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Dec 082010

I normally love watching the latest act of idiocy on Tyneside, be it calls for a “boycoutt” or another fumbling screw-up from Mike Ashley.  I hate the ongoing media love-in over the Geordies and their football, the way we’re always being told we “don’t understand how much football means” in the North East, and I enjoy watching them being taken down a peg or two. But the sacking of Chris Hughton has absolutely appalled me, and not just because of Hughton’s Spurs past. It’s such a ridiculous decision that I can’t help but be outraged, and for once, I really do feel sorry for Geordie fans, who had thought there was finally some stability and pride back at their club, only to see the chubby purveyor of jockstraps who calls himself their owner needlessly ruin it all again. And their obvious confusion and anger sent me on a trip down memory lane to our own dark days of “we want our Tottenham back” misery. Haven’t heard that sung for a while. Remember singing it at Leyton Orient before going absolutely mental when Gary Doherty scuffed an injury time winner? God, we were pathetic.

Football is a fickle game, and as we cruise into the CL knockout stages, we should remember one thing – until very recently, we rivalled Newcastle as the biggest circus in the Premier League, and one day we probably will again. Right now is an absolutely sublime time to be a Tottenham fan, and we should enjoy it while we can.

Just in case you’d missed it, take a look at Pot One for the upcoming Champions League last 16 draw:

Schalke 04, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Shaktar Donetsk, Tottenham Hotspur.

There we are, one of an elite eight clubs at the pinnacle of global club football. It’s what we’ve been waiting for, for years and years and years. Who would have imagined it that day on the terraces at Brisbane Road?And yet I’ve noticed that some fans seem to have already started taking it all for granted.

Against Werder Bremen a couple of weeks back, I was stunned to see fans leaving in large numbers well before the final whistle. We were about to qualify for the Champions League last sixteen, having never before been in the competition at all, and yet people thought beating the traffic was more important  than clapping the team off? Are we already so infected with “Big 4” arrogance that we can’t appreciate what we’re seeing, and give this side the love they deserve?

This season has seen us come from behind to beat the Scum away, destroy the reigning European Champions at the Lane, witness one of our players become one of the most talked about midfielders in the world, top the Champions League scoring charts, break records and set Europe’s top club competition alight. It is, to borrow a phrase, Schoolboy’s Own stuff. Let’s make sure that the atmosphere at the Lane reflects that, and let’s think very, very carefully before we bitch about anything, because before you know it we could be appointing Alan Pardew.

  11 Responses to “We want our Tottenham back!”

  1. good article up till the point where you start having a go at the Tottenham faithfull. Id really like to see our bloggers get away from these types of comments.

    Spurs fans give magnificent support to the team and you will always get a few fans leave just before the end still smiling and pumping their fists at what we have achieved.

    I feel for Newcastle fans – it is the strangest decision and must be uber-frustrating. I actualy quite liked them since they came back up with CH in charge.

  2. Well said, personally I’m just constantly smiling, cant help it. No gloating or poking fun at the at Goons, after all we’re in their shadow. Not angry at Aidrian Durham on Talksport for saying we’d embarrass the PL by losing all of our games in the CL, after all what do we know? Not depressed by our defence, midfield or forwards, because they’ve been unhindered and injury free and its everyone else who has those sort of problems, no…still just smiling, cant help it!

    • That Durham idiot just says that sort of shit to get irate people to phone in & make Talksport loads of £££.He”s actually been mugging the Gooners off for years & its only since we qualified for Champs Lge that he”s started on us,before that he was allways quite pro Yids.COYS

  3. It’s funny what you say about Spurs/Newcastle because those days weren’t so far away. Modric, that Irish lad from Chelsea, Steve Carr. We’ve all traded and pushed for dominance and then Newcastle fell away 2 years ago. And now look at us. I agree we need to be careful. However, what if this is the turning point? We’ve lost stupid games and we’re still 5th. Spurs have won their group in the CL and they’re still finding their way. Like ‘arry i’m not saying we’re going to win it. But given a bit more time (ultimately we need to be top 4 this season) we can do some serious damage in this league and in the PL as well.

    To all those fans that said, we’d never make 4th place last year, I thank you. To those that we’d never pass the qualifiying rounds, good on you. And for those that said that we’d never make it past the group stages, I owe special thanks. regardless of what happens, the squad have proved themselves to be an outstanding force this year. May all the doubters keep up their good work


  4. I’m a spurs fan that leaves before the end and I want to give our side of it. We are constantly slated for not being real fans and letting the club down, and I can understand why those who stay might be critical. However, the fact is, we all have lives to live.

    I’m not suggesting that those who stay don’t have their own lives as well, but that is their prerogative. The traffic outside the lane is horrendous, and we have families to get back to. I am lucky I can go at all, let alone witness 87 minutes of a game, because I know my family are tired of having to work around my passion. I’m also spending a ridiculous amount of money that could be better invested elsewhere (family, mortgage etc…)

    But I never miss a match, I find a way to watch every single game, and have been going for 20 years, through the bad times, and now the good. Tottenham have made me smile continuously lately; when they win, I am as elated as any fan, and when they lose I am just as disappointed as any fans regardless of the extra 3-6 minutes of stadium time they get. We all enjoy football in different ways; it is always frustrating knowing that I am obligated to leave before the end, but some of my happiest moments have been in the car rushing out the car parks, frantically switching the radio to find the game, and hearing Spurs win it in the last second of the game. This may not sway the 90 minute fans, but I know how I feel about Spurs, and so do the rest of the early-leavers. Those who are not obligated to leave early should count themselves lucky that they are at liberty to stay, rather than criticising the fans that have to leave.


  6. As a Spurs fan who sits up watching them go around at 2-3AM each Saturday night/Sunday morning I am elated with the job Harry and the boys are doing.In Australia most of us love loyalty and the reason Newcastle are in all the trouble they are is a lack of loyalty.Going back years they have hammered managers,players and supporters and now they have done the same to Houton who most of us down under think has done an outstanding job over the last couple of seasons.Spurs are going through a great period but it only takes a bad period and we could slip back to the Club we were not so long ago doing a cloning job of Newcastle.Spurs keep the respect on and off the paddock and we will enjoy the good times and get through the tough ones.

  7. I nearly smashed my radio yesterday when i was listening to 5live about 7 in the evening.Some Geordie nob said”were not like any other club,to us Newcastle is a religon”……Hate their attitude that they are far more passionate/loyal fans than everybody else.Their a 2bob club that last won silverware when Elvis was still alive..!!Also did anyone else hear Alan Green yesterday during 5live commentry saying that Arsenil were being outsung by 60 (yes SIXTY!!) Belgrade fans…Ha Ha Ha LMAO……COYS

  8. Well said Triffic. I agree that, much as I too loath the the attitude of the Geordies having somehow invented football (but not as much as I hate being told the Scousers have the BEST sense of humpour – that really, really sends me over!), Ashley’s treatment of Houghton was scandalous. I’m just so glad that BMJ turned him down straight away. His appointment must have been Ashley’s masterplan and influenced the decision to axe Chris.

    I’m nervous as fk about 2012. (no not the end of the world stuff…) We could see our purple patch come to an end when Harry walks. Unless we get that nice Mr Capello walk in the other way.

  9. a very good post. i remain in a state of disbelieving ecstasy over spurs at the moment while occasionally breaking out of it to laugh at newcastle.

    on another note, all the voletrousers were also at that orient game a few seasons ago and ironically left the match early in disgust at the ineptitude on display. just as well none of us is related to the poster…

  10. Absolutely spot on about our current standing as a club, those of us who have enjoyed the good and bad times over the years (like being relegated) prefer to enjoy our current success while it lasts but remain realistic it may end end sooner rather later.

    Not sure about feeling outrage at Chrissy’s treatment though…….while I agree the timing of the Barcodes actions are inexplicable, PL management is a precarious and dog eat dog environment and I’m sure Newcastle will get theirs when the future incumbent takes hold of their poisoned chalice.

    I make no apologies for reminding Spurs fans that our club treated Chris Hughton as, if not more shabbily and we were repaid with the wonder of Wendy (Ramos) lets hope the Barcodes hierachy are suitably rewarded…….

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