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Aug 302010

I just saw this clip for the first time and thought I would share it with you lovely Spurs fans.

I don’t know why that comment riled him so much, do you sense frustration at the result and the lack of new signings?

You have to give Harry credit for saying what’s on his mind though. I think this will be the last time a reporter says that to his face especially after losing. I love the way Rob Palmer apologises, what a creep lol. We love you Harry!

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  10 Responses to “Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Arry A Wheeler & Dealer…”

  1. Truth is that he’s always been seen as a wide boy and dont the press and fans love him for it? But know he’s got the side into the Big Time and possibly the England job if Capello’s reign is as short lived as everyone expects, then it’s his footballing talents that need to be seen as his prime asset! Mind you if his tactics on Saturday were anything to judged on, he’ll do well for England

  2. Ha ha, looks like he pressure is gettin to ole arry, or dare I say Wheeler dealer!

  3. The Wheeler Dealer who leaves his victims in financial ruin.

  4. What a dickhead over reaction. “I’m a football manager”- what a Knob.

  5. think harry may leave if dirty dan wont get the players he wants,but dan and his mates will take a nice slice of our money for themselfs,nasty little runt

  6. ‘Our Money’ WTF Irishspur, how much do you think ‘our money’ goes toward the running costs at WHL?.Every penny Levy earns can be justified, that guy is Tottenham, whereas Redknapp s just a mercenary, whose ‘Wheeler Dealing’ has left every club in dire straights. Perhaps you’ve been hoodwinked by the sniff of success, but personally I’m a Levy man each and every time!

  7. Danial levy is the biggest factor for recent success, just cos its glamouros to hate chairmans at the moment

  8. oh yeah!!! levy is a genious. he is spurs, and i hope we find a real manager soon. harry has done his work. if it wasnt for levy we would have had james as a keeper!!!? what does that say you about redknapp?? he dont have scouts!, he still thinks james is great, defoe is lethal, and crouch can jump. why do we get old players? simple, last time redknapp had scoutts, those players where in theire mid 20s. hope we get a manager that can get a great forward soon. but we probably will end up with someone who was great once. and get wilson and hudd far away from the first team, no better than jenas, not mutch anyway. never if we will get 4th spot this year. get harry out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ok – would you at least consider, recognizing that it’s heresy…

    Gareth Bale to Inter for Muntari + 21M, then add Ashley Young for 18mil?

    Does Young + Muntari + 3 Mil or so = Bale?

  10. would no’t sale bale for anything now

    but surely one can find at least offers for keane, hutton, bentley ohara, palacios, crouch and maybe some others to raise some moneys to buy some good star players

    if you get in top4 you have to take your chances to get the talent, maybe its not easy making deals but i am not satisfied that we have strengthened enough, it seems a new striker is harder to find fabiano and huntelaar became impossible but there are others to move for in the world. even gyan would be good name sunderland can spend 13£m why tottenham hotspurs cannot do this.

    but most important is midfield-defend sandro is still only prospect and palacious is not great now, we need new dm and natually diarra and muntari are two good names for this role, it is a chance we must take but no we did not. there is offers for parker who is not a good player also so lucky it was reject.

    disapointed from the spurs, disappointed not to improve upon this squad too much

    attacking is ok with dos santos, pavlyuchenko, defoe, modric, bale, lennon enough to play enough in good systems. strikers is not important too much. i dont know latest news for vandervaart but this is a pleasing name for more talent and bentley would expect leaving

    centre midfield is spine and palacious-huddlestonee is light weight too much, not high enough level talent for continuing this progress… i am disappointed, not to sign muntari or diarra, these are good names and good excitement for the tottenhamhotspurs.

    also i did not understand why tottenham is not bidding for oezil before he is joined oezil join r. madrid for less than price of gyan to sunderland

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