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Dec 152013

Just putting it out there, Twitter rumours are rife tonight that AVB is sacked by Spurs after our embarrassing defeat at home to Liverpool.

Nothing official and it might not even be true but French Media Beingsport are claiming that Daniel Levy has sacked AVB following a string of unimpressive performances and a few horrific results along the way.

There could be some truth or there could not, time will tell but after the game today my mate said to be  “I bet you he’s gone by tonight” I found it hard to argue. The Lane has lost its passion this season and it’s largely down to the negative football we are having to witness with 3 defensive midfielders on the pitch at once.

AVB sacked? don’t bet against it…

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  111 Responses to “Twitter Rumours Rife – AVB Sacked”

  1. AVB OUT OUT OUT – HE’s worse than Ramos, Santini and Gross put together …. no more, please no more of this tard. 3 Nil to West Ham, 6 -0 to City and now worst of all 0-5 to a muck bindipper team. AVB IS A CNUT>> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FCUK OFF BACK TO PORTO

  2. There’s still time for a fresh manager to rescue this season, AVB looked clueless at the end, getting beat by a good team is hard to take but getting thrashed by Liverpool without Sturridge and Gerrard is ridiculous.

  3. What sort of idiot comes on here making personal hatred comments like that

    ffs, AVB is a human being capable of making mistakes, like we all do. And fair enough some of us agree that we have went massively backwards in the last few months, but we do not make things personal! It’s crazy.

    I personally think he is gone, even before the Spammers game , and that Luis Enrique will be the eventual replacement, but lets be decent fans, and not hate filled!

  4. Statistics say that he has the second best win % in our history and the best for 100 years so he can’t be that bad, We will never do anything because we never let a manager build something over a few years. Wrong move to sack him now.

  5. I’m a Arsenal assassin and I’ve tried to ruin chelsea, I’m ruining spurs, Daniel won’t sack me yet.

  6. don’t you have a badminton game to get to in your pryus ya politically correct nerd? this is a football blog… now piss off & jog on.

  7. We’re in December sold an IPhone and bought a set of Motorolas the guy thinks he’s mourinho can’t be that negative when what has got us back near the top is playing the ball around with pace and quick thinking on the ball not to just watch backwards sideways football and get spanked when we play teams in and around us won’t surprised to wake up in the morning to see he out the door levy looks like he is readying a bullet don’t blame him two hammerings in the space of a month is shocking chiriches is the only new signing who has impressed me so far paulihno and soldado are piss poor could have got cabaye and remy for 30 mil yet we buy players who can’t hack the prem pay 30mil for a guy and you don’t play him loool

  8. Would you really have AVB in charge of more spending in January? Outside of his initial formation he has no initiative. I can’t see Levy opening up his wallet to give him money to buy more players who can’t gel or score goals. His time has passed. And he should take a few players with him.

  9. AVB plays to a formula and does not seem to understand how to find a system that fits the players he has. Even Harry managed to find a system to make van did Faart fit Into the the spurs team and sacrificed his favoured 442. AvB looked like a rabbit caught in the lights following the match. He looked clueless. Sacking him would put him out of his misery. Hopefully Hoddle can turn it around as a caretaker manager. Maybe we can get Klinnsman after the world up
    Pls no manager without premier league experience.

  10. Who ever is saying don’t sack him you are even more delusional than avb himself he has practically ruined us and we are a laughing stock a100 million laughing stock he has got to go and that’s that he’s had time he’s had money and most of all he’s had the faith of the fans time he went

  11. Des TB quote: ” but we do not make things personal! It’s crazy.

    I personally think he is gone”

    LOL – guess you made it personal there… you’re as big a dick as AVB.

  12. Unfortunately Klinsmann has just singed a new deal with the USA.

  13. Are u fakin mad you must be smoking the same shit he is

  14. @Danny

  15. I’m smokin white widow… it’s easing the pain of AVB’s torture. I hope to Jaysus these twitter rumours are true and he’s gone..

  16. …one more game with him in charge and I might hit the Craic… sorry Crack.

  17. Can everyone now see that it was bale who got us everywhere last season if we hadn’t of had him we would of been bottom 6 avb has no clue yes maybe with a foreign team but when in London that counts for fak all

  18. davo.. we still have a top squad, the bale money was reinvested well just we have a muppet manager who’s never kicked a ball in his life as manager.. if we bring in anyone, even hoddle, hiddink or harry again we’d rocket up the table. AVB has to go, it’s killing my 72 year old uncle who’s been a fan since 1951, we used to lose 5-4 he tells me, now we lose 5 – 0!!

  19. We played more attractive football under Arry, and although he made some complete phuk ups, at least we didnt ship 11 goals in 2 fakkin games as far as I can remember!! This bunch dont have a fakkin clue what to do, and Levy should be out of the door along with AVB!! Levy is an accountant, and knows fuk all about football or players, or transfer dealing!! Im sick of getting the piss taken out of me every day. AVB is out of his depth in the EPL, and what top class player is going to want to join Spurs after this fukkin nonsense team cant even get a shot on target for a whole fukkin game? Utter garbage and totally ludicrous position to be in after 16 games!!!

  20. Three Liverpool commentators panel on the Sky Sports tv channel for the Tottenham v Liverpool game. Graeme Souness, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carrager, No Bias there then!!! BUT plenty smiling faces as they waffled on about Spurs style of play etc, SO when we must expect Glenn Hoddle, Ledley King and Michael Dawson when we play at Liverpool. — NO CHANCE the MEDIA have it in for Spurs and their Manager!!.

  21. I’ve been a spurs fan for 45 years . We all know it takes
    Time for players to gell but the players avb as bought are
    All international and should fit together at some stage
    But when I’ve not seen a worse tottenham team since the days of Christian gross

    I know it takes time but he as to go

  22. He;s got a record like that ‘cos he plays strong teams in the Europa Cup. Look at the payers he used against a bottom of the Russian league Anzhi and a relegated Tromso. He has padded his results with these kind of wins. Lets not forget his record this season has three 1-0 wins with dodgy penalties, and 94th minute winner against Cardiff. Add to those the completely undeserved wins at Fulham and Sunderland and AVB should be fighting relegation with the tactics he’s used this season. The man is a JOKE!!!!

  23. What I ment was we would of been playing the same as we are now except bale had the freedom to do what he wanted and was a crack at last minute free kicks we have the tools yes I agree but avb does not know how to use them so he must go he absolutely looked like he was shitting it when he walked into the tunnel at the end today but please please we can’t have hoddle surely to god

  24. We’re going backwards at a rate of knots. AVB is a great great guy but he is seriously out of his depth as a PL manager and the Chelski disaster was no fluke. But Levy should go with him for Levy gambled with our great club to employ a recent PL failure. His hatred of the best manager we’ve had in recent years (and sod win stats because 4th,5th and 4th in 3 seasons plus a UCL quarter final trump stats) clouded his judgement big time and cost us the big time we’d actually achieved under Harry and working on a tight budget too, and without the Bale of last season. Bring back Harry if he’ll come and lose avb and Levy.
    There’s still time to rescue the situation or the alternative is a mass exodus of our good players and a steady decline to the level of Villa.

  25. The only stat that actually counts is what we achieved under Harry without the Bale of last season and without over £100 million spent on it; 4th, 5th and 4th in 3 seasons with a Champions League quarter final in the middle year. Do you think avb’s Spurs could do that?
    Go to specsavers and have another look at the way we “play” now despite avb having a massive squad to call on that Harry could only ever dream of..

  26. In the Summer window we brought in 7 seasoned International Players, with Kaboul and Sandro returning it genuinely looked like the season to challenge with Top 4 as our lowest expectation. The reality is that nothing has clicked, the football is slow, predictable and boring, it’s like 11 strangers out there with blindfolds on and they can’t even shout for a pass as they all speak different languages.
    That game against Newcastle, the Crowd, the Chants, 5-0, there’s only one Harry Redknapp, there’s only one Louis Saha……them were the days, something to tell the Grandchildren.

  27. Can’t believe the amount of short sighted stupid people you get on these sites. Oh yeah let’s sack the Manager again because that obviously is the best tactic. UTD will be successful under Moyes because they will back him and not panic if they have an average year. Spurs have continually sacked managers for years and what good has it done us, we have 3-4 defenders out and had a bloke sent off today, it’s football and it happens. Grow Up show some backbone and support the team. Beat west Ham on Wednesday night and we’re in a semi and we’re still only a few points away from the mix. We reacted well after City so give the Manager and players a chance to do it again.

  28. Shut up u stupid cunt this is a football column and u kno fuck all. The guy makes mistakes every week from team selection to tactics. Naughton was a joke he should of gone off after 10 mins and he leaves him on till were 2-0 down then takes him off to make a defensive change when we have 1 change left might aswell of left him on and made a offensive change. That warrants the sack. The biggest defeat we had in the prem and 3 wks later our biggest home defeat. Y don’t u put a skirt on him and fuck him in the arse and get off the football column some ppl work hard and travel to c this bullshit it’s ok for him he still gets paid good money. #AVB fuck off bk to Porto u CUNT

  29. Get that useless chancer out of my club now !!!!! Not a single shot on target i personally think he has lost the dressing room. It’s either a mutiny or we bought the wrong players. I really hope it’s the former. He has no charisma no drive and most importantly no clue. It seemed like a nice idea at the time I guess but the Chavs seen and did the right thing hopefully we do the same with immediate effect. Surprised at some for asking for Hoddle ?????

  30. Ive been on blogs and radio call ins since first month of the season saying that AVB needs to go!
    This is something that started last year!!! Not just in september! If you take away Bales brilliance last season..we were practically the same as this season!! Lotsof meaningless posession…pedestrian…predictable..too compact.
    We were disgraceful today and its easy to see that the players have given up on AVB and his 1 trick tactic!
    I hope to wake tomorrow to good news that the AVB era is over and we can start to look and move forward again

  31. What has happened to our beloved Spurs? With the exception of Walker our defense looks tired and slow. Naughton should never step foot at the Lane again. What has happened to our ability of the keeper passing the ball quickly out of the area down the wing and take advantage of the fast break opportunities. Instead we take our sweet time with slow passes from the back that typically breakdown because the opposition forces us off the ball. I really think that the new crop of players that were brought in over the Summer are total crap. Poor Siggy can’t get a look in anymore yet he was scoring some goals at the beginning of the season and the entire squad changes so often that every game is like playing with 11 new players. Bring back the passion – sorry AVB you have to go.

  32. Them knees are jerking all over the place. .Who can come in now and do better? Where not in the bottom 3 like when Ramos was in charge.
    I would love if we some how got Jurgen Klopp but I doubt it.
    Did you see the tweet from BAE and Adebayor .The sat there smiling like they would have made a difference but they wouldnt have done shit today.So what was their point?

  33. Where tf are we going?? What have we been reduced to in the same time it’s taken Brendan Rogers to get Liverpool playing like this with Joe {don’t know a ‘pool fan who likes ‘im} Allen and Jordan Henderson, another of the ‘Let’s laugh at Kennys’ crap signings’ brigade. No Gerrard. No Daniel. 5-0 at the fucking Lane. We started shit, and never stopped. Hardly ever playing the right pass, even upon regaining possesion, into space as you do. Not us. Our passes weren’t necessarily to players in space, made harder by the passes being poor, losing even more space. Not much urgency. Not much pace. Couldn’t keep possession. Men over there. Boys over here. On a day we could’ve gone joint 3rd [ I think] we flatter to deceive. Ironic. The one thing we need no help with, AVB has covered. AVB O.U.T. ffs. Hoddle, Hiddink, Di Matteo – anyone would get these players playing better. We’ve a fantastic squad. How much time does AVB need? 18 months and a team of players later and if they’re playing in his image I’m disappointed. Any belief is shot. Tbh I never had it. Never thought he could manage Spurs and despite doing ‘ok’, and making me think I’ll have to eat my words, albeit happily, he’s been sussed. How many times I gotta refresh newsnow before it’s confirmed and I can fuck off peacefully to bed?

  34. Hiddink would be the best bet a great manager with tons of footballing experience not like that nit wit avb he a to go ASAP.

  35. Where are the moderators on this site? You may not agree with someone else’s opinion, but to call someone a “stupid cunt” because you don’t agree with their opinion is just pathetic. It’s worse than pathetic, actually; it’s bigoted and violent, and simply calls forth more aggression. I thought this was a discussion site for adults, not a primary school playground.

    Then again, what can you expect from someone with a username like “Fuck Off AVB”? Never mind; you might evolve into a human being, given a few million years.

  36. 100% been saying it for months dude

  37. So its Tim Sherwood for 3 weeks then Gus Hiddink until the end of the season when he leaves to manage the Dutch National Team, who do we plump for then ?

  38. harry let us down but he achieved more for spurs than any manager since bill nick who the hell will save us this time i started suportng spurs in the late 50 ts when we were a force to be recond with the likes of the manure ment nothing then to us were did it all go

  39. I certainly would not be surprised or saddened. I have always tried to be balanced in my views and today I thought AVB would have to get this tactically right. As I debated over my pint before the game my view was they are a running and passing side. So the midfield will have to press higher up the pitch leaving sandro to patrol and float in front of the back four. The key without 3 quality centre halves was not to keep such a high line and drop that bit deeper giving us more time to react, but the key was the pressing and aggression in the midfield. Well I was almost right but it was the scousers who had read my mind. We were all over the place, no tactical nouse and a team devoid of any leaders. No one seems to know what they are doing. This was an utter humiliation, no shots on target, only 7 goals at the lane and a side clearly clueless as the the system to play, but unable to adapt to cancelling out the opposition. 16 prem games and can anyone now honestly say we are ‘progressing’? Lets get a reality check here. Biggest defeat at home in 16 years, £110m spent, suarez has scored more goals than us and for those stats lovers I could go on. The manner of the defeat shows how low we are at the moment, yes injuries to key players have not helped, but we look a team devoid of any ideas, tactics, heart or fight. I am sorry, but AVB has now lost my belief in him. If we were in Japan the honorable thing would be to fall on his sword, but I will let Levy do that

  40. Glen Hoddle?

  41. Stay on the fukkin topic Staley! After wasting 110 million fukkin quid some supporters are pretty pissed off with this shambles of a management team! The gutless and clueless performances by the team, when we had the chance to get back in the top 4 also has a tendency to fukkin infuriate the dopy fukwits who waste their money going to watch this garbage at Shite Fart Drain. Now I can see why our symbol is a cock on a ball!!! We must be a proper bunch of pricks to put up with this balls up!!!

  42. I was prepared to give ABV a chance, but everything he does is negative, he brought in five mid fielders, one forward and one centre back, he didn’t buy a left back even though Danny Rose is not good enough for the Prem he them sent Assou Ekotto out on loan, even thought he is better than Rose, and then, because Vertongen has been playing mid week and weekends to fill the gaps we now have no centre backs, the bloke’s an idiot, keep playing players out of position against decent sides, it’d no wonder we’re getting thrashed, he has to go and go now, even I could put out a better side than him, it would at least have balance and no inverted wingers

  43. after 10 mins i could see we was in trouble and so should have avb,,,,,,,,,,,,, he has not got a clue who his first eleven is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,soldado needs support up front,,,,,,,,,,,,he then subs dembele when paulinho was utter utter shit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,townsend should have started coz lennon for some reason keeps cutting inside which does nt feed soldado.
    the team looks out of shape ,,unorganised ,,,unbalanced and with a manager who looks out of depth and out of ideas.
    maybe bale did cover up avb lack of lack of tactical awareness………sorry but he has to go.

  44. That defeat 16 years ago was to Chelsea (16/12/1997) with a 1-6 scoreline, at least we scored then.

  45. well don’t read it and fuck off over to harry hotspurs we love AVBs site . Bet you hated Harry and couldn’t wait to get rid of him for this moron, without a clue how to send a team out to beat another team who put up a fight . He has no affinity to the fans so fuck him and you.

  46. Does Baldini go too? Any new manager may want to do his own deals.

  47. my message was to m staney

  48. michael staley… this is football, get used to the language… did u ever go to a match before? if so, did u ask the fans to stop chanting bad language like the referees a wanker? u need to go follow a chess blog, this is football, we are pissed off with the manager, we want to vent, u have no reason to be here, politely, please, fcuk off u weedy little cnut… like AVB LOL both of u, FUCK OFF

  49. Ramon Vega equalised on 44mins after Flo had scored for Chelsea HT 1-1.

  50. stantheman… that fat lazy cunt arry hotspur, don’t get me started!!!

  51. you mean like klinsmann???

  52. Some of the language on this site is a bit OTT, no need to use expletives, we are all disappointed but lets exchange views without showing such a lack of vocabulary like decent chaps.

  53. So let me get this straight you don’t think AVB should be our long term manager then . Do you not rate him and his stylish football that gets us more penalties than we ever got before . Our you sure you want to loose a guy that won a top cup with Porto .

  54. Razspur, if you are offended then you are offended, not me, deal with it. Language is a descriptive tool and the more expressive the language the more the person cares about their arguement. No one has used bad grammar, which to me is more offensive than bad language. As Oscar Wilde said, there’s no such thing as bad language, only good language used badly.

  55. my sincere apology, the comment above by spursmaddave is horrific, what terrible grammar and just after I said no one had lol… Dave, LOSE HAS ONE O… LOOSE, as in, not tight, has 2 O’s.

    **arse***feck** cnut***feck Bollix

  56. Raz,whats with all the sensibleness?

  57. want to fight about it Michael Stanley .Sorry only kidding but some of the things on here at least made me laugh .They are a wee bit close to the edge but then we are all Spurs fans and after a defeat like that we are a wee bit on edge . Thought the best i seen today was how when arsenal get thunped we still manage to go one better and get a worse beating . How true that when we should be laughing we are all crying and mad .

  58. Who did Oscar Wilde play for?

  59. I think Bale made up a large part of that statistic pulling goals out of nowhere last season and getting us 3 points through individual moments of pure brilliance. The cracks are well and truly showing now .

  60. Jim, Oscar Wilde also said “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.”

  61. FW2 are you insinuating that my personality disorder is kicking in again.

  62. As a Spurs fan since 1962, just absolutely disgusted with this current Spurs outfit. We had to beat Liverpool to get level, and the utter poor player selection by AVB is unacceptable.
    Fire him immediately, and bring in Di Mateo who will put some calmness, sense, guile and style back into the team.
    Just has 15cm of snow here, presently minus 12, but still love my Spurs !!

  63. Over 50 years supporting Spurs and I thought that this year we had something special, a team with a chance of performing at the highest level. However I am ashamed of the team and the individual performances – Naughton is good enough for Division 1 at best, Dawson is slow, looks for offside all the time and offers nothing but passion for the badge. Soldado is over rated, slow, ponderous and out of his depth, Pauliniho and Dembele can’t play together, Lamela is £30 million down the toilet and two good, solid players – Huddlestone and Caulker were sold. AVB is without doubt lacking in any tactical awareness, has no plan B and should leave immediately out of respect to other better managers who are out of work – even Steve Clark would be a better option. That aside, I too am disgusted by the vile ignorant foul mouthed rants on this site. Are our fans really so thick and stupid that they are unable to put a sentance together without resorting to such filth? This site should be moderated and the abusive idiots banned for life. Kids read these pages and don’t need to read such filth.

  64. Raz,don’t make Jim angry,you forgot the question mark.I much preferred the swaggering boastful arsy Raz,you and sensible ain’t as entertaining.Come back and wind a few up at HH.

  65. Where on earth did you dig that statistic out from. Do we look like a team with the second best win percentage in a 100 years?

  66. So you only switched to Spurs after they won the Double Gord, another fickle fan.

  67. FW2, sure HH banned me, not worth the bother of using someone else’s ipad and a different username.
    Left out the QM to see if he would respond, then i could quote his own grammatical errors in earlier posts.

  68. as a spurs fan of over 42yrs today was so so disappinting.naughton should never wear our shirt again,dawson ,chadli ,paulinioand dembele are so poor.avb has gotta go ,he looks so lost and out of his depth.who we get in i don`t know but somethings gotta give .lose on weds against west ham and avb is dead meat and hearing him tonight he knows it too.daniel levy over to you again.

  69. Sky have always been Liverpool lovers,they need them near the top of table. Murdoch must be a Liverpool fan,and that isn’t what I pay for sky sports for,to listen to their biased commentary and punditry.

  70. All bans are lifted,mind you he’s throwing a tantrum tonight and has stopped any more comments.

  71. Does anyone know AVB’s win ratio in the league minus all cup competitions, then we can compare to Redknapp who didnt really give a damn about cups for the most part. Also when chelsea sacked AVB they won the fa cup and CL, maybe we might win league cup and Europa by doing the same!

  72. And what experience does klinsman have in the prem?

  73. FW2, problem with HH is that he can’t debate, if you don’t agree you’re banned, he’s always been childish has Matty.
    Slated me for publishing Tips on the Site even though it was he who asked for them in a personal e-mail.

  74. It aint great but what to do?

    Citeh spent 100M when they first got taken over and their team played shit for the first season. Disjointed and nothing like a team. Look at them now!
    Give it time to gel

  75. Bollox!!!!! you cu cu cu cu cu cunt!!!

  76. If this had been a boxing match the management would have thrown in the towel and called time.
    Levy DO IT and DO IT NOW. You saw the look of a defeated man don’t let him get pummelled now – put him out of his misery. He is not able to cope. Give AVB some respect and end it now.

    Capello in ASAP.

  77. I’ve heard this evening that The board have been in contact with reps of Capelli, Hiddink and Hoddle

  78. He has got the playing staff with bundles of talent but AVB neither can organise his squad nor he can motivate them. He has plenty of pace and power but his team is playing at a walking pace. AVB unfortunately the job is beyond hos capabilities.What he achieved at Porto is not the measuree for success in Premiership. Check it for yourself because Porto are unbeaten for over 100 domestic games.So it was not AVB. Its how Portuguese league is. Before we fall 20+ points behind top 4 and out of all cups Levy must act and get rid of this clueless clown. Capello is the only one who can make a massive impact with immediate effect. Avoid Hiddink, he is just a money grabber with a pretty poor league managerial record specially in the last 10-12 years now.

  79. Levy met his match when he bought Lamela. We have done business with James Palotta who part owns Roma. He was quoted as saying that Lamela was worth 15mil max. he got 30mil out of Levy. He was laughing all the way back to New York!!

  80. Hoddle? ?? Didn’t Levy sack him before?

  81. Capelli has never managed a Premiership side!!!! What makes you think he’d be a success managing week in week out Ina league rather than at International level?? The man has little to motivate him- he is wealthy, with a long CV and has an ego four times the size of the bearded genius from Portugal. Why would he be a success ??

  82. I don’t get to go often to the lane,but I got tickets for Wednesday I now feel so pissed off I don’t want to go after seeing this performance against the pool any body in dorset want them?

  83. Gentlemen and Ladies – Some context is required please. We have more points than at this point last season and we are in a rebuilding phase. Seven quality players were brought in at once and they take time to gell. Not great results of late but patience is needed. Remember we also have defensive injuries. Likely new striker in January. Let’s back the team on Weds evening.

  84. fuck Crapello!!!!!!! Get Di Mateo or Zola or Trappatoni or Hiddink or anybody except CRAPELLO!!!! Fuk me you saw the dishonourable way CRAPello walked out on his commitment to the England job didnt you? What makes your dumb ass think he would be any more committed to the Spurs position? Fuckin dimwit, think before you post garbage like that….after all, we saw plenty of Spurs garbage on the pitch against the wheelstealing “Our Kid” bunch didnt we?. And you could say it was Crapello who fukked up our season when Slack Arry thought he was in with a shout for the Engloid job!!! Instead the FA pick Dopey Woy to take us to that shithole in South America next year for some rape and muggings with a few murders thrown in for good measure.

  85. Be careful what you wish for because tomorrow may never know

  86. I have never seen the LANE become so LAME. Management dysfunction is so clear that AVB is not capable to manage talents and lack of professional maturity. I rather save 100mill by having our youth team to fill in the gaps and accept our mid table performance for one year as we grow. We have home grown talents and coaches that understand our culture of EPL and club history; why can’t we emulate this….I am sorry today I salute the gunners for respecting their fans and understanding the club history. We faded behind for commercial reason of trading millions against a loyal supporter that sacrifice their pocket over the year at the lane. Mr Levy , have we forgotten our mission and motto……??

  87. Bale went …big loss we bought well tho! Top class internationals adjusting to a new league takes time. Arsenal bought in 1 quality player into a settled team so quite different to integrating 7 newbies is gonna be harder avb cannot have a settle team cos he has to rotate and keep everyone happy …but without a run of games it’s gonna take twice as long for the new players to get used to the league.! We need to sell Dawson , Naughton simply not good enough Dawson with desperate taxkles out of position and not quick enough to play the highline , get rid of of addy for gods sake , bring Berbatov in for 2.5m to play up front with soldado a la keane , Townsend has to play on the left with Lamela on the right whipping in crosses! Would love to see hoddle again with ginola as assistant and keep in Freud , tottenham through and through and the reason godless failed before was because he had a limited squad, with these technical players we have acquired I think they would thrive under a technical genius as a manager the previous players he managed weren’t skilful enough. Coys!


  89. Sack him now!

  90. Why is no one angry.
    Leavy is the route of all evil.
    Look what he has done at the club.
    Sold berba and got in cambell and pav. Rubbish taking us backward.
    Selling vdv.
    Not sighning suz from ajax saying 22million is to much. He went to liverpool.
    Not paying the money to hget mountino.
    Sacking harry
    Spending over 30mil on manager fees.
    Avb ruined chelsea. They had a better team than us and he was utter rubbish.
    Sacked by chelsea levy thougjt that sounds good hire a manager that couldent manage a better set of players to play. Would yoi have hired him.
    Selling bale and bring in rubbish like chadli hotby dem they are rubbish.
    Then they spend nearpy 30 mil on a player who has spennt his whole carrer in spain. Rather than pay the money for bentkee or even remey who looked great for newcastle.
    The list goes on.
    Joe lewis needs to sack the pairbof them.
    Bale dident cover up the cracks he fioped in a massive casum.
    Every top side we have faced we have lst or drawn. We are sposed to be competing with these teams.
    Snd avb must be the most stupid managet going.
    Lab rats learn faster. That shit formation doesent work. And stop going on about the euafa cup no one cares.
    Avb out laudraup from sswansea in

  91. Bollocks! enough is enough. He’s incapable of making a decision.

  92. I agree. i think AVB shoulfd be given a lifetime contract and ANOTHER HUNDRED MILLION to spend

  93. It’s so tempting after a 0-5 thrashing, to call for the head of our manager. Hell it wasn’t long ago we lost 0-6 as well. And spurs are struggling to score goals and none of our new players appear to do anything for the club.

    YET, still Spurs are only 8 points off 1st place. 2 points above the best club in Britain. AVB’s tactics and stubbornness is frustrating for us all. But we have to respect the fact that he has hulled in more points for us in one season then any other manager since we’ve been in the EPL. He has equaled a club record for most consecutive wins in europa tournament and could well go on to win this.

    It’s difficult, especially right after a bad loss. But he hasn’t been consistently bad enough to earn the sack yet. I hate his tactics with backwards and sideways passing. Its so negative and boring to watch. But it’s a results business and being just 8 points of the top isn’t too bad at this time of the season.

  94. I wish we would get hiddink

  95. Quote: ”Pls no manager without premier league experience.”
    Then you say you want Klinsmann. Errrr,??!??

  96. The way Gareth bale played last year, anyone could have got the highest win percentage. Remember the last few games and Gareth’s solo goals… That was nothing to do with good management… We were still dreadful, we just had someone to Bale us out.

    Why play a high line against Luis Suarez with Dawson at the back and a fill in cb to support. Why play naughton at all, ever! If your left back isn’t up to scratch, why stick chadli in front of him to compound the problem. Why stubbornly stick with 1 up front even when you’re 2-0 down at home?

    Seriously guys, the idiots at the mail were pretty close to the mark… He inherited an incredible strike force that won him three titles. At spurs he inherited bale. But when he doesn’t have a superstar to cling to and it’s down to pure man management, the stats don’t read as well.

    I genuinely feel sorry for lamela and soldado – he is doing very little to help them integrate. I don’t care who actually bought them… You think playing soldado up front on his own with an incredibly defensive midfield is the answer? You think plopping lamela on the bench week in week out is the answer?

    And to support his position by saying how well we have played in Europe? Seriously? Sheriff who exactly?

    Levy needs to do what he loves doing and quickly and that’s make yet another change at the top. But this time, we need premier league experience (I mean why are we shouting for klinsmann, despite him just signing a contract and having an average management record?). It has to be someone with a good track record of supporting our style of play at the bear minimum. Hoddle as caretaker? Why not… At least he knows his way around the club, and he could hardly do worse.

    For the first time in 30 years I actually don’t enjoy going to the lane and it’s all about the style of play. I want my Tottenham back.

  97. Sorry but in the EPL you have limited time, 0-5 to bin dippers is so humiliating that NO manager can survive that. IF Levy does not fire the manager NOW he is a dirty cunt. I don’t actually give a shite who takes over as long as AVB takes his leave. Not only did yesterdays result hurt as a Spurs fan it almost turned me off the sport…that’s how bad it was. Admittedly he did’nt want to sell Bale and we know that things would have been better with him but they have mis-spent badly. I am almost convinced that Levy should fuck right off now, his selection of managers over the years has been totally wank (apart from Harry who at least got us going after years of bollox). H did#nt react to Liverpool’s domination early on yesterday. If Sandro had not been injured he would have persisited and that durprises me. I thought the reason we got AVB was because he had plans B and C DURING games..he does’nt. Bye Bye AVB

  98. Always been an AVB man… I cant defend him but won’t ask for him to be sacked either. I always support the club (players and managers) no matter the situation.

    After all, we are still above United and only 4 points from fourth coming into the Christmas period. I think we wait until we see how he goes until after the Christmas period and if it hasnt improved then we bring a new manager in when the transfer window opens.

  99. You say ‘please no manager without EPL experience’, yet you want Klinsmann after the World Cup? Or possibly a man who has not managed in almost 10 years as a caretaker boss?!
    What are you, 5 years old or high as a kite?!

  100. As long as we don’t draw Betis or Lazio at Noon we should progress to the round of 16 in the Europa, as it’s drawn today also meeting a team ejected from the CL is a distinct Possibility, perhaps even Porto if fate decides.
    To see AVB in the After Match Interview take comfort from the fact we are still in the CC and Europa was sickening, as if it equates to bad results against WHU three without reply, Man City six without reply and Liverpool five without reply, hell…..five without a shot on target.

  101. These are the lowest ratings i have ever given to a Spurs team and fully reflect an inept performance, they give me no pleasure whatsoever.

    Lloris 5.5
    Walker 3.5
    Capoue 2.5
    Dawson 2.5
    Naughton 2.0
    Sandro 3.5
    Dembele 3.0
    Lennon 3.0
    Paulinho 3.5
    Chadli 3.5
    Soldado 3.0

    Holtby 3.5
    Fryers 3.0
    Townsend 3.5

  102. Bill, I’m sorry I have to say it: You’re a one-eyed idiot.

  103. Dnipro v Tottenham in last 32 of Europa

  104. Dnipro are managed by one Juande Ramos………Karma ?

  105. Apparently In talks with Ajax boss Frank de Boer.

  106. I’m delighted he’s gone, he was a nice bloke sure but he’s not a manager… a member of the backroom staff or a scout would suit AVB better. Now it’s onwards and upwards, this is the best spurs squad in two decades we just need a Martinez or a Laudrup now to get these lads playing good footy again. COYS ps… anyone who feels he should not have been sacked will feel right at home over at harryhitspurs site where only one opinin is allowed, harrys and those who agree with him.

  107. Tottenham likes to get bent over in the back room.

  108. What a fucking shower of cunts you spurs fans are. Mouthing it off pre-season like you were one of the biggest clubs in the world. AVB was too good for you. You get what you deserve. Back your fucking team, a few seasons in the cl and you think the world owes you a favour

  109. unfortunately just the one season in the CL dear.. and wash your mouth out.

  110. you sad little man, you had your manager Arry sitting on the MOTD Panel every week, sad club, joke club we all LAUGHING AGAINHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAA

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    so nnow me also commenting here.

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