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Oct 022010

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Rafael Van der Vaart may well be suspended for the Champions League clash between Inter and Spurs but that hasn’t stopped him taunting his Dutch Pal Wesley Sneijder by text message ahead of the big game.

“Wesley is a good friend of mine. We talk a lot and I was looking forward to playing against him.

“I am going to miss playing – but I might be sending Wesley some texts before the game.

“We must be careful. He is in great form.”

Sneijder and Van der Vaart played in the World Cup Final together in the summer for Holland but were beaten by Spain, both players are good friends and both thought of very highly in their homeland.

  16 Responses to “Van Der Vaart Taunts Sneijder”

  1. If only Van der Vaart could convince Sneijder to join Tottenham, what an asset both of them woukld be to us…

  2. V.D.V is not only a superb player but he’s turning out to be a very good wind up merchant,a role that Fergie has perfected over the years. Now if only Lennon could get his form back we’ve got the best attacking mid field in the country, and as good as any in Europe bar Barcelona. I predict we’ll reach the semi’s of the E.C.L.

  3. The bloke is a fucking legend in my eyes already. He’s awesome, when he said ‘who? arsenal, oh are they that team for south london..’ I was in stitches, he’s a top boy and I hope he stays loyal as I honestly think he will become a spurs legend up there with ginola and klingsman, he should be captain, our players can learn alot from him, I honestly have a man crush on this fella, I love him! COYS

  4. It scares me that he has more gob than Redknapp, lol. But that should help separate the men from the boys in our squad. COYS!! Time to stuff the villans – Houlli-oo-r-ya Redknapp Rules!

  5. man crush! I know the feeling!!
    was not convinced he would make an impact at the lane. Sooooooo glad this confirms i know nothing about football! A new God! Please stay forever!!

  6. I dont have a man crush on him but i have to say it was an inspired signing and he is showing the rest of the team what standard is expected and demanded by the club.Now lets hope the under performers and nearly men take note and pull their fingers out.

  7. New VDV song based on Shawn the Sheep(to the tune of) and the Holland bench pics, Hes Van Der Vaart, Hes Van Der Vaart, O My god cant he fart

  8. like everyone i love VDV. I think the ‘VDV’ must be latin for ‘tottenham god’. the way he took his second goal is pure class. You simply cannot say enough good things about him. skill, technical ability, tenacious and he scores goals. Pity he got sent off v FC Twente watching him v sneijder would be fantastic! watching him play alongside sneijder for tottenham..hmm in dreamland

  9. when did he call ArsenalSouth london then?

  10. what are you on about col, how could you not have a man crush on him, liam yid i couldn’t have put it any better, please stay forever you absolute legend

  11. I reckon if we can keep him get an out and out striker who can play a lone role and a solid left back leaving Bale on the Left wing we will become an outstanding team,

  12. VDV – Nah, seen better on my son’s Sunday morning team, he cannot dribble, does not understand team play, cannot keep to his part of the field, never passes always trying to get the headlines, got to go now and take my sedative and btw, who are these people in white coats?? what’s in that needle?? OK … I lied, in my 40+ yrs of watching Spurs on Klin’s has had a bigger impact, long may it last, 4th spot!! More like 3rd and prehaps 2nd this year, but this will only happen if 1) he keep’s from being sent off .. and 2) if only Fergie keeps away from him, Hudd and the rest of our team, we are the furure… Man U are the past…. COYS COYS

  13. He’s a bit short for me… I prefer a strapping Ledley King. Cmon you bunch of poofs hes just a really top player and no matter how many goals he scores I certainly don’t want to bum him!

    Reminds me of when we had Gazza – totally runs the show, what a player!


  14. What I want to know is If The news spurs legend keeps on scoring throughout the season will there be a goal fest DVD of VDV, If we get through this difficult time with our defence and also Harry Hotspur gets Lennon back to his best (Silly twit puffing on a cigar)* after the world cup and his injury last season,then with Bale and of course VDV playing consistantly well the futures bright,COYS!!

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