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Dec 102010

You will have to forgive me for this one because I know primarily we are a Tottenham blog but I just want to discuss the Newcastle situation at the moment.

Chris Hughton, done a fantastic job in his first managers position since leaving Tottenaham. He steadied the ship and got the team playing again as a unit, they worked for each other. The players loved him and the fans recognized what a great job he had done. Chris took Newcastle United back up to the Premiership where they looked comfortable in mid table but that twat Ashley wanted a big name manager in and was waiting weeks for Newcastle to lose another game so he could sack Hughton.

Anyway so Mike Ashley wanted a big name manager in so what does he do? he appoints Alan Pardew! Come on that is an insult to Chris Hughton, he has done a better job in his short time as a manager than Pardew has his whole career. To be fair to Pardew I thought he done a decent job at reading then I thought he was a bit harshly treated at West Ham but come on what has this bloke ever done that warrants sacking Hughton and replacing him with Pardew. I might be able to understand if it was Jose Mourinho who replaced Hughton.

I am sorry to all you Newcastle fans, you have been through a lot the past few years but Ashley has got it wrong and I think you all know it. I will poke my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon if Pardew is successful with Newcastle but I can really see this upsetting things again and I can really see that eventually you will slump down the table again.

Your chairman is an embarrassment to football, he doesn’t have a clue and he doesn’t listen to the fans and most of all he has disrespected Chris Hughton who has done a great job and replaced him with a pony manager. I think it tells its own story when you see the small number of people who turned up to welcome Pardew to the club compared to previous managers. Us Spurs fans know how you feel, whenever we lost our managers we used to end up with David Pleat.

Once again I feel for you Newcastle fans, things were starting to look up for you, hopefully they still will but I am not so confident anymore. You deserve better than the chairman you have.

  23 Responses to “What An Insult”

  1. I agree with most of what you said. Chris Hughton has done an amazing job.

    I can’t see why you are taking the mick out of David Pleat. He did a good job at Spurs – especially his first stint, but he held the reins well, when required, and he will always be welcome back at the Lane.

  2. thanks for the support. Ashley has been a disaster when it comes to decision making and this one is the final straw. Chris might not have been a big name but he was a big man. It’s just a shame Ashley is a Tottenham fan doing this to one of your own.

  3. The Newcastle players will need to watch out for their wives. I live in Southampton and the massive rumour down here when Pardew was sacked was not for the results (they were actually not too bad), but alledgedly he was involved with one of the players wives.

  4. Very good write up mate. I am GUTTED as are many other NUFC fans to see Hughton sacked by a self obsessed, selfish ar2ehole. I do not believe for one minute that he is a Spurs fan because you lot are a good bunch and there is no way that idiot could be part of that. There is very little us supporters can do but grin and bare it. Yes, we can shout from the roof tops and wave banners all over the place but the support up here is so passionate that there is no way anybody would stay away from the games. It looks like we are stuck with this loony for a long long time. Dark days a looming R.I.P NUFC 🙁

  5. I prefer Newcastle Town Football Club anyway.

    Go on the TOWN 🙂

  6. You’re right. Hughton wasn’t sacked by Newcastle United, he was sacked by a couple of individuals who are widely despised on Tyneside.

    Here is a sample of local opinion:

  7. i have some sympathy for toon supporters, however, the little i have is exhausted ten times over by my loathing for ashley. and you know what? i really hope they go down. their supporters have had plenty of time to have a concerted effort to get ashley out and have not done it. we had that prob with sugar and after a while having his family listen to endless chants of sugar out and a vigil at the end of his drive so that he and the family saw the placards every time they went in and out was enough. organise and show you care and then maybe i will care. other than that, well seeing how much he would lose with another relgation, and this time the big slide down another division (which might well have happened with hughton) roll on games at sheff wedn and eventually lincoln city

    • Problem is that Ashley doesn’t live around the corner, so we aren’t really in a position to go around to his house and make him ‘feel uncomfortable’. Lives somewhere nearer your neck of the woods so if you see the fat prick walking down the street feel free to give him a blast for us.

    • you, my friend are why the whole country (not just up here) hate cockernees. We’ve never tried to get rid of him so we should go down? Are you serious? Well on that logic your family should kill you because you’re a fucking dipshit.

      When we did protest two years ago and try to get rid of the FCB we got blamed for getting the club relegated by idiots like you! Of course we’ll just put something at the end of his drive in LONDON! Think before you speak you yiddiot

  8. Forget about the long contract for Pardew, if Newcastle get relegated he’ll get the order of the boot in double quick time.

  9. that should say without hughton, of course

  10. Sorry, I know this is pedantic, but when you say ‘Chris Hughton, done a fantastic job.’

    It should be ‘Chris Hughton, DID a fantastic job.’

    It makes you sound a bit stupid.

  11. Good point about the vigil, Cyril, that one hasn’t been tried yet. Having said that, Ashley’s home is about 200 miles from Newcastle, whereas Chigwell is a lot closer to White Hart Lane.

  12. lets be positive, man. Hughton stuck by ameobi, who couldn’t trap a bag of rock salt. If I could have sat nearer the dugout, i’d have strangled hughton for playing the plank. even at 46, i could have closed down defenders with much more enthusiasm and alacrity than tangle legs. hughton sticking with him, and even appointing him captain, is enough for him to deserve the sack in my book. okay, im underwhelmed by pardew. however, i reckon people are getting carried away with hughton’s achievements. i gave him massive credit for signing ben arfa and tiote, but now i learn that this is down to graham carr. howay, lets not get carried away. at most clubs, managers come and go every few months and nufc is no different. If it is right that carr spotted ben arfa and tiote, i’d be more concerned if we lost carr. onwards and upwards. come and join us robbie.

  13. I’m sure the whole blog is interesting but haven’t been able to read the top half lately due to the advertisement that blicks out the text… Any way of getting rid of it ?

  14. How comes Keegan comes out of all this with honour?. Wasn’t Ashley the best thing since Milburn when he made him manager, getting rid of big dour Sam in the process. My take wasn’t it the appointment of Wise which irked Keegan into a resignation. The fans then made it uncomfortable for him to attend thereafter. Nothing against Newcastle or the fans, but it seems the real issue is largely forgotten which is Kevin Keegan, so often the rat leaving numerous ships in the crap, twice in the Toon’s instance!

    • Not one Newcastle fan wanted Keegan back the second time so it’s Ashley’s fault for hiring him thinking that’s what the fan’s wanted, so blame Ashley cheers mate

  15. A tad hard on Pleat, Ashley is an imbecile, and Hughton is more than welcome back at the Lane any time.

    Maybe he can sort the Spanners out after they get relegated.


  16. Hughton stepped in as caretaker more often than Pleat and, whilst being an ok temp, never really convinced me he’d step up. I never got the impression that he’d manage a strong dressing-room. That is one of the rumors floating around, but there are many… Also, with all due respect, Newcastle have not been run very well for longer that MA’s period there. For a club that size to have bounced between the divisions like they do is nothing short of embarrassing. It’s there to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and MA is trying to do that. Changes have to be made and some unpopular. Managers upset players with their decisions as well sometimes . Could Hughton? I’m a little surprised at Pardew, expecting Jol, O’neill or Curbishley (my choice), but will reserve judgement… I don’t think MA is doing to bad a job. The players motivate themselves against Ars/S’land, it’s the other games the issue. You are only 4pts from the trapdoor…

  17. well i have watched man utd fans and liverpool fans mount campaigns with a more teeth athan anything from newcastle where the fans seems to just accept what is put in front of them, that is the reason i lose sympathy. so you dont find it easy to get to his house, try his bloody hotel while he is up there, even more public and he wont like it. i remember well the spurs fans staying behind after games, eg at selhurst park once in 1994, and blocking sugar’s car from leaving with his wife in it with him. pressure can be appiled within the law. just how many times do the geordie faithful sing anti ashley songs in a game and for how many games on the trot? we had years of crap with sugar and eventually turned to corner with levy, take the longer view. it is clear he is bad for you, so get rid and live with the cost. and yes we had criticism for chanting we want sugar out, but he is essentially gone and he put it down to the crowd. or goodness sake your directors were taped in a spanish brothel talking about what mugs their fans are, a nd what did you lot do about it? good article in the independent this morning making excatly these points about the toon fans

  18. Geordie’s are a passionate bunch, Don`t be surprised to see them get in a relegation dogfight now. Pardew is Abysmal manager!! Asley must be doing crack thats all I can say!

  19. Pardew out!!

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