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Jun 102012

Why, when it comes to transfer dealings with us does it always take so long to complete a deal? Jan Vertonghen is reportedly close to completing a deal but that’s been the story for the last 3 weeks?

The general feeling is that we like to haggle over money, the odd couple of million here and there, sometimes we just have to take a chance or run the risk of missing out on signing some good players because we allow other clubs the time to sneak in through the back door and take them from under our noses.

It’s not just incoming transfers we seem to have this problem with, we have been trying to sell Jenas, Bentley, Gio etc for a good 2 or 3 seasons now but our asking prices seem a little too high, there were reports that we valued Gio at around something like £10m last summer and if we really thought he was worth that much then surely he would have played a hell of a lot more for us.

The Vertonghen deal looks like a done deal but until its officially announced then there’s always that chance that it could fall through or someone else can pinch him, especially when a player like that still wants to join us when we can only offer Europa League football then if you ask me sign him up as quick as you can and thank your lucky stars that he’s not changing his mind like Eden Hazard.

The only deal we ever seem to get done quick are on deadline days when we end up signing players that aren’t good enough to play for Tottenham and frankly none of the fans want to see at the club, the likes of Ryan Nelsen.

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