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Sep 112010

Well as suspected Harry handed a full debut to both Willam Gallas and Rafael Van der Vaart but neither player managed to make their dream debut at the Hawthorns.

The game did start with a few half chances and Tottenham looked to be passing the ball well, Van der Vaart was playing some nice passes and looked to have great control. It was actually a Van der Vaart over the top pass which saw two of the West Brom defense try to header the same ball clear but it dropped kindly for Luka Modric to run on to and slam the ball pass Carson. Within 5mins of the goal Modric had to limp off and was later seen on crutches. Towards the end of the half Cudicini made a great low block only for the ball to rebound into the air, after a scramble in the box Brunt managed to beat Bale to the jump and header the ball in at the near post to make it 1-1.

The second half got underway and West Brom came out a completely different team, they looked to pass and move better than us and for some reason they looked to have much more stamina. The Tottenham boys looked tired and the West Brom players looked fresh and really started to take the game to us.

For the rest of the match Tottenham looked more and more tired, Pav didn’t really ever get in the game and was substituted for Keane. Spurs were looking to play more direct down the middle with the inclusion of Keane in the game but it just wasn’t falling Tottenham’s way. West Brom were looking more and more dangerous on the counter as the tired legs of the Spurs players were struggling to get back. In the last 10mins and a West Brom corner saw a glancing header saved down low by cudicini and only a few mins later he was at it again with a full stretch save down to his left. Carlo had made up for the tame shot he let in against Wigan by keeping Tottenham in this one.

The game finished at 1-1, wasn’t a great game really, could argue a draw was a fair result. Gallas done well at times but looked very tired towards the end. Van der Vaart during the match played a lovely through ball for Ball but Carson got the slightest touch to send Bale’s shot wide. Van der Vaart looked tired towards the end also. Van der Vaart and Gallas you can understand as they haven’t had much match time recently but there were other players looking lazy and tired. Corluka looked exhausted for the final third of the game so did Palacios. Maybe it was a case of players having their minds on Tuesday night. I thought Kaboul had a decent enough game, won most of his headers and didn’t really do too much wrong.

Overall fair result, if anything West Brom should have nicked it, wasn’t a great performance and now it makes the Wigan result look even worse. 1 point from Wigan and West Brom isn’t top 4 form.

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  29 Responses to “West Brom 1-1 Tottenham – Report”

  1. Both Gallas and Palacios were really poor. The result and process are really disappointing.

  2. Carluka can´t defend nor attack. Get King inn there in a wheelchair and let bloody Carluka push him around.
    Then Carluke will have a task he can complete properly. We need a leader !!!!!

  3. We’re gonna beat Werder Bremen.


    Because this is Tottenham Hotspur.

  4. I think you are being kind – Corluka was looking tired from the moment he came on, Palacios was so slow he wouldn’t win a child’s egg & spoon race and Lennon didn’t know whether his arse was punched, bored or countersunk , he had no idea where to take the ball. 4th? On this showing we’ll be lucky to finish in the top half.

  5. Lol, you lot are not genuine top 4 material, against west brom is just not good enough.

  6. I would have taken a point before the game but for me that was a very poor performance. Why would our players be so tired apart from Varrt and Gallas? For me Vaart worked harder than most of the Spurs players. I’m not sure they were tired maybe LAZY is the word you are looking for. In the last 10 mins West Brom nearly scored 3 goals!!! Cudicini made two class saves and then the Baggies missed an open goal. Spurs couldn’t even keep the ball. Maybe adjusting to a new formation could take a while to get used to but the players should be putting in a 100% every game. What was Lennon and Hudd doing? Only Bale was working his socks off and Kaboul played well. We look a shadow of the team that played Man City and Young Boys at the Lane. No pace up front is also a major concern with Deofe being out, I honestly think we should call back Obikia from Palace as a back-up striker. He was great in the US, strong and very quick. Modric injured and on crutches looks really bad and I’m sure I saw one or two limping at the end! How can we have so many injuries? Arsenal have more players out than us yet they are flying!!! Come on Spurs you have to work harder than this. If we play like this away in Germany on Tuesday it’s going to be a lot worse….

  7. Whopps *a draw*

  8. Cudicini – 8 Spurs’ man of the match, made several game-saving saves
    Corluka – 5 molasses runs faster, nuff sed (Kaboul should be our RB)
    Gallas – 6 Good positioning and awareness but clearly not 100% fit yet, played 90-mins which is good
    Kaboul – 7 Fairly decent throughout, made a few mistakes but generally held the back line well
    Bale – 8 best outfield player by miles, made some lung-bursting runs down both flanks and put in some good crosses all afternoon.
    Van Der Vaart – 6 The new boy in town, played ok, obviously getting used to the pace of the PL, made some good defence-splitting passes, needs to improve on his “you tube” shooting
    Palacios – 6 Played ok, nothing special, broke WBA play in the midfield as expected, passing still leaves a lot to be desired.
    Huddlestone – 6 Also ok, nothing spectacular, good long-range passing but again shooting let him down, rarely on target with his shooting, needs to be more prolific like a Lampard.
    Lennon – 5 I think the “golden boy” has lost his mojo TBH. Made some darting runs on both flanks but no end product, his passing awareness and decision-making is also lacking. School report: “Must try harder”.
    Pav – 6 Led the front-line reasonably well, again nothing special, made a few good aerial challenges but no lethal finishing, link up play with the midfield needs to be improved.

    Krankie – 6 Worked hard when he came on the left side, linked up well with the midfield but no moment of magic.
    Keane – 5 worked hard to impress but nothing concrete produced. Only on for 25 mins.
    Crouchinho – 5 got into some good positions in the WBA box but no real threat, only played around 20mins.

    Team performance – 6 Ok, nothing special, passing in midfield is still sloppy and finishing is looking weak with Defoe out. Pav, Crouch and Keane better start firing, otherwise we have Johnny-2-Saints to come in for an extended run perhaps ? Corluka needs to take a good look at himself as do Lennon and Wilson.

    Lets hope we get at least a point at Bremen…COYS !

  9. ‘Wigan 1, you lot 0’ Don’t you mean ‘Whoops’

  10. Forgot Modric – 7 lined the play very well in midfield and scored a good goal until his injury, hope it’s not serious or we’re stuffed…

  11. Action Yid, he left on crutches so what does that tell you?

  12. Just a precaution I hope…

  13. I really hope you’re right but knowing our luck….?

  14. You’re right Rick, I’m beginning to think Spurs are going back to their roots as being a team of crocks. Modric keeps getting injured, FACT. Sure, he a tough little Croat but his body appears fragile, every little knock and he’s off the pitch.

    King – nuff sed.

    Defoe – turning into a “glass cannon”, great at finishing but very very fragile.

    Dawson – not the most intelligent player, keeps putting his body is injury-inducing positions.

    Remember Anderton et al…it’s all coming back…

  15. i remember when we used to get all these injuries with Anderton, Iverson running into goal posts all the time. Even heard Sir Les fell over his wallet once and fell down the stairs while at Spurs LOL!

    So it’s


    Lets just hope a few of them are back soon. Can’t seem Modders making it for Tuesday though can you?

  16. We’re buggered basically, Gomes is our no. 1 goalie, King and to a lesser extent Woody were our no 1 centre backs, Dawson IS one of our no. 1 centre backs, Defoe is usually our no. 1 striker, and Modders is usually our no. 1 midfielder…shafted basically. Only saving grace is that VdV and Gallas have been blooded, better start getting Sandro in there sharpish as Wilson is loosing it…

  17. With 5 players out of our first team today a draw is not a bad result. But how poorly we played at times is the point. Losing at home last week has cost us valuable points. I guess with champions league we are going to have to get used to changing the team around. Unfortunately it might take us a while for these new line ups to gel. Something which Spurs fans might have to get used to.

  18. What’s that about finishing above Arsenal this season? Blackpool’s in your spot, you bunch of fruitcakes!!


  19. 4 games in Vitamin, even Man City are dropping points, are you going to tell me they’re fruitcakes too ??? Perhaps with Liverpool in 15th you’re going to tell me they’re relegation candidates ??? You’re the fruitcake son…

  20. hugely disappointed. we needed more protection from the ref from west brom’s over physical approach and didnt get it, so its no surprise that luka was injured. once they equalised I had that sinking feeling that it would end in a draw or even a defeat to a late goal. Pav showed why defoe gets picked ahead of him by doing very little – neither corluka or wilson look like CL players right now and I much prefer kaboul at rb as he is faster and has much more energy. i thought vdv was really promising and seemed to be developing a good understanding with luka before the injury. he looks a quality player though. gallas looked not quite sharp enough but will benefit from the game if he is playing against werder bremen on tues. 1 point from wigan and brom – not quite 2 from 8 but not looking too great. I dread to think what we would be playing like if bale got injured – i’m just praying for luka.

  21. let me fucking tell you why we looked tired against West Brom . No i wont tell you why teams walk down the tunnel and come out energised and a different unitin the second Half but lets look at a few startling facts Blackpool paid 2 million for eleven donkeys of the beach and they are in fourth spot . Everton where 3=1 down with three mins left score 3-3 and they could have won it. Van der Vaart is going to learn fast shocks are common in this league also its spreading Barcelona 0 Hercules 2 should tell you somthing smells bad i no what it is so does Ufa THE Fa and Fifa stopping it his a lot harder well come to shock and all Football.

  22. Why not? I think I’ll go ahead and call all you lot a big joke. But you bunch and ManShitty just take the cake for declaring you’ll finish above Arsenal or even win the league. Liverpool still have a game to play and could jump you, and also aren’t as obnoxious so I’ll spare them the extra ridicule. 🙂

  23. But it’s 4 games in, you fruitcake ! The league has only begun ! Are you one of those “mystic meg” fans that thinks they know the final outcome from the very beginning ? Stick to fantasy football son…you’re wasted here.

  24. Gallas and Van Der Vaart did well I think, they’ve only been with the club for a few days.

    Cudicin did very well..

    Thudd, Kaboul, Modric, Bale had a decent game.

    Palacios, Lennon and Pavlyuchenko (pardon my french) SUCKED!!!!!
    Palacios even had a tackle when there was noone around, and his passing is….well, can you call it a pass when it doesn’t reach anyone???
    Lennon needs to relax for a game or two and let Giovani try his best on the right..
    And we REALLY need a worldclass striker, when Defoe’s injured we don’t have a good option…
    Crouch should only play for the national team, Keane shouldn’t even be option nr. 4…
    and I really thought Pav would come good, but as of now he apairs week, slow and nowhere near starquallity….
    Good Luck on tuesday… we need it.

  25. Give Bentley a run in the team, that’s the best way to kick “AzzaBlud” up the arse. Pav will come good. he’s like Huntelaar at AC Milan, he hasn’t been given a decent run in the team…Corluka replaced by Kaboul and Palacios replaced by Sandro (quicktime !). If we get a point at Bremen, that will be a good result for the Spurs ! COYS !

  26. I’m sure we equalised before half-time. We’re you actually there?

  27. Lads, Harry fears Modders may have broken his leg again!!!! Nooooooooo! He got kicked on the same point that broke the bone the last season!!! Pray it’s not a break!

  28. What is Vitamin banging on for? Who said we were going to finish above Arsenal??

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