they can see they need to strengthen and done it, we do nothing and probabley end up 6th.
    every other team seem to have offers accepted and everthing we do gets rejected..seems funny to me

  49. Neville is a sensible move, versatile,experienced,strong tackler, you wont find a more sensible or greater value alternative..a striker was s must of no one signs as a late deal, i will be disappointed.

  50. Time to get real. Crouch, Defoe and Pav all out of form. VDV’s honeymoon period looks to be over. Cutting edge seems a little faded with Bale out. No strikers coming in!!!!!!
    R we ready for disappointment and collapse.

    I bloody hope not. I say give GIO a good go in the first team. Get Kranjar playing with his mate Modric. Stick with Pav or Crouch with Gio and have VDV in a free roll behind. Defoe to come off bench. Gio was fantastic in the World Cup and needs to show class for Spurs.
    COYS. Freshen up our attack with GIO. He could be our hero in CL final at Wembley!!!!!!!!!!

  51. gio has gone on loan to spain, I would have taken oba martins on loan, just to offer something different

  52. No sensible player is gona come to your tinpot club you bunch of cunts.

  53. Rossi, still possible???

  54. I don’t believe anyone is coming but I would absolutely love to be suprised

  55. Charlie Adam???

  56. Spurs have made a bid for Adams!!!!!!

  57. rubbish

  58. I dont understand why Keane and Dos Santos would be allowed to go if we did not have replacements lined up?

  59. i think redknapps gunna sign andy gray on a free signing dont worry

  60. No deals made today.

  61. So thats it our chances of top 4 over we will not finish top 7 now and then its goodbye to Modric and Bale. Glad we didnt get Adam why do we leave it so late. Have a look at the other top teams striker options compared to ours it is pathetic. Redknapp will f**c off to England at the end of the season shouting how well he has done and that it wasnt his fault how low we finishedhe really is beginning to annoy me

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