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Jun 252012

Harry’s gone and the Tottenham we have come to watch over the past couple of seasons may be a thing of the past as we wait to appoint a new manager. The word is that a deal for AVB is done but the terms of his severance package from Chelsea meant he can’t work again until July which is why no announcement has been made.

Harry and Levy’s relationship started to crack last summer when Harry was in favour of selling Modric while Levy was standing firm. Harry felt let down by Levy in the transfer market as source say Redknapp asked for his chairman to attempt to get him Gary Cahil and Carlos Tevez last January but ended up with Ryan Nelsen and Luis Saha.

It looks as though maybe this summer Luka Modric may be allowed to leave the club but Gareth Bale says he is staying. Jan Vertonghen and the longest transfer deal in history continues, a deal is close to being done but then again it has been for about a month or more now.

Nobody knows where the departure of Harry leaves the Adebayor deal, I’d happily take Ade but we still need another goalscorer as well but after saying this for 2 seasons has the penny finally dropped for Levy and will he deliver?

It will be a summer of action, managers and players both coming and going. We might get £30m for Modric but there should have been funds available on top of that anyway but we thought this after the Berbatov sale but yet only spent a fraction of what we expected. What Tottenham will look like next season is anyones guess and letting Harry go is definately a gamble.

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