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Sep 112010

Confirmed reports have just been announced that Sir Alex has dropped Wayne Rooney from his squad to face Everton today at Goodison Park. It seems as though Rooney would have been targeted by the Everton fans for abuse during the game after revelations of affairs in his private life.

Sir Alex has taken the decision to protect Rooney from the onslaught and removed him from the squad just before kick off, whether Rooney has asked to be excused we do not know.

Rooney left Everton to pursue a career with United and there are fans who still remember this and would have relished the chance to verbally attack Wayne today. Rooney is mentally at an all time low and Sir Alex is probably doing the best thing for Rooney. What Wayne needs to realise in the future is that he is a professional and his private life will interfere with his career, his decisions over recent months may now cost his team 3 valuable points today.

Following the revelations in Rooney’s private life, Everton away was probably the worst game imaginable for the lad and Sir Alex, I would imagine that once this one is out the way then it will be business as usual for Wayne.

  3 Responses to “Wayne Rooney Dropped!!”

  1. Wayne Rooney shagged a whore, we all thought he couldn’t score, his wife gonna take his money from the bank, next Wayne just have a wank!

  2. And Spurs fans give a shit because…?

  3. What Wayne did is not the worst offence in the world ,although his wife would probably argue that point .However it is a fact of life the media is always looking for a story and in England there are not many bigger than a footballer screwing around while married.While these guys are young men ,they need to grow up quickly and realise they are celebrities and will always make the headlines if they misbehave.

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