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Aug 252010

First and foremost for the grammar experts, yes I have been drinking heavily tonight but considering the occassion please firgive any spelling errors.

Watching tonight’s match and oh boy what a feeling, the sense of what we have actually achieved hasn’t properly sunk in yet as I am sure it hasn’t for most of you. Well let me try to hit it home for you, Tottenham Hotspur are a Champions League club, you can get used to sitting in on a week night to enjoy our beloved club play Champions League football.

Like a lot of others I was skeptical tonight, I knew we had the ability but the best thing about supporting Spurs is you never know, we could just as easily have gone out and lost tonight as when something is usually too good to be true it usually turns out that way and we end up with heartache.

Tonight though things were different, for once we delivered our promise and finally delivered the club Champions League football. Peter Crouch scored a hat-trick in a convincing 4-0 win over Young Boys. Crouch set us on our way in just the 4th minute which was the perfect start we all hoped for and we never looked back from that moment.

This means a windfall of over £20million for Spurs so don’t be surprised if our quiet summer turns into a spending frenzy in the next few days. I don’t think there will be many new faces but maybe one or two big signings and I expect Luis Fabiano to be on the cards even more so now because we are Champions League and Sevilla are not and new Uefa rules mean he is now not cup tied.

So Say it and believe it Tottenham Hotspur will be hosting Champions League football at Whie Hart Lane, we are now amongst Europe’s elite and a much more glamorous club.

  14 Responses to “We Are Champions League Say We Are Champions League!!!”

  1. Only one team in it tonight could easily have been 7-0 .Whole team played with conviction.Hope Abbey Clancy looks after Couchie tonight he deserves it,thats the sort of scoring we want to see.To all the disbelievers from up the road at scumville you gobbed off now have the balls to admit we were good tonight.

  2. OH yes Oh YES . We have done it we have triffic Blogs all geared for Champions league Coxie. . And a team to match going to watch the game in bed have one for me Coys four reasons to smile and living 12 miles from Liverpool and Joe Cole i wonder what he thought of the game .good night and god bless you for a triffic site

    • Hey Davspurs, its reasons and comments like that which inspire me to keep providing you guys with blogs to read, I enjoy what I do and I hope you guys enjoy the read.
      COYS!!!! whatever happens this season in Harry we trust

  3. Excellent performance by our boys. I’d prefer us to play: Milan or Lyon (from group 1), Werder Bremen, FC Shakhtar Donetsk, Benfica or Panathinaikos (from group 2) and anyone from group 4.

  4. Feels so good. I really feel proud, of the team, Harry and all our fellow supporters. Oh Yes – COYS!!!!! This is real, onward and upward.

  5. Top stuff from the lads tonight went out and did the business get in there you fcking beauty. Massive respect to Harry he has done a masterful job on the team and deserves mucho credit we should be singing his name he has well earned that right. Roll on Monaco, I love Spurs))


  6. well done the lads and long live king harry

  7. Welcome to the promised land

  8. Fantastic result.All four goals set up by our very own Welsh wizard too.

  9. OMG the atmosphere there was unbelievable!
    When that first goal went in, the roof shook!
    We are officially in the Champions’ League and a 66/1 shot of winning it lmao!


  10. Foggy, yeah and Gareth Southgate said he didn’t have a great game tonight!
    Wonder what Lawrenson would have said (the non-champions league-team-supporting twat!)
    Spurs are back baby!
    Thankyou Harry & everyone at the club.

  11. awesome……bloody good show…we’re back……….

    now fuck of all you doubters ……..we are the spurs!!

    thnx harry and all the team!!

  12. Didnt i say if Crouch plays we will hammer them coz they cant handle physical game and high balls:)

  13. Outstanding performs from Super team n Super supporters of Super spurs..i love spurs..

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