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Feb 012011

Why oh why couldn’t there be just ONE crumb of comfort after being thrashed by a sharp Fulham team in the FA Cup, having Dawson suspended, having Bale out with a back injury and getting ever closer to moving away from North London!!?? It would’ve cheered me up at least a little bit if Levy pulled his finger out [of his ear] and tried to solve the problem of ‘our current strikeforce have scored sweet FA’.

The FA Cup becoming a FUC-Kup wasn’t a result of a lack of striking prowess, but mainly because we never got a chance! Fulham unleashed wave after wave of attack without reply, despite Spurs’ attacking formation also being present.

The result signified what was wrong with this club at this moment. It reflected us being absent from pretty much every important thing we needed to do to move forward as a team and club. The strikers were absent so we needed a striker!

Usually Levy pulls something out of the bag at the last minute, but this month, he’s screwed up, further trying my patience. The stadium bid was painful enough without losing the FA Cup in the most humiliating fashion and not getting the striker we need.

With a complete obliviousness to Luis Suarez being ripe and ready to move from Ajax, Harry’s fetish for creative midfielders and two half-arsed attempts to appeal to the likes of Diego Forlan and Giuseppe Rossi, our hopes of any further success this season have been ruined beyond repair. The gravy train has left us behind and the blame has to be distributed proportionally.

Neither Redknapp or Levy should be immune from criticism and certainly on this occasion, they are not. They were lazy this time round. Levy was too engrossed in thoughts about the Olympic Stadium, probably more intensely than SebCoe at times, while Harry continued to be blind to the fact that Crouch is terrible at playing centrally. Then, to cap it all off, at 11pm, when Sky Sports revealed that Harry had finally done something, it turned out to be the player we’d all been waiting for to sign for Spurs…..Blackpool’s…..Charlie Adam!!! ANOTHER F*CKING MIDFIELDER!

Absolutely ridiculous. We need a striker to progress but get sod all.

I’ve defended Crouch to the hilt owing to his rather nifty footwork, but I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t lead anywhere in terms of goalscoring. He relies too heavily on service from Bale and Lennon on the wings but not enough in the centre, which reduces more centrally-played attacking options and chokes the life out of our famous attacking edge. Something which Berbatov and Kanoute maintained in their great spells here and something which every fan misses in some capacity, whether or not they think Berbatov was a ‘traitor’ for jumping ship to United.

Forlan, Rossi or Suarez have the finishing ability to capitalise on service from the wings as well as central play involving Palacios/Huddlestone, Modric and Van der Vaart. How one of the finest managers in the game can’t see that this prong of attack is missing is beyond me!! It’s no wonder every fan thinks they can do the job better, because managers sometimes give them a reason to!

My conclusion is that Crouch should’ve been sold as makeweight towards a new striker; Pienaar shouldn’t have been signed; Levy shouldn’t have got sidetracked so much by something so far ahead like a pending OPLC decision; Spurs should’ve signed a better physio and Defoe and Pav should’ve watched that Jimmy Greaves DVD together with Russian subtitles!

Same time next season people. Let’s enjoy the Champions League while it lasts as it won’t last long if our squad revolves around wingers. There’s nothing wrong with being defeatist if there’s some clout to such a prediction, so I won’t give counter-arguments a response. Agree to disagree. But we can all agree that big opportunities have now been missed.

  50 Responses to “Transfer Deadline – The Year Ends in One…..Weekend!.”

  1. Agree with pretty much every word dave 🙁

  2. I live in hope again, I’m over the transfer window, our strikers will get better soon, lets face it they can’t possible perform worse.

    • I’m surprised that even being trained by Sir Les Ferdinand isn’t enough to get through to them.
      You gotta ask yourself two things:

      1) Are the strikers actually listening to him?
      2) What the hell is he teaching them?

  3. Think you summed up what every Spurs fan is feeling when they woke up today, deflated and let down.

    We should be identifing our main targets and sign them early in the window like we did with Modric not all this wait til the last minute and hope we get offered something. The VDV type deals do not happen all the time it is just a bit of luck when they come off.
    What gets me is how the hell did Liverpool manage to sign both our targets in Carroll and Suarez when they are mid table and not even in the Champion League, always being told we cant sign top players because we are not in the Champs League, what a load of Bollocks that appears to be even when we are in it we cant. I am so Pissed off i cant tell you.

  4. Missed opportunity too gutted tosay much else.

  5. I know quite a few spurs fans have loyalty to Harry b/c we got champs lge football under him, but the reality is that our success is almost all down to the quality of our squad…If we were in a relegation battle, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Harry, but for a team that has the quality in the side to challenge for real trophies, Harry just doesn’t have a clue. In reality Harry is absolutely clueless tactically, has no idea how to use a substitution, has no rotation policy leading to unsettled players, and injuries to our key men, I’m convinced he’s trying to get Bale a long term injury. But, most egregious of all he picks his side based on personal relationships he has with players, no other sane manager would play Crouch as much as he has. He makes certain players undroppable, Defoe who is not much more than an average striker is undroppable while Pav our only proven goal scorer this season can’t get a game, it’s really disgusting. And it’s not just Defoe, Lennon is also another undroppable and although he’s playing great right now, at the tail end of last season and the beginning of this season he was well off form, but he didn’t ever have to fight for his place. He’s also not some messiah in the transfer window, signing the awful Crouch and Keane, now we’re always linked to his average former players, and we’re just building up a team of fringe players it truly doesn’t make sense…we signed Pienaar a player we don’t need, and are linked with players like Neville, Adam, Parker, unless you’re trying to build a mid table club why would those players push us to the next level…If we don’t want to see a mass exodus of our star players like Bale and Modric we desperately need to change managers…And the most annoying thing is when people say look at where we were when he took over fighting relegation, everyone with half a brain knows that was a false position, and due to having a complete clown in Ramos as coach, we were on the brink with Jol and his squad has nothing on our current squad…Believe me if we didn’t have Levy, Harry would be completely wrecking this club, like he’s done in basically all of his previous stops…Redknapp actually thinks that he should be praised by Portsmouth when he ruined that club, it’s pathetic…HARRY REDKNAPP MUST BE SACKED. END OF…COYS!

    • You’re pathetic!

      • And you apparently are completely clueless when it comes to football.

        • And whilst I’m on it you’re a complete cock as well. Our success is nothing to do with Harry you say but almost all down to the quality of our squad – 1) You’re an arse. You’re convinced he’s trying to get Bale injured – 2) You’re a wanker too. We don’t need fans like you – just piss off and keep your pathetic comments to yourself!

          • all the points I made and you make 2 fucking idiotic responses, calling me an arse and a wanker…b/c you don’t have a footballing brain, or a brain in general…and don’t ever fucking tell me to stop supporting my team, YOU CAN FUCK OFF! I will always support the team and I will also always voice my opinion…FUCK YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

            • You don’t support the team in my opinion. You’re one of the fickle fans who’ll love Harry one minute and then slag him off the next. You’re the one who can FUCK OFF!

              • Steve stick to Dominoes you have no idea about football. Agree with everything Alex says. Come back in March and you will be proved wrong. Bale will play no more than 10 odd games and yes Harry has fcked him up. He should never have been rushed back and left on when he was clearly injured. I know I have played to semi pro level and suffered back injuries. Take your fcking blinkers off!! Harry inherited a top squad the 5th best in the league. Harry motivated the team but he is seriousley limited. and his favourites will take him down. Harry out in the summer!

                • Jesus! Well I played pro football for Spurs so I think I know what I’m talking about. Supported Spurs as a boy and then my boyhood dream came true when I signed professional terms. Tuly you’re an idiot too. I know Harry well and he is a top top bloke who knows how to organise and motivate a team. He is also quality in the transfer market and can spot a player. Tuly, are you still in the game where your advice is obviously invaluable to the sport? Thought not!

    • I can’t believe you are all writing our season off based on the fact we didnt sign a “big name” striker. The fact is, we got champions league football last year with the same squad (minus VDV). Crouch has set up 7 of VDV’s goals this season so this is why he plays him instead of Pav. Pav when given chance in league has performed badly and does not work hard so it his own fault… anyone who knows anything about football can see this.
      These sorts of post make me so angry as you are all becoming the spurs fans we have all been receiving so much negative press for over the years, a bunch of moaners. We are 5th in the league, in the champions league knock-out faze after smashing Inter (current champions) and still have half a season left. It was only last year we were all saying how we had best forward line ups in the league. So get over it guys, stop being so fickle and look forward to the second half of the season. To ask for Harry to be sacked is utter nonsense.
      oh, and to say Keane is awful when he has barely been given a start this year and for at least 3 seasons in a row has consitantly scored over or close to 20 goals is stupidly naive and incorrect.

  6. Pissing about for the 1st 2 weeks of the window with beckham
    Pissed about with that fucking stratford place for the rest of the window
    Is it just me or is Redknapp already talking like the next England Guvnor
    Always on talksport & SSN with comments about other clubs and there players!!!!!
    If its true then he should fuck off now


  7. Clearly Les Ferdinand’s coaching skills are non existent, never rated him as a striker for us anyway, saw him get three one on one chances in the Carling cup final against Blackburn and he missed every one of them, which is clearly what he is teaching Crouch and Defoe.

    • Maybe it`s Defoe’s and Crouch`s shooting skills that are none existent!! Infact they are!! Why do they need coaching on how to finish and move off the ball when they are pro footballer and internationals and not some 16 year old kid just breaking through. STOP MAKING FCKING EXCUSES FOR OUR SHOWER OF SHI T STRIKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. And also it’s pretty obvious to me at least that we’re playing with the wrong formation for the PL, 4-4-1-1 works well in Europe, but for the PL it’s plain to see that we should be playing two up front…Pav and Defoe proved they have a good partnership, and neither one of the them are suited to be a lone striker and Crouch isn’t suited for playing football period.

  9. Fuck i am pissed off

    • See I went with the long rambling post, but this probably better sums up how we all feel.

      • Guys why are you pissed off? Would you actually want Andy Carrol for £35m?
        We are having a good season- we have lost just twice in our last 16 games! We are the underdogs now, the media will all concentrate on Liverpool and we will just do our stuff…and finish 4th like last season- the players we have now got us 4th- why can they not do it again? We just need to go back to 442- the last time we did- was against Blackburn and we scored 4 goals, Bale needs to go back to left back, v.d.v/Krancjar/Piennar need to play on the left so they give Bale space to run into and take the left back with them, you cant double up on both Bale and VDV can you? Pav and Defoe at the lane and Defoe and Crouch away! We can still do this guys! Im just so happy that we were not idiotic enough to go and panic buy Carrol and anyone else. We needed Charlie Adam becasue Jenas and Palacios are not doing a very good job in Huddlestone absence which is why Harry wanted to buy him! Last year was the same- Media concentrated on Man City and their spending- forgot about spurs and only started to talk about us when we beat them at Eastlands…trust me its going to happen again! Guys Believe! COYS!

        • So would you not have been happy if we ‘panic-bought’ Suarez then!?
          We need a striker and we did not need Charlie Adam.
          I would want Andy Carroll for £35m. We appeared to have had the money when we bid £38.5m for Kun Aguero!

  10. Also agree with most of that. We fecked up. If i am honest, i do not think Harry was even in for a striker, as long as Harry is in charge Peter Crouch, and Jermaine Defoe are his men. Pavlyuchenko despite being a better all round striker then Defoe, will be on his way in the summer. And any replacement, will be as a back-up capacity to the triffic, triffic, Crouch and Defoe.

    • Crouch now should leave, we’re not the right team for him to be honest.
      We used to play centrally when Berbatov and Kanoute were here and Keane was….Keane.
      Modric, Pienaar and VDV would have made such a dynamic force if they were playing behind those strikers in those seasons.

      But right now, Pav should be the first choice striker. Which other team willingly leaves their no.9 on the bench anyway!?

  11. we just didnt act quick or decisive enough in this window , definitely a striker was the priority , but Piennar is still a good buy at £2.5m i reckon , anyway whats done is done , no point in crying over it .. onwards and upwards COYS

  12. by the way , apparently we have a defensive crisis again ? … what the FK did we buy Khumalo for ? surely he can do a job , world class player .. no ??

  13. I agree with all your comments,get rid of both of them.I have been a Spurs supporter for 64 years and have never been so fed up.I am going back to my local team,at least they are genuine.

  14. would you really want us to spend 30 mil plus on someone like carroll who is clearly worth no more than 15 mil after just 6 months in the prem, we could not get close to any top striker from abroad due to 1, their clubs understandably not wanting to sell them halfway through the season ( would u really wanna sell bale or mod for eg now? i dont think so.) 2. even if we did manage to convince said club would the player want to come to us? (were not a top 4 club yet by any means!) and 3. even if 1 and 2 are ok we can not match there wages, levy is not gonna risk the stability of the club by paying someone near on 100 grand a week and rightly so until we are in a bigger stadium and can afford it. now im not saying we dont need a new striker cos we def do but you have to look at the bigger picture and understand if we just cant get them then we cant get them. we just gotta pray to god that crouch def or pav start scoring and city or ars start to drop points only then will we be close to top 4 and hopefully we can find the new drogba/torres in the summer thx for listening hope i made some sense.

  15. Yeh I am angry neville and adam wtf, I think give Pav a run he is the only one who I feel has enough ability to do the job required.
    We have waited soo many years to be a champions league club so that we can sign and spend like the big boys and since we have got there we have spent hardly anything…..4m for Kaboul, Nowt for Gallas, 3m for Pienaar, 8m for VDV….15 million………..I admire Liverpool they have taken a punt on Carroll and paid what ever he took which as a fan is what you want to see…not reckless like Leeds but every soo often just splash out. Coz lets face it we aint losing money when transfer money is spent are we!
    We have truely been left behind though we need 1 of the strikers to come good, Coz Torres and Drogba….Suarez and Carroll is menacing and if they hit it off could power ahead of us.


  16. Think we can safely say this week has sounded the death knell on any hopes we may have had about continuing our champions league adventures, we are left to enjoy this seasons solitary expedtition, although I can’t see this continuing past AC Milan either as I’m sure every Spurs fan can see we simply aren’t strong enough in defence or attack. I totaly agree Levi and Redknapp have royally FCuked up in both this, and the previous transfer window, we all knew back in the summer we NEEDED a real striker just like we all knew we had too many midfield players, yet we buy piennar, and bid for adams and neville??? and then we leave Suarez and Carrol for liverfool??? now im not saying we should have paid the £35Million for Carrol but £23Million for Suarez is a bargain,, He would have definately imrpoved us. I can see the wages scapegoat being raised again by Redknapp and I wonder whether this is Levis’ grand plan to prove “how much we need to move” , I certainly hope this isn’t the case because our failure to attract ANY decent forward to our great club is going to hurt us all both this season and next, as I just can’t see us finishing top 4 …So no Champions league next year and then we have even less chance of attracting anyone decent in the summer…. and so on and so on. This has to go down as a MASSIVE mistake by Levi, this year was our best chance of returning to our rightful place at the top table of english and european football, and quite frankly we have blown it, yes our champions league exploits have been fantastic, but now we know they will be a one-off and I, for one, am bitterly disappointed.

  17. yes suarez would have been an improvement on def but would still not work with van the man and he would not have chosen us over liverpool anyway… sad but true!

  18. Now I understand people getting upset after Sunday’s shambolic performance and I know we need a new striker to hopefully replace Crouch but come on – HR has done fantastic for Spurs. We have lost once in 12 league outings – Some of you really need to get a grip!

  19. think some people are getting carried away you either have midfielders that create chances or takes them and it ‘s about getting that balance right,you need players that will make chances for other players our midfielders seem to have a shoot on sight thing about them instead of laying the ball off to someone in a better position, thats ok when your winning we need to be able to control the centre of the park and truth is sometimes our midfield go missing so you need players that not only know their job but can do their job and then pav and jermain and twizzle will hopefully start finding the back of the net which is what everyone wants .when we have the ball modders and co look really good when we don’t have the ball we look like no one knows what to do about it no passion or thought of what to do teams are only as good as you let them play and with the ability that our players have they should be able to keep the bloody ball as well ! It’s a team game and certain players need to rember that cut out the flashy stuff and play the simple ball instead!

  20. Agreed steve, to a point. Redknapp did an excellent job getting us to 4th last year, Our squad is pretty good and our form over the last 12 games is good, yet we got trashed by the arse in the mickey Mouse cup, trashed by emptyham in the FA, we aint gonna beat AC (no matter how much I wish we could) and we aint gonna come top 4 because, unlike our rivals, we have failed to improve our squad. don’t want to be defeatist but this season promised sooo much and now we can all see it fading away…on second thoughts, lol just ignore me , im tired, emotional and pissed off – just wish we’d signed a striker who can score…

  21. finally some sense from the last 2 posts 🙂

  22. Im not interested in maybes and nearly signed them’s. The position is we havent signed anyone that can make a difference to the rest of our CL and League campaign. Was there nobody good enough to sign or has Levy told Harry we arent spending any big money until a new manager is appointed next season!!!!????

  23. chill the f*ck out, we were relegation fodder this time 2 years ago. we now have one of the strongest squad’s in the prem, we’re still in with a good shout of 4th (or top if you’re ultra optimistic) and progressing the champs league. the striker market went completely off its head this month; £35m for someone with bags of POTENTIAL, proven only for 4 months – that just aint right and would be a monuMENTAL gamble.

    the glass is still half full, have faith.

    • We were never relegation fodder!! You don`t get relegated after 8 games. We were in a false position even Sandra could of got us top 6. Harry motivated the team and we got 4th because pool were piss poor and City were in transition. Not going to happen now. 6th 8th is my predictions. And the majority of fans will be calling for Harry`s head by the summer.

  24. Pretty much agree with everyone here! Badly needed a striker and we failed miserably, yet as a sign of
    desperation we tried to sign Neville and Charlie Adam. I believe Levy nad Redknapp have now given up on the chase for a top 4 spot after seeing Chelski cenment their place last night. I also believe now that Pienaar was signed as a replacement for Bale who will now leave at the end of the season foe a hefty fee. The attempt to sign Adam who is clearly not needed suggests to me that it was an attempt to sign Modic replacement as well……….why else did we sign/or try to sign these midfielders!?
    Makes no sense at all and im now very depressed!

  25. Coxie i was mad too especially when we never signed Samba we needed a big Centre Half because Gomes has lost it big time and Cudicini suffers from Moter bike wrists any thing from distance his wrists collapse. We could have signed him because this i believe without injury’s we would be in good shape and our strikers cant attack f our midfield are covering a shaky back line. Harry has thrown all our fringe Players overboard and our prospects who have now past there teenage years and now Harry is working on our other prospects with our reserve team Orient. We have to take our Spurs shirts of and look at this from Leveys point of view we could have panicked and bought strikers in and hope they hit the ground running and still miss out to Chelsea or Man City they have there man in the FA now to look after there backs so they will be guaranteed a spot Chelsea have gambled on Torres . We cant buy players who when our players are all fit would be sat expensively on the bench . This is what we should do get Walker back get Townsend back and Caulker these should be on our bench and while Bales out Townsend should cover i will bet any fan that our strikers start scoring if Harry plays 442 and we get Hudds back or our Midfield starts playing closer together because without Huddlestone to spray the ball all over the pitch Modric and Lennon Van play to far apart and then risk a long pass that gets cut out easy Adams even though he is not fashionable for some of our fans would have covered for Tom till he came back Crouch and Defoe will be back like i say if Harry stops messing with 4411 or we could plummett backwards and end up in the drug fight at the bottom half instead of the drug battle to get in the top four because the team that started me on my drug rant have just bought one of our targets for a stupid ammont of money and he could end up in Jail for fighting bin dipperrs in Blue shirts haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagreat

  26. Disappointed is not the word:

    So we may finish 5th (at best) but a resurgent L’pool may beat us to that berth
    Summer comes and we WILL lose Bale and Modric (at a minimum): Therefore we will need to rebuild by attracting players who don’t mind not playing Champions League (e.g. Robbie Keane buy back clause !!).
    Meanwhile Citeh, Gooners etc invest heavily.

    We will be left behind for another decade: no new stadium, no Champion’s League, mid-table mediocrity beckons again.
    So maybe we need: Mourinho in, A small Gulf state to buy us and to pray hard that Pav and Defoe remember which direction the opposition net is in!

  27. Give over, Daniel Levy worked his socks off to find a striker for us, even offered £38 million for Aquero but he decided to stay at his club. Also tried to get Forlan and Rossi but wasn’t able to in time. He works really hard for Tottenham but it’s Harry that gets the plaudits when it goes right. I am disappointed too that no-one came in this window, lets hope the summer brings a top notch striker for us because for all his talk Defoe is rubbish.

  28. joellen
    Let’s also hope that Harry’s and Levy’s failure to strengthen in this window will not lead to a mini-mass exodus come the summer cos i really cant see Bale or Modric staying only to play in Europe’s mickey mouse cup. Why else did we sign Pienaar and try to sign Adams!? We are already trying to sign replacements for our very best players which depresses more now and all this cos Harry loves Defoe and Crouch who cant hit a barn door. No top striker means no Champions League football next season, which means goodbye Bale and Modric…….dont know about you but im absolutelty gutted!!

  29. In the last 15 min of the window I would of settled for Heskey! So bitter! Anyways top 4 was fun while it lasted. Back to Uefa Cup if where lucky!

  30. why do we bother signing anyone in the first place ?..

  31. Pav hates the physicality of the Prem,is 6 foot odd and never beats the centre backs in the air.He has no stomach for a battle,and can’t play 90 minutes.He remains a good one-touch finisher,but can;t hold the ball up,and moves break down.
    A name that’s good to sing isn’t a reason to excuse his shortcomings Im affraid.

    • You forgot when he beat Vidic and Rio against Man u?? Don`t talk sh it. he maybe slow and short on stamina at times but he is our best finisher and the best header of the ball of any off our strikers. Some folk have no idea!

  32. The one good thing to come out of all this is the ‘fair weather’ fans will now fuck off back to whence they came. 😉

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