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Aug 062010

Well there you go,finally the draw has been made and we have been given to play against Young Boys of Switzerland.The first leg is away from home on the 17th/18th August,with the following game to take place a week latter on the 24th/25th August.So I suppose this begs the question as to how we should approach our very first sortie into the Champions League? Will we play the 4,5,1 that Harry has been raving about since the end of last season? Perhaps ,especially in the first game as he will not wish to play too open and risk being knocked out before we’ve even started.

One thought however that springs to mind is,do we actually have a striker which could operate in the lone position? I know Harry has been trying a few out during pre- season,with both Keane and Pav playing that role but whether it actually benefits their game is a question that needs to be raised.

Another query doing the rounds recently is,Should we risk Ledley in the Champions League or do we save him for our push on the title? Seriously though,would it be fair on a player which along with so many others gave his all last season to take us too the heights of the aforesaid Champions League,only then to decide not to give him a go,after all he is our most talented defender and I can hear the derisory calls now if we fail to let him lose only to be knocked out after the two games.


Young Boys v Spurs
Braga v Sevilla
Werder Bremen v Sampdoria
Zenit v Auxerre
Dynamo Kiev v Ajax

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  19 Responses to “We’re All Going On A European Tour!”

  1. If only we could learn to spell ‘European’…..

    Don’t give the scum ammunition for jibes…. who care’s who Harry chooses, we all know we got the easiest draw and we should be rejoicing in the fact that we don’t need to worry about the stronger sides that we could have faced.

  2. It’s simple really, play King against Man City and Dawson with either Bassong or Kaboul against Young Boys and then play King in the group games if we progress. Against Citeh I would start with Gomes; Corluka, King, Dawson, Bale; Lennon, Wilson, Huddlestone, Modric; Defoe, Crouch and then rest a few against Young Boys, but play a strong 4-5-1 side of: Gomes, Corluka, Bassong, Dawson, BAE, Lennon, Huddlestone, Jenas, Modric, Bale; Pav. Don’t thing Young Boys should be under-estimated by our fans though, any team that knocks Fernabache out can’t be bad…

  3. Thanks Danny.

  4. In answer to your question yes and no…yes I think Pav, defoe and even keane (although I think he’s Celtic/Villa bound) can play as 451, neither are ideal, Pav probably the best due to height. However if you play dos santos and Lennon either side in a lose 451/433 formation it could work, especially with bale overlapping and hudd and modric finding the holes in their backline, with enough movement it could work. But I do think as we progress, the bigger teams in the prem and champions league will stifle us up top, Most ppl are still undecided on Pav (hopefully he bounces into life like tail end of the season), Defoe and keane are definitely better in 442, so again I think it’s time for a big signing for a lone striker to play this role? We really have a great chance to do well on all fronts this season.

  5. no disrespect to young boys as they done well to get here and im sure they will put up a fight i still think weve got a lot to do but none the less weve been handed a huge stroke of luck drawing these lot which we desrve we have been unlucky in recent years losing out on champs league due to illness of our players a penalty shoot out lose in league cup and we deserved to be here with a great season last year . i firmly believe we will be in those champions league group come on your spursssss

  6. I suspect we’ll have no problems hammering Young Boys in our own back yard. They’re notoriously weak at the rear.

  7. lets not get too carried away,im a betting man and follow teams all over europe and i know european leagues like the back of my hand,it’s a dream draw but young boys are no mugs,they are one of the top 3 sides in their doestic league and only 6 weeks ago smashed basel 3-0 and grasshopper zurich 4-0 who both have champions league pedigree,young boys also beat fenebache in turkey to reach this tie,they also play on a artificial pitch which may not go in our favour,having said that we should at least draw away and we should certainly beat them at the lane

  8. Tony regarding 5,5,1,I wont tell FIFA if you don’t mate.

  9. I’m so excited, I’m feeling sick all day. COYS !!!

  10. LOL,Tony,Crouch counters that though,we’ll have to leave him out.

  11. There,there,Action Yid,save your sick days until the week after next mate.

  12. Wenger is going to be green with envy when he finds out that we are going to be playing with young boys!

  13. Little bit worrying that young boys play home games on Astro Turf

  14. We have all waited along time for this day. We seem to have got a decent draw and we all hope to progress to the next stage. Having got this far we now have to accept that any team we will play will be a reasonable side certainly in the group stage. We should now start believing in ourselves otherwise there is no point being here. We should fear no side but respect, not over respect, all teams.

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