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Aug 132010

The Weight of Expectation.

Well the time for our first encounter of the season is nearly upon us.And after the held silence of the summer our nerve endings have hopefully measured themselves of healing in readiness for the campaign which lies ahead,although my gut tells me that within the first few minutes of our opening game against Manchester City the usual finger clenching against sweat lined palm will have already returned in ernest.
As the build up to this hour grows evermore at hand time and again I have read articles from both ex professionals,and amature writers such as myself passing observations on how they view the big money buys taken by Manchester City,forming too ruins under the great weight of expectation.And how in all likeliness they will fail to lend themselves to a cohesive team ethic,hence falling well short of the benchmark already set by themselves at the previous seasons end.And to some extent I can bring myself  to agree with their conclusion,although I do have some reservations concerning the evidence given to attempt at upholding this train of thought.

After all how many times have Tottenham Hotspur shown signs of promise going into a warm August afternoons game following that of a healthy pre-season,only to stumble over the very shirt tails of our own optimism? Then there have been occasions when we have been more than just a little apprehensive heading into a new football year due to poor form in friendlies played,only to hit the ground running,last season being the perfect example of the latter.And on both occasions there have been a number of talented signings which have joined the ranks of the lillywhites which would have given cause for incohesion in the days first eleven.

And so for me then Mancini should come to recognize the importance of this first game,even though I have read he considers it a slight flesh wound should they lose,which I’m sure is just a way of easing away any pressure which might be beginning to gather about his shoulders.The players themselves though will never admit to taking this game so lightly and have of course their own agenda after our celebrations on the blue grasses of Eastlands last May.

For me this game has come at the perfect time,for although we should not approach the game holding the opposition in awe,neither should we expect to be facing a disjointed group of individuals,but rather I believe we will be up against a side still hurting from the loss of that much coveted fourth place,this should then gel over any cracks in what is evidently a squad of great potential,although brought together with very few minutes on the pitch,pride should help them make a game of it,which in turn will aid our very own focus,not only in this fixture,but will also carry over for the date with destiny which awaits us during midweek.

So which Manchester City can you see turning up at the Lane?

  14 Responses to “Weight of Expectation.”

  1. Dont care!! it’s the Tottenham side that turns up which worries me

  2. Hopefully the one which beat Benfica.

  3. i think our bogey has dragged on for too long so 2-1 for us instead of you would be nice

  4. Ieve mcfc,I keep thinking that about Tottenham and Man UTD.

  5. This will be an interesting game, I think City still dont know who their best 11-15 players are and half them barely know each other. Reckon this is the best time to play them as they’re gonna be a force once the team gels.

    2 -0 Spurs COYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The lads looked very relaxed in training this morning, Harry has virtually a fully fit squad to pick from.

  7. Balotelli has joined them now.

  8. if we played you lot every week we,d get relegated and if we played villa every week we,d win the league by christmas

  9. So what do you think of you’re new signing leve?

  10. to be honest not seen too much of him but he looks big and strong enough for the prem best signing we,ve made in the summer i,d say is boateng he looks quality

  11. His brother the Prince looked impressive for Ghana as well,pity we sold get this I’ve just heard on Talk Sport that City have offered Ibrahimovic half a million pounds a week to join,although Mancini has denied it.

  12. theres a lot of rubbish been said about us this year but half a mil a week where do they get it from

  13. Mancini was super cautious even in the home game v Spurs so he will be building brick walls at the lane tomorrow.
    Spurs are kinda useless at breaking down ten man defences and our strikers could not score in a brothel.
    So this one has got goalless draw written all over it I’m afraid. We will prob focus on the CL this season anyway.

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