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Aug 252011

As ever, speculation is rife over the future of Luka Modric. It seems that for every defensive wall that Daniel Levy builds, stating the player is not for sale on an almost daily basis and even speaking to Chelsea asking them to call it a day, our Harry and the Daily Mail seem content on smashing it down and selling the player on our behalf.

Harry continually states that he could buy 3 or 4 “star” signings with the money from the possible sale of Modric. This scares me a little as I distinctly remember when Chelsea first bid a pitiful £22m for Modric, Redknapp was quoted as saying “we’ve been quoted more than that for players who couldn’t lace Modric’s boots”, which begs the question, why are we enquiring for players of such apparent poor quality? There’s no doubt that Luka is a world class player of fantastic ability, but if his possible replacements or even additions to the squad are so comparatively poor, why are we enquiring for them?

I do not like Modric’s desire to up sticks and leave now that a £150k + salary has been waved in front of his face, however I do want him to stay. With our wage structure there is no player of similar ilk or ability that we could afford in wages, but that doesn’t make us a poor club. It’s not as if we need the money from the Modric sale.

Now I like Redknapp so this is not a Harry-Bashing article, and I particularly applaud his latest stance with Modric, telling him that if he’s not fit to play for us against Hearts or Man Sh*tty then he won’t be allowed to play his international games for Croatia. I do wish though that he would stop trying to buy players that, in his words “could do a job” and start trying to buy players that could finish the job. With some careful deals, one or 2 players is all we need, and I certainly welcome the Adebayor signing, even if he is a bit of a mercenary and it is only a loan deal. Surely he must be getting bored of the bench at City and would want to stick himself in the shop window. If anything else, at least he won’t be scoring against us for a change!

So who are our genuine targets? ITK’s got it massively wrong with Diara and with only days left before the window shuts, I don’t want to see it slam closed with just a 40 year old keeper (no matter how good he was against United) and a possible loan signing as our only business in the critical season.

Written by Davyid

  14 Responses to “Who are our transfer targets?”

  1. Harry’s comments have been made so that he doesn’t look like the badguy in the eyes of Modric.

  2. Same ole same ole – I think the main target for Levy et al is the stadium issue and with HR going for the England job – repeat of the two windows I fear….

  3. Harry’s a honest guy who says it as he sees it. But of course he will also just tell the media what he wants them to hear rather than our meeting minutes. Those that have the impression Harry and DL are at loggerheads… I think they’re together albeit sometimes with different opinions. Danny hasn’t gagged Harry, despite H being as open as a pro for all the time he’s been here. They’re in it together. Harry identifies but Levy decides if the price is ok or not. They’re both fully responsible every time a player is signed.

  4. I just wish he’d shut up – he doesn’t need to say anything – learn from ole red nose !!!

  5. Harry is under pressure from Wilkins and his son saying you cant keep a player who is unhappy also he will be leaving us if the FA call him and he would be a hypocrite. I think they have someone else in mind and then all city’s players will be playing for England Syco Pierce he will be.appointed by Bernstein ex CITY CHAIRMAN.y.We can then sack Harry and install Gus and Tarico and win the league leaving Harry Sandra Jamie and Louise to play on there WII

  6. couldn’t care less what dear old arry thinks, as long as levy’s in charge of money matters and trasfer deals i’m happy, as for modders levy made it quite clear he is not for sale and that’s final, someone should tell harry we run a football club here, not an old folks home, it’s what we want, and not what he want’s. COYS.

  7. I am a knob, i am a knob, i am a knob, i am a knob, i am a knob

  8. i hope to be proved wrong, but this looks like yet another bad window for us and we could be 2 losses before we’ve settled our team.
    Had we bought a stellar striker in January, we would have been in the CL draw today.
    Now we are giving the others a six point start.
    Why can we not just do the business early. Only Everton have purchased less players and we’ve got rid of loads.
    I hope we buy Llorente, Ruiz and a play maker to replace skulking rat boy.

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