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Aug 242010

I’m as big a Spurs fan as the next guy, but when walking home form work yesterday, a thought of great footie-philosophical proportion hit me. My thought was that it was a good thing the Young Boys beat us, and beat us quite well, I must say, despite the rather flattering 3-2 scoreline from Spurs’ point of view.

Young Boys of Bern came at us with what we had flung at Joe Hart just days earlier. Constant threat on the goal with the defence left for dust (not a regular occurrence for Michael Dawson, but can happen in the most important games).
I’m saying it’s good in a way that we lost the first leg to the Young Boys.
Obviously, on first look at Spurs’ poor display, fans, including myself, thought to themselves:
(jaws simultaneously drop after the second goal)

“OMG! What the f*ck is happening out there!?!? Dawson, why choose this game of all games to look like a Blue Square Premier League defender!?” (For anyone across the pond reading this, the Blue Square Premier League is the fifth-highest division of English football).

The defence was very oblivious to the threat of Bienvenu’s pace and finishing ability. Whilst Michael Dawson was very modest about Young Boys being a capable team and didn’t underestimate them, the rest of the team completely wrote them off. This isn’t Europa League; this is the CHAMPIONS’ League –somewhere which none of your opponents got to by taking the opposition lightly and losing their games!
However, I now think that, in a way, it’s GOOD that Spurs were beaten. It allows them to learn not to count out minor teams before it’s too late (e.g. knocked out before they’ve officially started their campaign) in the group stages. Spurs are only trailing by one goal (3-2). A terrible way of showing it, but that’s the bottom scoreline, so to speak. Spurs now have the opportunity to respect their opponents while tightening up the screws at the back to force the win on Wednesday.

You could say, Spurs are on their last leg (*BADOOM TSSSH*).

They’ve had a taste of what it’s like to face a top team without risking immediate defeat and disappointment. All that’s needed now is for Spurs to toughen up, tighten up, and not take any team for granted again. If all that is done, Spurs could just make it into the group stages; but if they do make it, they’ll need to watch both legs of this qualifier again to remember exactly what every other team will be like –and that will hopefully be….just like Spurs 😉

  4 Responses to “We Lost to Young Boys – GOOD! Here’s why…”

  1. We’ve played tactically awful in that game. Also our inexperience in European football was shown up. I hope today the team will play tactically better and we’ll go through.

  2. So we have not played in Europe what about losing to Donesk in the knock-out stages by playing a weak team. This had nothing to do with experience and more to do with a doctored pitch and a team super fit. They ran an extra five miles one of only two states they beat Spurs to the score and the miles YB had lost five of there opening fixtures yet they ran Five more miles so that would mean there division his better than the premiership. Or something his not right-the watered plastic pitch plus the rain made defending a nightmare and its this and the energy they used running a full throttle that had Spurs floundering in the wet had to this the offside goal and we where in trouble Ufa needs to stamp down on these shock results because they no quite well what is being used and fining players ans suspending them for two matches is useless when Millions are riding on results the sentence should be very high and players and Teams should be banned for two years because its whole Teams i discovered using these energy drugs. or sudden deaths will happen again and shock results.

  3. Davspurs…Rumourman..Whatever…Just shut the fuck up!! Your pathetic fake drugs crusade is extremely embaressing!!

  4. Kill yourself rumourman or use a spell checker

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