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May 112011

It seems I wrote that previous Crouch article a little too early 🙁

Generally, the team put on a solid performance. Gallas saved Spurs’ blushes with one defensive header against fellow ex-Gooner Vieira’s shot on goal which would’ve sealed the deal convincingly for City. Lennon also made his mark by cutting into the box regularly. It’s just a shame the crosses were not up to scratch.

Modric confirmed why he isn’t a striker by putting a rather easy goal wide. Finding himself in acres of space on the edge of the box he should’ve made more of the chance, but put it just wide of the right post.

Danny Rose took on double the work by making brilliant tackles and then pushing forward to cross into the box. Sandro again put a great shift in. Cudicini made a fantastic save early on. Would Gomes have saved that? I’d say yes, but feel free to debate amongst yourselves.

Crouch scored again, but in his own net. It was the only goal that Manchester City could speak of which cemented their place in the top-four. It’s looking more and more tempting for me to openly say ‘sell him’. Even though I should back all players all of the time, it’s made difficult by the mistakes they make which cost dearly. Crouch already got himself an early exit from the Champions League by being gung-ho with slide tackles in the opposition’s half and tonight he scored in his own net to give City the narrow 1-0 lead which ended Spurs’ hopes of another top-four finish.

The heroes of yesteryear (2010) have become villains. Gomes has appeared on Soccer AM’s ‘Taxi’ segment twice in the same season whilst Crouch scored Manchester City’s only goal to secure the Citizens’ place in the Champions League [Playoffs]. Time for a chorus from Alanis Morisette:

“…And isn’t it ironic
Don’t you think?

It’s like rain on your weddin’ day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
And who would’ve thought, it figures….

If I had that ringtone and Harry’s mobile phone number, I’d send that after the full time whistle.
It’s the good advice [‘get a striker’] that he just didn’t take. And who would’ve thought it figures.

Now that this season is pretty much over for us, the knee-jerking will begin and not stop until after pre-season. In fact, I’m doing some now I’ll admit. But if it is a valid point which has to be repeated until accepted, then so be it.

I still remain faithful to Harry and Danny Boy (Levy), BUT the fact remains; such a simple thing like buying a striker would have turn this season a full 180. Not seeing what was [or wasn’t] right in front of them has annoyed me the most. It was obvious we needed another striker to get the goals which would win games; but Hthe two powers-that-be will forever be too full of pride to admit that leaving the striker vacancy unfilled was the biggest mistake in their tenures here.

Of course I’ve been told by someone to ‘apply for the job of manager as I obviously know more than Harry’, but I would seriously call his bluff. At least I’d notice that we’re missing a 20-goal-a-season striker.
I’m not calling for heads on plates. I’m calling for a striker signature on a paper contract.

Was one more striker really that much to ask from our management/chairman???

I’m hoping that big important lessons are learnt from this, as well as hoping to see how Manchester City fare in the playoffs. If they get through to the quarter-finals/beyond, it’ll be a mockery and rub salt in the wounds for Spurs. If they fall at the first hurdle, it’ll still be a mockery by being a waste of a space.

The ball’s now in your court Mancini; and there’s no need for goalline/Hawkeye technology on that.

  21 Responses to “So when do you want that striker, Harry?”

  1. spot on as usual there, evry spurs fan said end of last season that we want a 20 goal striker they didnt move on the issue then, these 20 goal players do cost the big money that are club has said they wont pay and since we wont go over like 80,000 in wages i dont see the big name on his way, a kenwin jones type player and a young wickham i see us going for, specualy since we cant offer regular cl or even europian football in general. From having all the promice last season i think were guna pay for not acting on it in time

  2. dont you think that harry knows we need a striker? dont you think they tried to get one in the last two windows? the trouble is we cant pay £30m and we cant pay the wages needed for the top players. So baring this in mind, who, realistically, is there that we can buy that is any better than we have?? I cant think of anybody and im guessing harry couldnt either

    • What about Leandro from Internacional, our affiliate club!?
      22 goals in 24 games! Sandro we got for about 8million and he’s been brilliant.

      We had £30m for a striker! That was the point. It wasn’t used for anything apart from Pienaar who Harry wanted rather than needed >.< The chance was there, we didn't take it and we paid for it. Harry won't admit that one giant fuck-up.

      • Why fucking leave it until the last day/ few hours of the window!? Whatever way you look at it we should of gone about it differently and if they did try to buy one why wasnt bids made earlier if they knew we needed a striker. We could of won the league, we aint lost many more than the leaders. What a crap ending but one i predicted when we didnt buy in the windows.

  3. Great article.
    One thing that worries me is something I read the other day, harry was quoted as saying he will have to speak to the chairman to see if theres any money to spend?

    Surely after all the champions league money we made and the fact that we didnt spend any in the January transfer window, there should be a significant budget for the summer. I have a feeling its gonna be get rid before get in and that could be a very long winded process making sure we miss out on all our targets again because of dithering. I hope this is not the case and i hope that Champions League Cash doesnt get lost in the Tottenham Accounts.

    One thought i had was rather than bidding for well publicised targets and risk wasting lots of time then getting outbid on the wages fron to city, liverpool etc why dont we get a few promising brasillians in?? If they are anything like sandro will save us a fortune. sniff around the brasillian U21’s ets. Also after spending a month in Brasil and watching quite alot of football there is loads of talented, technical players we could get for a fraction of the 20/30m prices quoted round europe.

    any thoughts welcome

  4. what we need is a striker that can score between 15-20 goals pr season. i dont care who that striker is as long he can score goals, and a new goallie.

  5. I hear the phrase ‘I can’t think of any strikers for under 30 million and eighty thousand pounds a week, so I’m pretty sure Harry can’t either’. That’s what he’s supposed to be fucking good at, plus he has a damned scouting network to help him. Anyway, Gameiro, Lukaku, Gervinho, Huntelaar, Ba, Welliton, Love, Doumbia, Necid,Roux, Gyan, Kalinic, Acquafresca, Kiebling, Barrios, Sow and Rodallega are strikers that I can think of of the back of my head, in about a hundred and twenty seconds. If Harry seriously couldn’t think of a single striker like that after forty odd-years in management, he shouldn’t be manager, he should be the fucking janitor….

  6. To be fair we shoulda signed Suarez bet redknapp was to busy going for beckham, pienaar, Neville and Adam! He had the chance to sign Suarez!

    • he was practically playing 1 up front at the time (crouch & VDV) so Suarez didnt fit the bill , think he thought he was too small.

      Apparently Porto need the cash and are willing to sell hulk and Falcao for 40m – ready made strike force that are succesfull. That would be my first choice. prolific partnership, strong , good in the air and flair perfect for us.

      we need to get in early there and not wait to sell our current strikers otherwise we wont get them. ecspecially without europe, but on the otherhand liverpool signed lots of players without European football on offer, which prob means it all comes down to wages : ( but bales on 80k a week and thats not too shabby. so hopefully we can compete.

      • I agree and yet disagree with you Matty. Suarez can fit in anywhere!! He is playing in alot of different positions and creating goals. He is scoring some and creating some. He is not just creating opportunities for goals he is creating goals whether he puts them in or not. He would have been fantastic in our side. Suarez is fantastic talent. I like the idea of the “Porto Pair” because of the chemistry they would bring to our strike force. Our strike force lacks chemistry which means a lack of goals. I also like the idea of not waiting until late. Get our business done early and get the team set so we can move forward.


  7. I’ve thought all season that having Crouch was a mistake. Since re-signing him, whenever he’s played it’s resulted in the same long ball tactics which nearly every team has picked up on (as well as the fact that for someone so tall he is absolutely rubbish in the air 9 times out of 10). He simply hasn’t got it ‘in his locker’ so to speak to get the necessary 15-20 goals a season a ‘first choice’ stiker should be able to do each season. Unfortunately, whilst ‘arry is still in charge Crouch won’t be going anywhere as he’s one of his favourites (much like Defoe who has been well below par this season).
    As far as not signing someone. If the newspaper reports are to be believed, we were offering £30M+ for 3 or 4 different stikers at the end of the Jan transfer window. The problem was that as per usual it was done far to late for any of the clubs to accept the bids as they’d have no time to get in a replacement. So, as per the berbatov saga, Levy will insist on players being sold before signing anyone despite the £30M from January still sitting in the club bank account, which means we’ll probably sell Keane and one from Pav, Crouch and Defoe in the last week of the window and end up with another Pav (ie not good enough and paid over the odds for.)

    • Exactly, every time Crouch is playing, Spurs use the same sterile long ball tactics. The ball has to land exactly on his head to score eventually (2% chance, even with a great winger like Bale, Crouch is almost never moving without committing faults). The guy doesn’t have any technical (DRIBBLE!) or finishing skills, is quite slow and not really good at placement. He is only good to use the last 10 minutes when we are really desperately using long balls. In my opinion Pav is technically just not good enough for the big matches (missing ball controls), Defoe only is too small, but a fine striker. He should be paired with a rather tall, technically skilled, pacy striker. In the Premier League there are at least 10 better strikers then Crouch at minor clubs: Odemwingie, Cahill, Rodallega, Bent, Cameron Jones,…

  8. gotta say, i heard on 5 live a while ago a spurs fan saying that van der vart has put a spanner in the works. An outspoken lily savage laughed him off and he was soon cut off based on the great start to the season vdv had. I took it all with a pinch of salt and then spent some time thinking about this.

    The fact is, he has scored a few but we are clearly at our best with 2 up front… out and out strikers… or a tall (off the main striker) and short one…still strikers as opposed to attacking midfielders.

    I can’t help but think that as we didn’t get that striker in, vdv got more playing time then he should have and his attitude made it hard for harry to drop him… and this clearly had a negative effect. We just didn’t score enough goals! facts are facts!

    Also you work so hard to get into the CL and part of the reason is so you can attract top players. So if there was 1 year that we should have gone for it and broken our wage structure (not silly money by footy standards) to £100k a week… we should have done it.

    What a missed opportunity!. Therefore filling the gap by an unfit for 90 mins attacking midfielder (a good one at that… i’m not entirely knocking what vdv has done as an individual… its just more overall tactics and formation)

    Now we are out of CL next season and probably europe altogether once we’ve been to anfield…..Can we attract that star player now?… If so, maybe we have a chance for 4th… probably at the expense of arsenal. If we can’t…WHAT A WASTE!!!

    Bring on AUGUST

    • totally agree with all you wrote about VDV but i have always felt we should keep the wage structure in place

  9. Transfer fees & salaries are a criteria in the Spurs camp, which is understandible.Matty yid’s suggestion of bringing in the Brazilian brigade to Spurs will work.Alternatively, the Dutch league.

    • Leandro Damiao (internacional – our sister club!!) ; age 21*
      22 goals in 24 appearances

      Wellington Paulista (palmeiras) age 27*
      57 goals in 115 appearances

      Kleber (nicknamed ‘gladiator’ – really aggressive combative forward )
      53 goals in 78 appearances (palmeiras) age 27*

      These are all brilliant strikers and are still at the native clubs, we could get these in the summer for a steal but have to be quick before the portuguese clubs come sniffing.

  10. If it was up to me, I would sell all three of our strikers, and replace them with three new ones. I would like to see a top-class striker be brought in, for any price, along with a veteran legend, who still knows where the goal is, on a cheap, and a young, up and coming striker. For me, three strikers that fit the bill are:

    Adebayor (if City will sell him) – 15 – 20 mil.
    Klose – Available on a free this summer.
    Wickham – Great young forward, however part of a deal might include him being loaned back, so we would need to keep one of our strikers for the time being.

    I just think this would work perfectly, as all can play the loan striker role, Adebayor and Klose do us for now, Wickham for the future. Sorted.

  11. Hulk and Falcao would be a fantastic solution for us!if u want to do the next step as well u buy lukaku and i dont think there is any defence that can take so much pressure and not break!but there is a BIG BUT.he has to change his formation.period.or else would be two/three great players on the bench doing absolutely nothing and wasting their time.a 4-3-3 with the players above plus with the squad we have now we can play a 4-3-3 and destroy defences like nothing else.but harry has obsessions and he doesnt think with modern football philosophy….


    swap for Modric.. and Bale + 20 million quid OK

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