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Aug 072010

Could Robbie Keane actually have saved his Tottenham career,assuming that’s his wish.

After an initially slow first half of the season on his return from Liverpool,he looked pretty impressive during the start of the 09/10 campaign,unfortunately Keane then found himself being pushed out on to the left of midfield and as his confidence started to dip so did his game,until such a point in fact as he then began to find himself pushed further down the striking pecking order,something than many of us would never have thought possible.In fact his form dropped of so badly after the first four or five games last season that the only way he could be sure of first team football was to make the journey north of the border in the January transfer window,a move which not only shocked the fans but according to reports at the time a lot of the players also found this hard to cope with.But alas Keane ventured out in search of his old self and in so doing donned the green and white hoops of Glasgow Celtic,and after a few sluggish games to begin with he started to regain his fitness,and hence started finding the net again on a more regular basis.

However we all now that the standard of opposition in the Scottish Premier League is a lot less than that of it’s cousin South of the border,taking this then as a given how has Robbie’s game seemly improved to such an extent that he could now find himself a regular again in the Tottenham starting eleven? The answer to this must I believe come in two parts,the first I believe is that Robbie has rediscovered that fire which had been so badly extinguished under the tutelage of Rafa Benitez.That will to win at all costs no matter how much the body will ache the next morning,now I’m not one to knock a man that obviously knows more about football than I ever will,it just seems so obvious that our little Irishman went up to Liverpool a first rate player and for whatever reason,on his return to the Lane he was a broken man.Yes he played a big part in helping us avoid relegation,but it was obvious to all that his time on the red side of the Mersey had affected him badly

Now on to the second piece in the jigsaw that is Robbie,which I believe to be his form,as a footballer you are a vacant vessel without it,the loss of said form though can to some extent be covered if you still have that drive to make the runs into either goalscoring positions or the setting up of the same for those around you,but as I have previously written perhaps Robbie had lost this also,hence the absence of the aforesaid latter part could not be covered up.

Now however with the rebirth of  our captain form at his feet,belly full of the fires,have we at last got our Keano back,or at least as his pre-season performances show is he close at hand.Are you then a happy bunny or an indifferent fox that still wishes to see Keano depart the Lane once more?

Your comments are as always welcome,though to avoid your posts being edited please refrain from using bad language and respect other posters points of view.Thank You.

  39 Responses to “We’ve Got Our Keano Back!”

  1. His two goals against Fiorentina were vintage, he’d be a big assett to Villa or whoever he goes to and will be difficult to replace.

  2. PSB at his best is imho irreplaceable to spurs, the caricature of this once impressive talisman which returned to the lane after his flirtation with the red side of Merseyside on the other hand is a cumbersome millstone around our attack, Unable to pass or shoot accurately runs down blind alleys which frustrate everyone in the ground particularly Luka with attacks breaking down as soon as the ball goes within 20 yards of him. It is too early to tell which Keano we now have i for one hope it is the former as keano on top form would be like signing a £20 million striker which we have all been crying out for not the answer to all our problems but a significant boost and with the form of Gio in pre-season i think that the top 3 should be looking over the shoulders nervously as we look to gatecrash the title race.

  3. Yep I’ve heard Gio played well again today,let’s just hope Harry gives him his chance against City.

  4. I am and always will be a keane fan. Though the only way he’ll play well for us is if the crowd get off his back, as soon as he misses one chance or pass everyone is jumping on him. We should forgive his liverpool mistake, and support him as he remains a quality player – just look at the range of amazing goals he has scored for us down the years.

  5. Its a funny one with Keano. I felt that when he was captain he was ‘undroppable’ regardless of his performances. When he was shipped up to Celtic and Dawson made skipper we became a settled side and stormed our way into 4th place.

    If we were to sell Keane to Villa then I feel we may regret it – he could return to haunt us. Given the (potential) Champions League campaign we will need to keep a big squad – especially given that Gudjohnson has pretty much gone.

    So, in closing unless we sign a new striker, we keep him. If and when we do, we sell him to a Celtic!

  6. It was a friendly.

    The guy is a mercenary.

    We should never have bought him back.

    I just hope Celtic have some money to buy him before the window shuts,

  7. He might be useful if he could accept being the third or fourth striker. He is better when he’s battling to be in the team, rather than throwing sideline paddies. And I he must realise that the team qualified for the Champions League without him, and that he’s really got to be on the top of his form to get in the side.

  8. Tomst…tell me a player who isn’t merenery? For most players out there it’s only a lack of ability that prevents them greatfuly taking that next big money move.

  9. Cant wait for Robbie to prove the fickle doubters wrong. The guy is world class. If any of us got treated as badly as he did then our form would have gone and on top of that getting played out of position for so long is bad for anyone. Let alone a player who for years has proved where he should play. Its like getting Rooney and playing him rightback all the time. He would do it, but his fire would go

  10. First and foremost, to the guy that said that Keano is a mercenary, he certainly is not, he rejoined us from Liverpool, and took a paycut somewhere in the region of £15k, so money motivated, he certainly is not.

    Unlike Berbatov, he did not force through or attempt to force through his move North 2 years ago….he merely stated that he was a Liverpool fan, and would relish the chance to join them, Daniel Levy obliged and allowed it to happen, so it was one of them things. But like somebody else said, yes these are friendly games, but you can certainly see elements of the old Keane coming back, the pointing, the shouting, the intelligent movement, the passion is there again! Lets hope we don’t sell him at this point, he could have a massive season for us.

  11. world class ???????? are we talking about the same Robbie Keane here……………..decent at best

  12. Keane and Pavlychenko are our 2 best strikers and they should both start against Man City…

    • I think if the best we are looking to buy is Craig Bellamy then we might as well keep Robbie Keane and not bother.

  13. This a friendly keane has a lot more to prove.. I would love to see him remain at the lane but lets be honest he has not been the same keano for a while.. He played well at celtic and scored goals but the scottish league is not the best is it now.. He should not be given favouritism over other players just because of the past its unfair, he needs to consistently play the way he played today to be first choice infront of Pav, Crouch and now Gio.. I also feel he should not be captain, he is an infleuntial character yes but not a captain I feel we have other characters that do a better job .. King when fit, Dawson, Modders and even Hudd

  14. I watched the game pitch side today and must admit, when robbie came on in the second half, he turned the game. Yes, this was a friendly but players still showed that they were up for it. Keano looked to be his imperious best. I believe that he could be an asset for us this season with CL in the pipeline. Also, Gio had a fab game for us and looks to have settled and matured. I genuinely think harry will turn him into a world class player.

  15. Everybody deserves a second chance it is what makes us human. Get off his back and hopefully we get the old Robbie back. When he is at the top of his game he is our best striker it isn’t even up for debate really. Just get over it and grow up, get behind the team and support whoever is on the pitch. When he bangs in a few goals against Young Boys which he will when he starts people slating him will be singing a different tune. He has to start in those games and for me he starts against Citeh aswell.


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  16. has anyone seen sandro ???

  17. Both teams were going for the win, but it is still a friendly rather than serious competition.
    Nice (identical) finishes from Keano today. Nice to see him score again. BUT I’m still a bit unconvinced about Keane’s career restoration. With me, he has until January to show me what he was 2 seasons ago. If he scores in at least half his games I’ll be happy to keep him. If not, I think he should cut the losses and move to Celtic/Villa. Deal or no deal?

  18. And just for the record, Gio’s ALWAYS been a world-class player.
    He injects the most life into the team with his pace and got the first goal from nothing.
    Not taking any of that stupid keep-ball shiz from Fiorentina. Quality.

    • Gio in his last 3 games has scored 1 and created 2, that’s not bad going by anyones standards

  19. Adam,Sandro is still in the Copa Libertadores with Internacional.

  20. thanks foggy but im wondering whats his status ? with regards to him linking up with our squad ? feel like ive missed something :S

  21. how can you say that based on a pre season which regardless of the goals was boring and offside again harry has been wowed by idiot and will keep him and probally sell gio becuase hes not his faviouroute believe me harry will not get us any firther than we are atm we will finish 8th keane will get 6 goals and gio will be at ac scoring dozens

    • You can only base everything on pre season, thats is all we have had, in the last couple of months. If someone does well in pre season do they not deserve a chance?? if not then why do we even bother having pre season matches if they count for nothing, surely you have to base it on something and seeing as friendly matches are all we have had since last season that is all you can base Keane’s and anyone elses performances on.

  22. Adam.From what I can gather he has to link up with the Tottenham squad within forty eight hours of Internacional exiting from the Copa Libertadores.

  23. The simple truth is if you have had it you can see it if you haven’t your blind to all you poor SOUL WHO DOUBTED kEANO HARD LUCKY OH

  24. I’ve been considerably underwhelmed by many of our supposed transfer targets, so any return to form by players supposedly on the exit route, Keane included is more than welcome. Like others, I’ve also been very impressed by Gio. However, we do seem to leak goals too easily from the games I’ve seen ( & I missed Villareal !) so perhaps the priority should be another defender given the King/Woody situation ?

  25. I am afraid yorkspur robbie did sod off without a by or leave yea ! threatened to disrupt the team would refuse to play after proclaiming his loyalty to us this is robbie keane when he went to liverpool sorry mate bad influence/disruption

  26. Two great goals by Keane today, the man is a very good player. He went to Liverpool it didn’t work out, so what he’s back at Spurs and there is where he must stay. It would be stupid to let him go. Spurs are very likely to have four great strikers. We must keep them simple as that. They are settled at Spurs, scoring goals, what more do we want? Gio, fantastic again and Pav with another goal. I see Bostock scored a wonder goal, glad he’s still our player. The only place we need to strengthen is the defence. COYS.

  27. you all know if he doesnt get picked hes a bad influence form that point only. he will try take the layers away on a beano or something!

  28. if we cant get better think he deserves to stay on foorm alone for pre season!!! but if he starts being disruptive by not being played enough when there our other players on better form or he aint banging them in then he should go!!! if he aint in it for the team he knows where the door is no matter how big a player can be they can never be bigger then team spirit needed to win things!!! hopefully he brings his preseason form into our domestic season on all fronts and understand being sub can build his hunger to play aswell so gives him a reason to prove him self all over again rather then i should be playing im the man attitude!!! 2 words for him as much as i like him and loath him!!! prove it!!! il giv him till january hope he gets his wittz in his head and kneez sorted for the sake of everyone!!! COYSSSSS

  29. The players we have been linked with have goalscoring records as good as Keano, but not in the premier league, keep him, there aint many better…….

  30. I’m glad to see there are still some Keano fans around. Its a shame some idiots here say he’ll only score a handful of goals & do nothing else, or wont be consistent for that matter. Then we should get rid of him, correct?

    We’ll if thats the case, we need to get rid of Defoe & Crouch. Defoe was firing blanks mostly in the 2nd half of the season & yet you Robbie detractors would think the sun shines out of Defoe’s arse. It also goes to show what you know about football in this club. The facts & stats are there for everyone to see, so please have a look. If your’re too lazy, then you should know that the most prolific & consistent striker currently at Spurs is Keane. Its not Defoe & neither is it Crouch.

    Nobody cares if you don’t like Keane, if he wears the LilyWhite & plays, then support him. Now thats what a true fan does. Someone who supports the Club & Team. If you can’t do that, find some other club to support. People like you create a more negative influence upon the team & Club than Keane or any other player will ever do.

    C O Y S

  31. Spurs 4 life…..Keanes a great player and all, but i refuse to support Jermaine Jenas =P ahahaha

  32. I have to say though, that was Jenas’ best game in recent seasons lmao.

  33. Hope this means Villa will come in for him: ROBBIE & spurs are over- he needs to be playing for either Villa or lesser clubs like Wolves- so he can get regular football. Robbie can’t be guaranteed regular football- nor is he of great presence in the big games just like the rest of our strikers. Nor can his legs hold for a full season- he has to face facts he is now a squad player. It’s time for Gio, and some fresh blood in attack. So long Robbie- it was nice knowing you!

  34. Spurs4life- not everyone agrees with your so-called expert opinion: have you ever thought why someone would say: he’ll only score a handful of goals & nothing else, or won’t be consistent for that matter? Spurs have changed & Robbie needs to realise we have moved on & team don’t revolve around him- nor is he the same player he was. Crouch & Defoe admittedly haven’t been that great either but they 1. offer the best pairing 2. offer more presence than Robbie 3. don’t appear to sulk if they aren’t playing regularly. Yes Defoe was awful 2nd half of the season but is more likely to score than Robbie- but of our 4 strikers its Robbie who has to go first!!

  35. it was a tiny elastoplas over a gaping wound, the guy has had his chances and his day’s. Was given the ‘love’ and threw in our faces. This was a friendly nothing more, and there were ffar more impressive displays from Livermore and Dos Santos to get excited about than a has been, who may on occasion pop up and bag a goal or two, but in team terms, he’s pretty useless. As someone earlier said. Blind alley’s, gets involved in issues that are nothing to do with him, petulant, irritating and its never his fault..get shot of asap, waste of space, waste of money, waste of a team slot

  36. Keane currently seems to have a skillset consisting almost entirely of ‘I hope the flag doesn’t go up.” Gio and Bale are looking too good to have to worry about every opportunity being stopped because Keane’s offside.

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