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Jan 142012

We were held to a 1-1 draw by our bogey team Wolves, and much against the run of play I might add. A controversial corner became a controversial goal after Steven Fletcher – always a thorn in our side – tapped in a rebound despite Spurs peppering Wayne Hennessy’s goal up the other end of the pitch. A Spurs equaliser would’ve been deserved minutes afterwards but Adebayor’s tap-in was flagged offside. However, we had yet another case as replays showed a Wolves defender playing him onside.

In the second half, we continued the pressure and it paid off quickly as Luka Modric salvaged a point with a clean strike at goal – the LEAST we deserved after the first half. But even with the addition of in-form Jermain Defoe (subbed on for Lennon), we couldn’t get the goal needed to tie with Manchester City on points at the summit of the Premier League table.

I’m just writing to say ‘cheer up lads!’ and give a bit of a pep-talk:

 It wasn’t a loss and we all know the Northern teams tend to park the bus. In he first half, Wolves had about three attacks compared to the ones we had.

I couldn’t see the second half of the game as I had to get on a train to Northampton for a party. Had to make do with BBC live text. As a matter of fact, I’m on that very train as we speak.

We are still very much in the title race with us being at the most [if they beat Wigan on Monday] five points behind Manchester City. In terms of Spurs’ quality of football, the performance today wasn’t much different from the ones we’ve been thoroughly enjoying lately, it just had less League points and you can’t win them all.

There is still time to close the gap. We have the PLAYERS; we have the TEAM; we have the MANAGER and – long time coming this one – we have the BELIEF to just dust ourselves off, get back out there and grab some more points against all the top teams in the coming months.

We have won away at Man City and Arsenal even when we weren’t as good as we are right now (but we were still pretty good back then!!), so it’s possible to repeat it.

This weekend, I won’t go round with a raincloud over my head as so far this season, the team have done us proud and will surely continue to do so in the tail end of this wild-ride season.

If you are going to slate anything on your chosen forum this weekend, slate fate, nothing/nobody else.

Today had that echo of glory which Sir Billy Nick mentioned; surely you heard it and saw it too (in the premiership table). So dust yourselves off and look forward to next week’s showdown with Man City.

Well, this is my stop; but it’s on the train, not on supporting Spurs until the bitter end, WHATEVER HAPPENS!


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