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Dec 132010

Injury crisis at the lane. We all know just how we are down to the bare bones at the back with Dawson and Bassong our only fit central defenders, well you can now include the midfield in that injury crisis with only Luka Modric and the hugely inexpereinced Sandro our only fit central midfielders.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp remains positive despite all the injruy problems down at the lane.

“We’re running out of midfield players,” he said. “We’ve lost Tom and Jenas and now Wilson Palacios has done his ankle badly so we’re down to Sandro and Luka Modric.

“But whoever comes in does the job and we’re playing well. We’re strong aren’t we. We’re lucky as we’ve got good players.”

I am going to ask you fans what you think here. If Sandro or Luka was to fall victim next then what do we do? I personally would give Bentely or Keane one of the midfield positions because I can’t see what else there is. Unless Ledley does return soon and maybe he could turn back the clock and play the holding midfield role although I doubt his knee is up to it.

When you look at our injury problems it is quite astonishing  so by winning our Champions League group and staying in touch with the top 4 I think we are doing well, once we have a near fit squad we can push on.

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  79 Responses to ““We’re Down To Sandro And Luka Modric””

  1. kranchar???

    • Absolutely Dan, he’s done a cracking job there for Croatia in the past.
      Do you think Harry considers him already gone?

      • would probably mean if sandro don’t play that we either go all out attack or kranjcar or modders will have to sit deep

      • Met Jenas last Wed after returning from Europe. He said his calf will be fine for Blackpool. Jenas and Mod in the centre. Oh, and he mentioned that Woodgate will be fine and playing again in January. Soon we wil have 6 centre backs to choose from. All is well!

    • Krancjar is injured as well. Done in during the Champions League match.

      • has no-one considered the fact that we are getting ALOT more injuries than any other team?
        something is clearly wrong with the training or the training facilities!!!

        • what rubbish!

          Dawson strained knee & ankle ligaments playing for england after an unlucky fall.

          Defoe’s ankle was knackered in a tackle while playing for england.

          Gallas is old and will pick up injuries

          King is injury prone, doesn’t train etc etc

          Huddlestone also damaged his ankle during a game after a hefty challenge on him.

          Kaboul landed awkwardly and hurt his hip

          Please enlighten us and let us know what they should be doing to prevent knee, ankle, calf, groin, hip & hamstring injuries.

          JJ pulled his calf, easily done

    • He’s injured. Charlie could fill in as DMF?

  2. jenas will be back for the next game hopefully. kaboul will be back for the blackpool game so he could also play in midfield and do a job.

  3. Kranky if he’s not far away from returning or Kaboul. Bit I guess you mean who if they are unfit too? Lassana Diarra is the answer

  4. I’ll play. Me an’ Luka could do a job.

  5. isnt VDV back next game? thought he was def gonna recover in time for blackpool

  6. May as well play with 10 men than play with jeans, at least then the rest if the team won’t miss him when he’s hiding up the pitch out of position.

    • What you chatting about the V? Jenas has been playing his heart out this season, it has to be his best performance consistently for 3 years. I’d much rather have him with Luka than Wilson or Sandro at the moment, although saying that The Sarge has started to find some form of late. But I think Jenas, for once, is starting to look pretty solid….shit just read that back, did I dream all of this?!?

      • Jenas? are you sure you’re not talking about someone else. the lad only managed 3 passes over 5-yards against inter. no exaggeration, watch it back and he’s not been any cop since. He panics on the ball and loses any mid-long range passes

        • against inter away he was amazing, he won the ball on the edge of the area played it to bale and carried on going with bale right up until he scored, so he made sure that other defenders could not go across to cover. he has actually been really good this season.

  7. What has happened to the atmosphere at spurs for the Liverpool and chelski games. So quiet at the beginning when it should be loud and intimidating !!! Have all the tickets been sold to the prawn sandwich brigade?

    • Sunday fixture syndrome….. I hate them as a result. Atmosphere is crap, players can be off the boil. This is why a return to the Europa League would be a nightmare… too many Sunday fixtures!!! (Notice how we qualified for Champions League by NOT BEING IN A EUROPEAN COMPETITION AT ALL last term… poignant)

  8. Time for John Bostock

  9. I would recall Rose from Bristol City as he is playing well there at the moment. Maybe it is time for some youngsters to step up and stake a claim! Bentley is an option that should also be seriously considered as well.

    • Surely Jake Livermore is the closest of the youngsters to meriting a place in the first team squad? Recall him…

  10. Nick good shout, I never thought of young Bostock!

    • Really? Bostock who can’t even get a first team place at Championship Hull? Do me a favour…

  11. Personally, I’m relieved whenever Jenas is injured. Sandro has to play sometime, so it may as well be at Blackpool. Also, I recall that Kabould played in midfield a while ago and did well.

    I wonder how Bale would do in left-central midfield. His runs would be straight at the goal!

  12. PS I believe that Parrett is back at the club.

  13. Charlie has played defensive midfielder for City and had his best football game ever against Liverpool. In fact I don’t know why he’s never been tried there at spurs since his attributes suit it far more than full back. I don’t think he’s a defender at all actually. He’s a sweeper or a midfielder.

    And Keane could cover Modric. He could play there, in fact he may end up as a midfielder because he’s past his best and may have to adapt his game. You can see the class is still there, just less legs and needs game to build confidence. He will start to play well when he gets a run of games again. Was a super footballer.

    Bentley, well I don’t think he’ll ever be a top player. Looked good on the highlights for a team like Blackburn.

  14. Have to agree with V i watched the real game on sunday night in work and Diarra was the class act above all else on the pitch.If he would come i would sell bentley keane crouch ohara and Wilson to get this guy .Top man and would help us no end.

  15. VDV!!!!

    Oh and arsanal lose

    Happy days!

  16. about fucking time, maybe harry will pick Sandro and Modders….errrr Harry?

  17. about

    time, maybe harry will pick Sandro and Modders….errrr Harry?

  18. Surreal

  19. Stick Cudini in midfield as the holding player. Job’s a good ‘un.

  20. Bostock should be a reserve but his arrogance needs some toning down.
    Sandro will do as well if not better than Palacios as the Chelsea players who had been trying to hurt Palacios all day simply bounced off Sandro when they tried. If Modric is injured then I would used Kranjcar but only then.

    Maybe it is just me but U have seen half of all tackles on our players having intent to harm and how we have not had 10x more yellows given to the opposition I do not know. Lennon, Modric & Bale were taken out by tackles nar the box which should have been yellows at least & when will this end/?When we cannot field a team at all due to injuries inflicted deliberately by other opponents? Exaggerating? Watch ALL of Drogba’s tackles or heading attempts: thee are elbows, shoulders, hips and legs hitting the other player always. He isn’t just hard he is dirty & he knows it.

  21. Corluka can play DM and CB so if we are stretched he’ll prove valuable. I’d toy with the idea of playing Bale infield, but that might be daft seeing as though he’s doing a fantastic job on the left.

  22. Kranjcar is also out injured for those who mentioned him. The player to step up is the youngster who isn’t out on loan, England U19 midfielder Dean Parrett. Injury crisis like this is almost the only way to have a breakthrough for a youngster at Tottenham these days. Don’t ruin it by silly ideas like playing Robbie Keane or David Bentley in central midfield. Parrett haven’t been great out on loan, but have been stand out player when on call for England, and we bought him for much money from QPR as the “next Steven Gerrard”. This is a great opportunity to see if he has a future at Tottenham – also a good opportunity for Sandro who haven’t had Harry’s full confidence so far.

    • Actually Bentley should be able to play CM but he is not the fittest and lacks match fitness. no chance Harry will play Keane he despises him. Sandro, Bentley, Kaboul, Parret in that order for me. I reckon bale could play CM hell he could play anywhere. Lennon left and Bentley right. or even Kaboul sitting in 5 man midfield with Luka, Lennon, Bentley and Keane or Pav of main striker.

  23. Surely sandro is upto it! How bad is the palacios injury anyone? It is unbeleivable how many injuries we get.

  24. The last time Harry was forced to play a player because of an injury crisis he discovered Bale. I am convinced Sandro can do a great job and I don`t like to see our player getting injured but I feel this could be a blessing. I just hope he does not go and do something stupid and play Tug boat corluka at DM he is bad enough at LB. I would put Kaboul ahead of him but please Harry play Sando!!

  25. What are you guys on about? Sandro is a beast and Blackpool would be a great time for him to start a good run of form 😀

  26. Paring Sandro and Modders in midfield? And what would be the downside?

    I also disagree that Sandro is “hugely inexperienced”. WTF, the chap was alpha and omega in his International competing in Brasileiro League and covering forwards from Palmeiras, Santos, Fluminense, Corinthians and other quality clubs, and with them won Copa Libertadores last year! Comparing to Sandro, Jenas is a foking retard, but somehow Sandro has to play second fiddle to this retard. Sandro was glued to the pine because he lost one foking ball to a tackle from a blind spot. On the other hand, this “hugely experienced” retard who can’t pass the ball to save his life, can’t tackle, can’t head the ball is a favorite for the first XI? Isn’t it true that no one complains about it because no one actually expects him to do any of those things anyway? IMO, it is a disgrace the way HR treats Sandro. Everyone says ”give Defoe time, he’s still rusty, he needs minimum of three to four games to get his feel and feet back”, but criticize and punish Sandro for his first and only error in an odd game he got to play? Foking double standard and hypocrisy. Always hated it and always will.

    • Spot on my son! But Defoe is the untouchable. bale got the same criticism for making one mistake. Sandro has done nothing wrong and been immense when ever I have seen him play. The guy oozes quality and he takes no prisoners! Harry pisses me off. Wilson passed more to Liverpiss players than a lillywhite shirt and he lasted a whole game. HARRY FORGET YOUYR FAVOURITES AND SHOW SOME BALLS!!

  27. Charlie could play holding mid. He was played in that position for a couple of games for City and did well.

  28. Well we need one holder, and one creative player. I would currently go for Modric and Sandro. If one of them gets injured, then the raging Kaboul could come in and cover. I would also like to see Dean Parret or Jake Livermore recalled in a situation like this, as I think they are both very tidy players and could do a job in there. It’s not looking good is it. When is O’Hara back? Hopefully H will pull something out of the bag.

  29. Beetleblues, you need to calm down mate.

  30. No worries. Harry will play with Luka. I pretty sure that’s what he has been angling for all along…

  31. Livermore back from Ipswich for the bench he is not playing there and staying there in a lossing team will do him no good.

  32. If we were to get any of the kids involved, id like to see Dean Parrett get a chance to be in the first team squad…(or is he like every other youngster and out on loan?!)

  33. The criticism of Jenas is harsh. He has exceeded my expectations more than any other Spurs player this season (though Gallas is close). Of course, my expectations were shamefully low, so his decent performances always strike me as quality performances.

    Agree with the Kaboul and (gasp) Keane shouts. Keano, if nothing else, will run around and try to win the ball for 90 minutes. Plus there is the possibility that he could rediscover his scoring touch on occasional bursts from midfield.

    It’s quite a shame that Palacios has injured himself at the end of his best performance of the season. Hopefully when he returns we will see more of what we saw against Chelsea and less of what we had been seeing in previous weeks.

  34. dont worry to much as a couple of players will be back shortley and then in the transfer window we will sell kran, bentley, keane and possibly crouch and bring in…wait for it parker and carroll

  35. OK, Razz, I take back the “retard” reference to JJ. I hope you don’t think I meant it literary.
    My point is that Sandro beats JJ on every skill level hands down, and it’s a shame that Harry is not using him more often. It is a puzzling irony that he can get more peaks into Brazil squad than into Spurs’. No one could learn shit by sitting on the pine, nor could anyone learn to swim without being thrown into water.

  36. I like watching Sandro play. Maybe after a game or two we will see just why he is so highly rated by Brazil. He only played for a few minutes against Chelsea,his first pass was a “cockup”but i loved the tackle he made a few minutes later..

  37. Why not play bale in the middle with modric and stick dos santos out wide on the left

  38. Bostock, Rose & Parrett are the future.
    Bring them back and give them a chance, otherwise they will all end up being flogged off like so many before them.
    I presume Kyle Walker is on a season-long loan at QPR? Otherwise he would be a mighty handy DM.
    Big, strong, quick and good in the tackle.
    Go for it, Harry.
    Must be better than playing two carthorses like Keane & Bentley FFS.
    Neither can run or tackle and both are rubbish in the air.
    Bring in the kids!

  39. surely the chances of everyone getting injured at same time have to be tiny….
    but if they are literally all injured and Sandro or Luka get crocked before the Blackpool game then you obviously put Corluka or Bentley in there. Charlie Adam is out for them so that’s a bonus.
    After that match, any of Kaboul, VdV, Jenas, Kranjar should be back for the next game and then we are in Jan when potentially one of Parker, Diarra or Pienaar will be arriving.

    I think we’re more likely to recall Livermore before Bostock and Rose as he’s more genuinely a CM….but agree we need to be recalling one or two of them if the terms allow.

  40. hopefully vdv will be fit he plays cm 4 holland!!

    • VDV is better than Luka in CM in my opinion as he is a better tackler and can head the ball. I doubt Harry will play him there though. I would not rush him back though. We should beat Blackpool with who ever plays just look at there patched up side. I have always felt that VDV is a better CM than off the striker or rw. As he can get on the ball more and dictate games better. he played CM for Hamburg and trust me everything went through him.

  41. Re: Defensive midfield duties Corulka played for Mancity in centre midfield on ocassions and played well

  42. why has no one thought about Dos Santos? Did a great job for Mexico at the world cup. Surely it’s time for him to prove he’s the player we thought he was when we brought from Barca.

  43. Of all the positions I am least concerned about at the club it’s CM, long as we have Bale on the left and Lenno on the right you can perm any two from a plethora of players in that role.

    OK we may not be able to play our strongest pairing but I can’t think of another club that has a stronger depth in this area. So much so I believe it will be thinned out come Jan and we will lose some useful players but this is necessary if we have any aspirations to strengthen in other areas which are sadly lacking at the moment.

    ps Bale is a wonderful player but I think he needs a rest…..

  44. I think Corluka could do a job. He doesnt have loads of pase, but he can help protect the back four and he reads the game quite well. At least he is fully fit at the mo. That said, Sandro is starting to find his feet. No disrespect to Blackpool, but if we’re not gonna give him a chance against these, then who are we gonna play him against? Don’t forget, he’s been deemed good enough to play for Brazil, and also Captain their U20’s.

    If we couldn’t go for either of those two, I would bring Jake Livermore back from Ipswich. He struggling at the minute in a poor team, as is Andros, but of all the players we have out on loan, I think these two are the most exciting.

  45. Different subject but spoke to spurs shop today to try and order the Cup shirt. was told its sold out, with NO stock due. Thats it for the season. And 3rd shirt is almost sold out also.

    How on earth can Levy sign a new contract with Puma when the useless retards cant even produce the shirts? So we are supposed to support the team, yet when we try to do so financially its not possible because PUMA cant get the shirts printed?!!!!!


    Can u imagine phoning up United or Chelskum shop to be told the shirts are not available, 2 weeks before christmas?!!!

    At a time when spurs could be selling bucket loads of shirts, generating income to put towards running the club…. first champions league in ages….

    get your finger out LEVY, get rid of PUMA, get a company who can supply the shirts, this is a total embarassment.

    Anyone who can get hold of fakes – there is a huge market waiting…. (and i bet the fake shirt factories can pump out a box of shirts in a few days, so how cant puma??!!!)

  46. Sandro i am sure will do a good job!!
    He is a Brazilian International after all!!
    keep the faith!!

    • He needs time looks like a real athlete in fairness and will be a good one for future…Next year maybe!!

  47. What bout John Bostock…Wats happened to him..He still only 19 i think but he has had no say since Harry came in??????….Any thoughts??

  48. Jake Livermore could come back and do a job on the bench….

  49. Firstly its not only this season we have had injury crisis its bean happening for a few years now . This has a lot to do with Weights Boots any colour and dirty tackles from over energised and desperate teams like Chelski. The training is done by fitness coaches who train footballers like athletes and there Hamstrings are so taught there like guitar strings and snap, Add pitches to the equation like trampolines and wet cold slippery training grounds heavy drinking nights all this his before Harry gets them to do ball work and tactics . Now to the boots one word classy and Horrendous like having a car with no side panels okay for driving in a field but no good in traffic, they offer no protection to ankles no protection to feet and they can rip muscle like a knife. This amazes me footballers costing millions are aloud to do boot deals with manufacturers who don’t consider the players protection in the design and put profit first. The last but most damaging problem referees who allow players to be fouled every week like Bale Lennon who because of there speed and danger are constantly brought down to stop them and then end up with Damage body’s at a young age. The solution less weights more ball work our new training ground all weather indoor pitch more aerobics Aussie style Girls to keep there attention. New boots designed with safety and protection made out of kevlar . and lastly get the ground and training and players blessed.

  50. what about dos santos,what happened to him after a good world cup and a good start for spurs.

  51. Charlie Adam is suspensded for Blackpool so i reckon ‘Arry will go with Sandro, get him some experience. Probably give him 45 minutes and take him off if he plays rubbish or gets a yellow card, both of which are pretty inevitable. Wouldn’t mind seeing us play 4-5-1 as Blackpool have yet to lose against a team playing 4-4-2 this season. Ball retention will be key and technically we’re better thean them so with them also playing 4-5-1 we should come out on top. Do we really want a shootout away from home?

  52. spurs buy rakitic

  53. There is also the possibility of playing Charlie Corluka as a defensive midfielder as he has played in that position on quite a few occasions for Croatia.

  54. why not o,hara i think he is a great little player why is he forgotten

  55. yep I’m with that call livermore or bostock. it’s about time someone got a shot at it. i bet modric wouldn’t get a run in the championship league (if he wasn’t known) it’s kick to kill football. As for injuries i’ll play the wenger card here. the ref’s in the prem are crap! If we had a champs league ref for the chelsea game they’d have had a few sent off. For some reason it’s ok to come in a bit late and run studs down a players legs if your playing spurs. Well said V. jenas is playing better but he still isn’t anywhere near as good as he should be. wilson had a decent run v chelsea pity he got crocked. i see van bommel is up for 4 million..he sounds like a perfect fit for Arry. getting on a bit with plenty of experience. could be good for a season? would be nice to think he’d be there to give our kids a bit of advice and he’d give the late challengers a bit of their own

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