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Sep 092010

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Today Rafael Van der Vaart met his new team mates for his first training session with the lads. Van der Vaart signed on deadline day for around £8million in what was considered a bargain buy by many. He has vented his frustration at being sub for Holland so will Harry give him the same treatment or chuck him straight into the mix on Saturday, a player with Van der Vaart’s experience and ability shouldn’t need time to adjust.

I for one can’t wait to see him play, I would love to see him start on Saturday but he may be on the bench, I am sure he will play some part as Harry will want him to play against Werder Bremen on Tuesday so getting some minutes in a Spurs shirt before hand would help.




Van der Vaart and Harry posing for the camera with his new Spurs shirt. Harry looks proud to have captured a player of real quality, he has never been able to sign players of this stature at his previous clubs.




Van der Vaart gets down the business with his first training session, god knows what Crouchy is playing at in the background but Rafael doesn’t look impressed by his antics.




  15 Responses to “Van der Vaart Training Pictures”

  1. Is Pavlyuchenko about to puke behind him? what’s he doing cos he’s not stretching (his legs are bent)?
    Looking forward to seeing Van der Vaart out on the pitch! he’s gonna be big for us 🙂

  2. The middle picture is to funny van der vaart looks like he’s worried he may of joint a club for the unfit and mentaly retarted.

  3. What is pav doing to wilson in the middle pic??!!


  5. @Bob: Pav puking in the pic LOOOOOOOOL

  6. HAHA… I’m liking Bobs comments, Crouchys arms are looking proper retarded lol.. Kerr’azzy!! Coys

  7. Crouchy “errher er hmmmmm” *Dribble*
    VDV “Dam Sandro your Tight”
    Pav “Wilson, does my bum look big in this”

  8. Yiddo 1977
    Because like Gio and Bale he doesn’t have to be named as he is under 21 and can play.

    I think.

    I made the same mistake on my blog.
    Don’t believe everything you read on ‘Talkshite’

  9. To Daniel Thomas Peacock, Matter BAtey eee oorrrrr

  10. Modric is a fag and tottenham are sh!t, come on you gunners, stupid yids living in our shadows for decades, ever wonder what it feels like to win the EPL, well keep wondering, you aint ever going to feel that winning sensation. filthy jew boys, hope adolf comes back from the dead and bombs your pathetic little stadium and your old c~nt of a manager, and as for RVDV hes not good enough to play for the mighty arsenal thats why we turned him down.

    Peace out you filthy sh!t heads

  11. Exactly where are you from Andrew? You certainly aren’t English. I have never heard anyone English refer to winning the title as ‘win the EPL’ I’t sounds like you watch too much ESPN. Why don’t you fuck off back to wherever it is your from and pretend to hate someone else.

  12. Andrew Brian Peacock – it might be an idea not to give your full name next time your torrettes kicks in and your mouth says things before your brain has chance to tell you to stop being so retarded…
    However, if that isnt your real name, all you’ve managed to achieve is confirming how much of a coward you are and just how pathetic you really are… Its people like you who give arsenal fans a bad name, and its not like that need much help there.
    Now crawl back under the rock you came from, contemplate the term ‘think before i speak’ and do a little growing up you childish little racist…

  13. Jeremy, i was thinking the exact same thing. I’ve never heard anyone call the Premiership the EPL. The problem with Arsenal, and other successul teams like Manchester United and Liverpool and recently Chelsea, is that they attract the sort of fan you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with. A but like this Adrian ‘The EPL’ Peacock, who you know is a bit of a knob, and is probably a recent convert to football, and thinks the atmosphere at the Emirates is ‘amazing’ and often wears his gay red-and-white scarf when he’s at home.
    But with this post comes a warning. IF we become successful and do well in the Champions League and replace Liverpool as a top 4 club, we will start getting these knobs wearing the Lillywhite shirt and speaking on behalf of us. So beware. COYS!!! West Brom, then Wolves, let’s get 6 points and get back to the top end of the table.

  14. ‘Andrew Brian Peacock’…LOL. That’s a great made up name by probably a foreigner of some description who thinks that it’s ‘such a believable English Name’ lol EPL too… ha ha… I’m afraid it’s all wrong my little Nazi friend. No.. Wenger’s a ‘fag’ mate and he’s also ‘old’ and growing senile too, as failing to sign a keeper when the ones Arsenal have are both steaming piles of crap. Arsenal will do fuck all again this season as a result and you know it. Fabregas wants to fuck-off to the team that Wenger wants them to be in his deluded mind… Sad old Wenger thinks it’s better too keep a player that clearly doesn’t want to be there rather than admitting that Arsenal are now a selling club. A nursery club for young foreign players before they get a move to Spain or Italy…. The ‘Arsenal project’ as they call it is just a myth that will never produce a title winning side because there is no blend and the best players leave when they get to about 23. I wish you had been in Berlin at the end of WW2 with all the other Nazis when the Red Army marched in and you got your arse fucked inside out and your body pissed on by 50 angry Russian soldiers. That’s what happend to little boys like you. Actually… i think you’d probably like that!! lol

  15. Andrew Brian Peacock it even sounds like a nonce name,bet you were beating your meat writing that moronic post.You sad little tosser bet your sister has stopped you doing rude things to her so you get your kicks writing that garbage.

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