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Aug 052010

Been looking at this since last night’s results and it looks like it is going to be one of this lot…




Young Boys

Dinamo Kiev

This list is how it will be, if you have read different elsewhere and wish to tell me that this list is wrong then you will be highly embarrassed tomorrow morning when the draw is made. If after reading this you still disagree with the list then you can tell Uefa they are wrong also if you wish because they have listed the same 5 teams as I have done HERE.

People think we can only draw a team that has come through the previous round, well that is false. The round at which each team enters to competition depends on their country’s Uefa ranking points, that’s why the teams that enter at the final round are from the major European leagues like Spain,England and Italy. However the seeding is done on each individual team and has nothing to do with the countries rankings. Tottenham are seeded because we had a couple of Uefa Cup runs a while back, but if City or Villa finished 4th then they wouldn’t have been seeded. Ajax and Zenit came through the previous rounds, however they will be seeded over Sampdoria and Auxerre because they rank higher in the Uefa points system. I hope this has cleared it up a bit you the people who don’t fully understand.

Definately no easy ties there, we are going to have to give it our best to ensure we don’t end up broken hearted. Personally I would take Wengers favourite side, Young Boys or Braga and I would hope to avoid Kiev because they are probably the most experienced and a tough team to beat especially at their place, I don’t really know how good Auxerre are but I wouldn’t lose no sleep if we drew them either.

This is it, we can’t have no excuses really if we can’t beat any of them teams because if we do get through then we would have to face teams a lot better than the teams I have just listed. If we want to mix it with the big boys then we have to believe we can beat them. I just hope whoever we get that we can do a number on them when we take them to the Lane.

The draw will be Friday 6th (tomorrow) coverage starts at 11am, if I can find a stream of the draw I will put it in the forum so make sure you sign up if you don’t have access to a tv at the time. This is what we have been waiting for all summer, this is our destiny, it’s back to business and what better way to start than a Champions League draw to watch. I don’t know about the rest of you but I sense another squeeky bum time for us over the 2 legs of this tie.

  50 Responses to “*Updated*Who We Could Draw In The Champions League Tomorrow”

  1. I thought we were seeded?

  2. Ssn said it’s zenit not auxerre but either way I think this whole champions and non champions side is a joke. Why should it be split like that? If it wasn’t for that there would be a whole load of other shit teams to play like lovech and another called something like liiele. Some idiot in a pointless job trying to justify his pay must have come up with it. As kevin keegan once said ‘the game is fine so why don’t they leave it alone.’

    I don’t think there’s any confusion that braga and young boys are possible draws and clearly we want young boys. As for braga they were shit a few years ago in the uefa cup when we played them so don’t know if they have improved alot.

    Another advantage with being seeded is the 2nd leg should be at WHL.

  3. Come on young boys…

  4. Info I have is the seedings are:
    Seeded Teams Non Seeded Teams

    Seville Dynamo Kiev
    Werden Bremen Braga
    Zenit St. Petersburg Sampdoria
    Tottenham Hotspur Auxerre
    Ajax Young Boys Bern

    as for home/away
    “The name of each team will be placed into a plastic ball. The five seeded balls will go into one bowl and the non-seeded teams into another bowl. To make the draw one team from each bowl will be picked and placed into a third bowl. The two balls will be mixed around and one ball will then be opened first. This team will be at home in the first leg of the tie against the team from the other ball.”

  5. We are seeded Glenn but because of this ridiculous split in the draw of champions and non champions there isn’t a great advantage to being seeded.

    Basically there is two separate draws. Champions can only play champions and non champions can only play non champions

    Within each separate draw teams are seeded and not seeded. The whole thing is a joke. We should be able to play crap like lovech but some bored cunt in uefa hq had other ideas by coming up with this split draw nonesense. Why is even called a playoff round?? The last round used to be the 3rd qual round.

    These cunts make me sick.

  6. LMAO @ Arsene Wenger coming on young boys….

  7. all of them teams are more worried about playing us then we are of them……we are the ones they all want to avoid

    Went to Braga the last time we played em a few yrs ago, so looking for a new journey….quite fancy Ajax this time, great place

  8. ‘as for home/away
    “The name of each team will be placed into a plastic ball. The five seeded balls will go into one bowl and the non-seeded teams into another bowl. To make the draw one team from each bowl will be picked and placed into a third bowl. The two balls will be mixed around and one ball will then be opened first. This team will be at home in the first leg of the tie against the team from the other ball.”

    another absolute nonesense to add to all this. As in the past it should be called the 3rd qual round with all the teams split into seeded and non seeded with the seeded being drawn after each non seeded has been drawn to give the seeded team the deserved advantage of the 2nd leg at home.

    This whole thing is a total shambles.

  9. Whoever we meet, the boys must perform spirited (the way they did against Man City to qualify).They must develop a mind set to overcome the thought of playing away as this should be treated as playing at home.We have to keep up the pressure on the opponents for the full duration of the game. Dont relax & be complacent when taking the lead.
    Changes must immediately be made when someone is showing signs of not coping.

  10. Why am I convinced that we will draw Martin Jol at Ajax ?

  11. I have been looking atthis all summer.

    has all the draw and results

    AJAX are seeded we could get

    * Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv
    * Portugal Braga
    * Italy Sampdoria
    * France Auxerre
    * Switzerland Young Boys

    So I think avoid the 2 difficult teams Dynamo and sampdoria for an easier match and we are definitely in. But We could still beat those other 2. The Sampdoria manager definitely does not want us!

  12. Tony, because you don’t understand how the draw works?

  13. Tony, we can’t play Ajax – both they and us are seeded.

    Doglegz – the reason UEFA have started spliting the draw like this is to give more of a chance to champions of lesser nations of reaching the group stage, stopping the competition from being totally dominated by teams from the top five or six leagues. Which seems fair enough to me seeing as it’s the CHAMPIONS League.

    MTL – Braga are a decent side now, better than they were in 2006/07 (when they were so ‘rubbish’ we beat them by one goal twice…) – finished about Porto and Sporting last season.

    We can beat any of the five teams in the pot, but they’ll all be hard to beat, although I do agree beating Young Boys would probably be easiest – you can insert your own shit joke here.

  14. Auxerre, Sampdoria, Young Boys, Dynamo Kiev or Braga, are our teams.

    We cant get picked against Zenit or Ajax (who both pushed Auxerre and Sampdoria into the unseeded pot on co ef score).

    SSN is speaking shite. Zenit and Ajax qualified via league not as champions.

    check the UEFA site for rules.

  15. If there is a plit betweens league places and league winners we can play Ajax, FC Twente are the Dutch champions.

  16. Quincy

    I agree Braga are a better team then they was in 06/07, but then again, so are we……its us they all want to avoid tho



    We will be playing either : –

    BSC Young Boys (SUI)

    FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR

    FC Zenit St. Petersburg (RUS)

    AFC Ajax (NED)

    SC Braga (POR)

  18. Well, that clears that up

  19. LOL….. seems to be a mix up here, can someone put it right

  20. I would take any of them, because at the end of the day if we can’t beat the teams in that list then we don’t deserve to be there. I don’t want an “easy run” because the whole point of playing in the champions league is to play the best and beat the best so bring on Sampdora/Kiev I say…….

  21. Think that link must have been updated since you read it, Marc – it lists the unseeded teams as:

    Sampdoria (Reto Ziegler anyone),
    Braga, and
    Young Boys.

    Pretty much the same as everyone reckoned to begin with.

  22. @Marc it’d probably be best if you check your own links before using them to verify your arguments =p

    According to your own link, Ajax are seeded and Auxerre are not!! We will not be playing BMJ’s Ajax!!

  23. Absolutely ridiculous system. There needs to be a CLEAR system, otherwise how do we know that things aren’t fixed or fiddled? The whole point of a draw is that it is clear and open. This is far from it. I understand that there needs to be some criteria, but that should have been sorted out BEFORE this playoff stage. Why couldn’t the champions enter the draw in a certain round, and then after that it is a free draw (apart from seeds)? Why seed teams anyway?

  24. I’m too busy to care who we could possibly draw, I will wait for the draw and then support the boys. However, it seems at least half of the people that post have no idea, and what’s worse is they think they do!!! Looks like a cluster fuck to me…..could that mean Young Boys???

  25. ah so I was basically right it is

    Sevilla FC (ESP) FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
    Werder Bremen (GER) SC Braga (POR)
    FC Zenit St. Petersburg (RUS) UC Sampdoria (ITA)
    Tottenham Hotspur FC (ENG) AJ Auxerre (FRA)
    AFC Ajax (NED) BSC Young Boys (SUI)

  26. some of you have linked sites and said the wrong thing LOL

    all on there, nice detail

    i can read so heres who we can draw

    Dinamo Kiev
    Sporting Braga
    Young Boys

  27. @ Andy – Sorry pal, it has changed since I copied it.

    FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
    SC Braga (POR)
    UC Sampdoria (ITA)
    AJ Auxerre (FRA)
    BSC Young Boys (SUI)

  28. Thanks, BALE, it makes so much more sense the way you’ve written as compared to the confused ramblings of myself and coxie.

    Congratulations on the reading; punctuation next week is it?

  29. When are the games played?

  30. I think uefa fill the need to have a system that takes 3hrs to explain just before the draw takes place.

    I agree with matt and couldn’t give a fuck now!

  31. My money is on Sampdoria or Braga…

  32. not worried about any of em tbh…………there more scared of playing us

  33. whoever the openent is, we should take them all serius as eachother as they all have the same motive here as us and that is to get into the Chapions League!!! so whoever gives it there all and deserves it will more then likely get through!!! if i could pick id probly take braga but still would wana take it as serius as any of the rest mentioned!!! at this stage its like a final already and there can only be 1 winner!!! i understand seeing another destination might seem more attractive for some away supporters but its not about where we play at the moment, because its make or break and if we get through, i dont have to garantee u as u would already know you would have triple the amount of journeys to visit and get behind the team!!! and if we make it hopefully we will visit more then 3 countrys and show the world what we are all about from the team to the fans!!! COYSSSSSS

  34. Follow this Link:

    Spurs are one of five seeded teams the other four teams are listed with Spurs in the section “Play Off Round: Non Champions.

    They are due to play one of the teams from the “Third Qualifying Round Non Champions”. Celtic were elimiated last night and Braga are already through. The remain eight teams play tonight. This wil give four winners plus Braga, and spurs can only play one of these teams.

  35. Just to clarify my last post, we cannot be drawn against Auxerre,Sampdoria, Seville and Werder Bremen, as they are seeded like us

  36. The Games are played 17/18 and 24/25 of August

  37. We can’t be drawn against either Auxerre or Sampdoria because they are seeded like us ! Do some bloody research before posting an article…

  38. Having seen last nights results, we can only draw the following

    Kiev (ranked 44 by Uefa)
    Braga (48)
    Sherriff (190)
    Young Boys (172)
    Zenit (26)

    Spurs aare currently ranked 30. All rankings are at end of last season.

    If Zenit, and Seville are eliminated at this stage and Spurs go through, they will be the 16th highest ranked team remaining in the competition, and will qualify as second seeds. More likely, they will be third seeds if they qualify.

  39. Sorry everyone ! I think I’ve made a booboo ! We CAN be drawn against any of these teams:

    Kiev, Braga, Sampdoria, Auxerre and Young Boys

    Look here:

    Apologies for my outburst, clearly this has confused a lot of people…Of that lot, I would take Braga and Young Boys happily, Auxerre is next if we miss those two and clearly Kiev and Samp are top be avoided is poss….

    Good luck SPURS ! COYS !

  40. You could always just check the UEFA web site where it’s all listed …

  41. The five seeded teams, including us, will go into one pot to be drawn against either Auxerre of France, Celtic’s conquerers SC Braga of Portugal, Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine), Sampdoria (Italy) or Young Boys of Switzerland.

    The play-offs will take place over two legs on August 17/18 and August 24/25 and the five winners from the League Route and five winners from the Champions Route will go into the group stages of the UEFA Champions League

    the above taken off the spurs website

  42. Action Yid, auxerre and sampdoria will not be seeded, A team enters the competition at a stage based on the country they qualify from, the 4th placed english team goes into the play off round because of englands record in the competition. The seeding is done different, the seeding for each round is done on which team has the most uefa coefficiency points and it doesnt matter if they were in the previous round or not. Ajax and Zenit will be seeded over sampdoria and auxerre because they have more uefa points, we are seeded because our uefa points from our uefa cup runs have kept our points up. If city of Villa had finished 4th they would not have been seeded, so trust me mate I have done my research I know what I am talking about and you will see this tomorrow morning. as somebody already said check the official Uefa site out that backs up the list I have supplied you guys, it is 1 of the 5 I have said. Just because you join at round 4 it doesn’t mean you get seeded.. So action_yid you might want to also do some research before you reply to an article mate. I would like to know where you done your research mate, you might want to pop over to the Uefa website quickly and tell them they are wrong too.

  43. THANK you Coxie… **** some people are stupid…

    We can play:
    Young Boys

  44. Hii You that made this articel on top here..

    Now even that you are a spurs fan.. I have to say this.. YOU SEEM to be very proud of that you know who we are going to play or not are going to play.. WOOOW aint you the clever one.. Smart as…..

    Did’t even bother to read the rest of it, because you are the kin people i ingnore in my life.. (well not totaly as you can see) But just had to tell you this..

    And I be damn happy if you turn out to be wrong after all.. I would laugh my ass off then

    • Well if I am wrong then Uefa are wrong also mate, they have the same 5 teams on their site as I put here this morning, people don’t have to like it, people don’t have to believe it if they don’t want to, i updated the article because a lot of people were confused, they had read different things on each blog and were throwing all sorts of teams names into the hat, so I cleared it up for you all. If you want to ignore the fact that I am trying to give you correct information then please be my guest.

  45. Thanks a lot for posting that video mate. Sat here with a banging hangover, and this has really cheered me up!

  46. I want young boys. I think physically we could rape them home and away. I believe they are a good team though and heard they are very good dealing with long balls. they are very tight at the back and would be hard to squeeze through.
    there is my sh*t jokes for the day lads…oh yeh and…

    wenger is a paedo.

  47. you lot make me laugh sometimes with all this who are we playing mixed up shite, shutthefuckupaboutit, we’ll beat whoever

  48. We play who we play.
    If we aren’y good enough we will lose.
    True Spurs fans expect them to win the damn trophy. Why the f is anyone worried about the qualifying games. The boys will beat anyone wearing stilletos.
    Don’t be so negative

  49. Bring on Chelski in the final

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