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Dec 022013

The Spurs put in a much needed, much improved performance against defending champions Manchester United yesterday to come away with a 2-2 draw. Before the match, I made the point how a strong performance in this match could lead to a revival in the Spurs fortune, and the Spurs delivered on that front. The football was quick and attacking, Paulinho was ‘triffic’ in his role up front with Soldado, and had he converted that glorious opportunity in the first half hour of the game, United in all likelihood would have been unable to come back in the game. Lennon to was brilliant and kept Evra on a tight leash. So, yes, the positives are many and going into the match I would have taken a draw with open arms. Now, however, I am still unsatisfied.

We were better than Manchester United for majority of the game, with only Rooney lifting Manchester United to equality. Instead of winning a draw from Manchester United, we lost a ‘win’. Our defense too was not bad. Yes, we lost the lead twice, but really both the Manchester goals were a bit fortunate. Villas-Boas’s tactics to strengthen the Spurs defense clearly still have a long way to go but the balance between defense and ‘the spurs way’ looked closer to being achieved this game.

A team does not go from being good to terrible to good withing two weeks ( which if your read the coverage Spurs have received over the last few weeks is exactly what has happened). The fundamentals are strong and now us Spurs fans need to back our club to the fullest and give them the confidence to build on this performance. With games against Fulham and Sunderland up next, AVB has a good opportunity to further tweak the side while picking up points. The league table was already close and got closer still courtesy Hull. We now need six points from the next two games.

Anything less will be a disappointment. We played like equals to Manchester United and I believe we can match that quality on a consistent basis. Let us not be satisfied with draws anymore.


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  1. Considering Spurs entered the match today with the confidence of the team, probably, fragile at best. And United came to WHL in good form, I think that a point can be looked at as POSITIVE result in the end.

    The lads did well today against a team who was playing with the freedom of a side that has been gathering some decent momentum in recent weeks. David Moyes side were unbeaten in NINE games, coming into today’s match, and it showed!

    What the Spurs side managed to do this afternoon was show PLENTY of COURAGE, CHARACTER and SPIRIT, to stick with a United team that came to WHL full of confidence.

    All things being equal, I think the fact that Spurs created the BETTER chances in the game was a MAJOR step in the right direction, and certainly bodes well for the future.

    Indeed, I also think its fair to say that BOTH Utd’s goals came on the back of individual errors, as opposed to being cut to ribbons, or a loss of concentration/ shape.

    There were also very good displays from a Tottenham perspective today. Kyle Walker was unlucky to blemish an EXCELLENT display with a first half ****-up! Inventive, purposeful and menacing, NOBODY in a a Spurs shirt could claim to have shown more PASSION or COMMITMENT than the England RB. His 50 yard dash to recover a loose pass, in a 40/60 challenge with Vidic only underlines my point!!!
    It was a GREAT display from Kyle, DESPITE his mistake…

    Sandro and Lennon were also impressive, with the former capping a typically wholehearted display with an absolute screamer!

    I thought Soldado showed plenty of nice touches and good link up play, although the Spaniard looks like a man desperately in need of a goal to boost his assurance in front of the net.

    The defence was strong as a UNIT, throwing in last ditch challenges to prevent United from opportunities, while doing a good job of covering for each other.

    I actually saw Valencia as Uniteds most potent weapon yesterday. The United winger looked like a man reborn, and was a CONSTANT thorn in the side of the Spurs defence.

    The MOST unfortunate/disappointing thing about yesterdays result was that we were NEVER able to establish a genuine grip on the match after any of our goals, because we conceded so soon after scoring.
    This AFFECTED not only the team, but the crowd too..

    Like I said though, plenty of positives…


  2. A draw is not “positive” at all — but Spurs’ performance definitely was, and deserving of a win, creating many more good scoring opportunities than the opposition — and without an Eriksen or Lamela on the pitch. It’s obvious Man U is riding its traditional “luck” in their 11-match unbeaten streak. The first Rooney goal was a fluke, his second contrived. Time to start calling Man U a “one-man team” now?

  3. lots of positives, thought Dawson was at fault for first goal as only looked on as the high ball was played in and secondly while not contesting it he should have marked Rooney; Dawson was also nowhere to be seen for the second goal; offers no cover when Walker goes forward unlike what Chiriches did for Vert; worry is that Vert, Kaboul, and Lloris will put in transfer requests if he continues to play, a huge llability in any team and will definitely cost us fourth place again, I couldn’t see him starting having played in Tromso and wonder is it a boardroom call to have him playing; Kaboul and Vert far superior options;

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