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Aug 082012

The average Spurs fan will have learned from experience and pretty much be able to predict our transfer window.

The Modric situation is still dragging on, many of you want it sorted but we don’t do work like that and you know exactly how we work. It will go something like this. August 31st Spurs sell Modric to real Madrid, we will then proceed to be linked with every big name going just hours before the transfer window closes.

Being linked to the likes of players who you know deep down we won’t actually sign, we will end up keeping Jenas and Bentley, Jenas will be given the task of being the new Modric and our season will be over before it’s began. If Adebayor doesn’t sign then we will also be linked with every big name striker but somehow end up with Emile Heskey.

This is just my fear really, it wouldn’t surprise me, we cost ourselves a good start to the season every year by waiting until deadline day just to make an extra couple of million. Surely Levy has got something up his sleeve, he must know we need a top striker although we have been saying this for 3 years and he must know that it’s important to replace quality for quality when Modric leaves.

10 days until the season starts, anyone who says they aren’t concerned must be a major optimist.

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