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Nov 162010

I posted a link to the petition against a move to Stratford, and I’m surprised to read that there are some fans who have no problem with this mental idea.

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion. I know that people have their own personal reasons for choosing to support a club, and it’s for not for me to tell them what should be important to them, but speaking from a personal point of view, here’s why I’d want no part of a THFC based in east London.

To start with, it always tickles me when people claim that “history” and “emotion” are stupid, unimportant arguments when it comes to football, and try to act as if fans should look at everything from a business point of view. There is nothing about being a football fan that makes business sense. There’s not even anything very logical about it. You go and watch eleven blokes you’ve never met kicking a ball around, and the result matters a lot to you. You spunk away your time and money in the process.  That’s not sensible. The only thing that makes it meaningful is your emotional attachment to the club. The history is the whole point. It’s not just eleven men, it’s eleven men representing something important to you. And for me, a big part of what’s important about Spurs is that they represent north London, the specific part of the world that I come from.

Someone left a comment that I found absolutely bizarre. They said “Stop supporting Spurs if north London means so much to you.” You might as well say “stop supporting England if England means so much to you.” THFC is north London – the whole identity of the club is wrapped up in the area. If north London doesn’t mean anything to you, I have to ask why you’re supporting Spurs in the first place.  Aren’t we always critical of all those Surrey Man United fans, supporting a team from a city they have no affinity with? We sing about being the pride of north London. We’re named after Harry Hotspur because his family owned the area which is now Tottenham Marshes. The most important game of our season is the north London derby (which we play against a team who we hate mainly because they moved across London to steal another team’s fans – er…) For decades we’ve competed against Arsenal for north London bragging rights, and now you’d be happy to just vacate the area and leave them to it for an increased capacity and an easier tube journey? I can’t understand that at all. If it costs us an extra 200 million, so be it…even if it bankrupts us, I’d rather stay in Tottenham because in my eyes if we moved to Stratford the club as I know it would cease to exist anyway. I’ve barely ever been to Stratford, except passing through on the Central Line. I don’t feel at home there. I don’t know anything about it. If I did, I’d probably support Leyton Orient.

I understand that lots of our fans are from Essex and Herts, and all over the world  (although surely a lot of the fans who no longer live in north London support Spurs because their family were originally from there) and that maybe for them the area is not as significant as players past, the culture of good football, the glory, glory nights and all that. But you could go to Barcelona on holiday and see those things. Surely what’s special about the great Tottenham teams is that they did it not just anywhere, but on the High Road in Tottenham. Players change, so do managers, so do styles of play and levels of success.  But the geography doesn’t, and what else is there apart from the name and colour of the kit that makes the Spurs of today the Spurs of 50 years ago?

Then there’s the people and businesses in the area that depend on the club. The Two Brewers, The Bell and Hare, all your favourite pre-game pubs and restaurants – I doubt any of them would survive Spurs leaving. All the kids who work in the club shop, and benefit from the club’s community work – it would all end, and Haringey is one of the most deprived boroughs in London. Whatever you think about the council, it’s not the fault of the local people. Stratford will be fine, they’re getting West Ham anyway.

On top of all this, I think there are practical reasons against the move too. We’re told that the plan would be to demolish the Olympic Stadium, months after its completion, and build a whole new one in its place. This just sounds to me like a totally ridiculous idea that I can’t believe the IOC would even entertain. And there’s no way that I’d want to play in the soulless bowl that is the current Olympic Stadium – the atmosphere would be terrible. West Ham are happy to take the stadium as it is, and I say we let them get on with it.

If you don’t agree, don’t sign the petition. You don’t have to sign anything you don’t want to, that’s why it’s fun to live here and not in Burma. If you do agree, sign it and make your feelings known. Let’s hope that, as some of you have said, the whole thing is just a ploy to put pressure on and get the Northumberland Park deal through.

  34 Responses to “Why Spurs belong in north London”

  1. the corner pin isn’t there anymore its a ticket office

  2. i never thought i could love spurs or tottenham (area – i was born an bred there), untill i read this, only a fuckin numpty would want to move anywhere more than a few foot down the road…

    not sure if u pro-stratford lot realise the songs go..

    glory glory TOTTENHAM hotspur

    pride of NORTH london, kings of WHITE HART LANE

  3. oh yeah..and there is only one team in north london…

  4. Born in Tottenham, used to be a season ticket holder, still a shareholder. I now live in Mexico, where I get to watch 80% of our games live on TV. I was lucky enough to be back in England last season when we played Arsenal and then Chelsea. I got tickets for me and my 70 year old father to the Arse match (best £130 quid I’ve spent in a long while ) and watched the Chelsea match in a pub in central London. I was the only Spurs fan there. I loved it. Tottenham is our home, our only home. I have told my father that when the new stadium is built, I’ll get tickets and fly over. It will be the only reason I’ll be back in England again. Moving to Stratford would mean WHU were right all along, we are their local derby. That I couldn’t face.

  5. I’am a Malaysian and have been supporting Spurs almost 30 years now. Spurs should never ever leave North London and WHL. It’s our piece of history. Many memorable games was played there (well.. the ones we win are the most memorable ones 🙂 )

    Why leave ????

  6. I understand your points and about the history of the club etc, But I support spurs coz they were the first team I ever went to watch, a great team with chris hughton and glen hoddle (At 8yrs old I probably liked the colours too). I cant say that I have any conection with the area other than spurs, and if I didn’t support spurs would I ever have been there? unlikely! I know live abroad and one of my happiest days was bringing my family back to spurs, as it will be when my kids are mascots. But I can’t help to see certain advantages in the move to east london. you say you’d rather spend an extra 200 million and stay put! really? if that was your money? getting to and from the ground is a big deal, and we’d be going from one of the hardest grounds to ge to, to probably the best, which will increase compacity, and give income a massive boost. which like it or not is more and more important if we want to move up along side the big boys. If all this makes me a traitor, I’m not so sure. But i’ll be standing supporting spurs what ever the outcome, the worst thing for me would be the club ending up with a compromised by huge debts and limited ground. But just one thing, no running track!

  7. I understand your whole attachment to North London and had probably went to WHL and zillion times more than me as I’m a singapore spurs supporter. The only time, I managed to watch a game at WHL, it took me 16hrs and a small fortune to get there, from my part ofthe world but I love the experience.

    Yes, there will be probably a few colllateral victims if we do move to startford but Levi is not God and could made on the best decision for the club and not the perfect decision.

    Someone here mentioned if that 200mil quid is your money would you say so easily “so be it “?. Do you know whatr 200mil does to a club. Have you not read what happen to Liverpool FC ? Liverpool FC is a straight in your face example that why this talk about about tradition and history, though important , is peripheral if you understand the compeition that Spurs had to endure just to keep ahead.

    Back on the emotional attachment to North London. Yes, I respected all the fans who spend every weekend cheering on the team. We need you to be there, as most of the foreign fans like us ain’t just able to do it everyweek. Some of you will find the club extra special as you hail from the same place. Its natural to support a club that is closest to your place.

    But do you know why Spurs is a big club ? Its because it has a international support 4ht biggest in the league. The size of the international support is more than the 38,000 that squeeze into WHL every week. Its more valuable than say, West Ham as the international support is many times more.If you want Spurs to be a” local” club than you can justifably ignore what international fans think is best for Spurs. BuT thankfully, Daniel Levy is intelligent enough to know he can’t ignore the voice of the international support as I still recieved a birthday card every season send to Singapore as a club memeber ! Lets face it, Spurs is a club that is “owned’ not by just North London locals anymore, move on with the times and embrace the changes , including the overseas money got where Spurs to where it is today.The CL.

    Why anyone could find a same girl appealing could differ . You could love her face well I could love her boobs You mentioned its your local club. But someone here says that its because of watching the likes of Hoddle. and I ‘m of the same interest as him. The reason that Spurs was from North London matters as a FACT to me but it doesn’t matter as SUBSTANCE to me. To you , maybe is the total opposite. Deep down in Mr Levy’s mind, he probably had considered the repurcussion of moving away from North London, in a perfect world, we SHOULD stay in North London.

    But he is too intelligent a perosn to use emotions to make decisions. and I’m grateful for that, Last year, I read some commercial dirrector from Liverpool that they don’t do things in a certain way, as it gets in the way of tradition. Look at them now.

    The Bales, the VDVS and the Modrics of this world do not live forvever. If we don’ t make quick snappy and smart decisions we will never progress., if we make wrong decisions outside the field., we would have to sell them and start over again. A certain Berbatov is a a reminder.

    Finally, the rmark that anyone who thinks that moving away from North London means so much to you, then stop supporting spurs is not bizzare. Open your mind to the fact that you have fans from africa, asia and europe, and you would understand why moving to startford is an option.

  8. I was born near Stratford but supported spurs all my life. Whoever moves to Startford will not only gain a massive financial revenue stream but gather new fans and benefit frombtourism. I will say this however, spurs are a North London side and are big enough to remain in the north and stay competitive.

    If Harringey, British transport and the mayor buck up their ideas and do everything possible to aid our transition then I’m 100% behind the regenration. If not, we must remain open to a move to ensure spurs reach their full potential.


  9. i will all ways surport spurs if they stay in north london or go ot straford but i would cry if we leave north london. so meny memeries use to follow them every where now can only watch on tv see about 90% of like spurs v gunners will not mean the same

  10. sory reason i cant go to whl is i am in cyprus eny one come to cyprus come up to pano lefkara come on you spurs

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  12. I´m from the rural parts of Norway, and have supported Spurs since 1974. For me Spurs moving out of North London would be a disaster. When I come to Tottenham High Road about once or twice a year, it feels like coming home. For me Spurs are my local club, even though I live in another country. Moving to Stratford would ruin the club, in my opinion.
    Spurs is a big part of my life and of who I am, but I`m not sure if I would bother going to Stratford to watch them. I am really not sure if I would continue following them in the same way as i do now. It`s a f….. nightmare this is!!!

  13. Some people clearly just don’t get it.

    Thank f@ck they won’t get there way though – phew!

    Btw as I said on another post WHL is not hard to get to. And if you genuinely think it is try engaging your brain and work out an easier route – it is out there and if your still struggling look at the other article on this topic.

  14. Tottenham till I die……….even if we move to Stratford!!

  15. I cant believe that Levy and co havent considered all the pros and cons, including the emotional attachment to the Lane. We dont know everything that is going on behind the scenes but we do know that it is very diifficult to borrow money from banks at the moment; that the plans for Northumberland Park have had to be changed and the costs have increaased and there is a big issue over who will pay for transport infrastucture improvements. I dont know how much success we have had with trying to sell the naming rights (you can rest assured the stadium wont be called White Hart Lane anyway!).

    Anyone who has trav elled to the Lane in recent times will attest that it isnt the easiest/most convenient of grounds and adding an extra 20,000 matchday visitors wont help – it will require serious thought about transport infrastructure and massive expense. Given the government’s attitude to belt tightening, I think it will be hard prising funds from Boris or Transport for London, or whoever else is invlovved.

    There is also a big risk with the Northumberland project of delays/budget overruns (think Wembley).

    I’m not sure where the £200 differencemillion figure has come from but if true that would make a major difference to our ability to sign top players and compete on the pitch. As it is, the boards are full of posters (myself included) who complain when L:evy isnt prepared to sign a top class striker to propel the team to the next level. Think about the difference £200 million would make to that.

  16. the cries of ‘oh east london is wonderful…’ when im in that overpopulated immigrant area makes me genuinely feel sick. up to date i cant think of anything LEVY has done wrong with our beloved club, so fingers crossed he is only talking about stratford it to get them arse lovers at haringay council a little worried.
    Whenever a arse supporter says there the best team in north london, what do you say? yeah your probably right thats why were moving to east london. no way, if levy was mad enough to go to stratford, i think id hire a immigrant in east london to blow the placeup. WE ARE THE BOYS FROM WHITE HART LANE!!!

  17. Thanks for pointing out the Corner Pin error – I never drank in there so hadn’t even noticed it was gone! Changed it now.

    And thanks for all the other comments. Jos I do know we have an international fanbase, in fact I mentioned that in the article – sorry if it was so boring you didn’t read down that far.

    I appreciate the issue of costs, but the point I’m making is that north London is, for me, the bottom line. Middlesbrough would probably have more joy attracting top players to the club if they were based in London, because no-one wants to live in Middlesbrough. But if they relocate to London, their whole reason for being would be removed. The whole point about a football team is that you say, “this is a club for this part of the world – if we can’t be succesful here, we won’t be succesful anywhere, and forget everyone else.”

    That’s how I see it anyway.

  18. As a Tottenham fan from Belfast I am fully behind the club staying in North London. I enjoy and feel an attachment with that part of London (its the only part of the city i enjoy!) from spending the last 8 yrs travelling to WHL. It would not be the same without that traditional walk down the high road and the pre match pint in Rudolphs. Plus any of u stratford move supporters – have u seen the plans for the Northumberland project…best stadium ever!! Support for Tottenham is support for Tottenham…the club, the area, the people. They’ve always made me feel welcome when i visit and they should never lose the one thing that sets the area apart from anywhere else! COYS, North London Pride!

  19. Jce83, I think you miss a important difference between Boro & Spurs. If Boro do moves to London, it would miss out on whatever fans it had! The thing about Spurs is that it have fans all over London , GB the world. It’s an international brand like Manu. Levy knows that & is not hung up about the geography. You could question West Ham sanity in moving to North London but you could not question Spurs shrewdness in choosing which ever part of London Levy choose to operate. Arguably, Spurs is the best supported club in London. It’s about knowing where your territorial advantage extends.

  20. I’ve supported Spurs for 40 years although I wasnt born or bred there…..I live in Essex and getting to Stratford would be a doddle compared with what I have to go through to get to the Lane. However I’d never go again if we moved. End of story.

  21. I’m not missing the difference Jos. I know that a move to Stratford might be commercially viable, but I’m not talking about the viability, I’m talking about right and wrong. Yes, the club could go and operate successfully in Stratford. But it wouldn’t be my club anymore. We obviously just don’t value the same things about Spurs, which is fair enough.

  22. Although peeps are entitled to their opinions I cannot see any logic in the argument for the pro stratford lobby other than self interest, this kind of move would only benefit someone who lives closer or the dirrty gooners.

    Having said that I am right behind Daniel Levy and trust his judgement implicitly, his stewardship since taking over as club chairman has been second to none. There is no doubt in my mind that DL feels exactly the same as the majority of us and is fully committed to the Northumberland Park project but has been continually frustrated by the bureaucratic barriers placed in front of him.

    If there are forces who would seek to deny the development what else is there for Levy to do? I think there’s method in his madness and the Stratford thing is merely being used as a bargaining tool to gee up local government and also as a back up plan if all else fails. I certainly don’t think our chairman needs any half arsed petition to tell him him how much we want to stay in the area and furthermore I think this sort of action will only go to weaken his negotiating position and is therefore detrimental to our cause.

  23. ‘Haringey approves steps to keep Spurs in Tottenham

    Haringey Council has taken further steps to keep Spurs in Tottenham by agreeing “in principle” support for a future compulsory purchase order (CPO).

    The Cabinet group last night approved a report which outlines plans to enable Tottenham Hotspur FC to buy land and property needed to proceed with the Northumberland Development Project.

    While Spurs already owns much of the land surrounding the existing White Hart Lane stadium, a CPO would enable the club to buy other land essential to allowing the multi-million pound scheme to go ahead.

    Council Leader Cllr Claire Kober said:

    “Haringey has worked hard to pull this report together swiftly because we know that a CPO would allow Spurs’ plans, which have the full backing of the council, to progress unhindered.

    “The council has acted in the interests in the club and is committed to seeing work on the project continue. We look forward to work starting on site and to welcoming Spurs’ 56,000 capacity state-of-the-art stadium to Tottenham.”

    Plans for the redevelopment of White Hart Lane include a new stadium alongside huge regeneration benefits for Tottenham – including new homes, a supermarket, a hotel, business opportunities and hundreds of local jobs.’

    The Mayor, Secretary of State and English Heritage should have all ruled favourably by the first week in December at the latest and then we can start building.

    All other discussions are pointless.

  24. jce83, welcome to the Triffic Tottenham writers’ guild lol.
    Great piece. Sounds very Coxie-like ;D

    Totally hang onto every word you said.

    It should remain in Tottenham. Why throw away such a great regeneration of not just the stadium itself, but also the surrounding Haringey area. All the community work that the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation currently do and are planning would go to waste if the Olympic Stadium bid was carried out for real instead. From what I hear about this ridiculous idea for a move into a non-local area like Stratford, I gather that Haringey needs Spurs more than Spurs needs Haringey, which is a sad thing to learn.

    Arsenal will FOREVER be able to truthfully say that there’s only one team in North London. The importance of the rivalry we once had with them will be drained of all significance. If Spurs move away to Stratford, all the history and meaningfulness accumulated over the last 128 years will be removed permanently.

    I don’t give a flying fook if it sounds stupid to cling to history, but that’s the only genuine, sincere thing left in football these days. The rest of it is all money, adverts and petty copyright laws.

    Plus, I can’t take anymore of Karren Brady’s whining about Spurs making this back-up bid. Gives me headache 😉

  25. Cheers Dave! Agree with you absolutely, especially about how sad it would be to see Haringey abandoned by the club. My mum was a health visitor on Broadwater Farm in the 80s and I grew up hearing a lot of horror stories about the living standards there. Things have got a lot better in recent years but it’s still not exactly a thriving part of town, and they really, really need the revenue that the club brings into the area. The further regeneration would be a great thing for Tottenham and Haringey.

  26. Shove your fukkin petition up your arsehole you dumb fukwit!! The quicker Spurs get out of that sh!tehole N17 the better. The Olympic Stadium will make Spurs a far bigger club with all the facilities and transport infrastructure already in place. N17 is full of shit, drugs crime and jiggaboo whores on every street corner….the place stinks. Family friendly clubs dont want to be surrounded and submerged in the sh!thole of N17 any longer. Get your heads out of your arseholes and start thinking about what is best for the club “you support”?! All the fukwits who want Spurs to stay in the sh!tehole N17 only want that because they dont have the brains to work out a new bus or train journey for 5 miles!! Lammy is a cuzt as well the fakkin jigaboo

  27. DaveYid….We are a football club,,,,not a fukkin construction company, social welfare project or fuk all else!!! Why does a football club want to “regenerate the surrounding area”?? Thats down to the fukkin council, NOT THE FUKKIN FOOTBALL CLUB. We can better spend the dosh buying top players and making Spurs a trophy winning team, rather than waste the money on a shit hole that is already going downhill in an area full of crackwhores criminals and every other kid of shit you care to mention! N17 is a shithole, get over it and think whats best for the club. #:)

  28. topalex….shut up you fukkin tool! you aint no Smart Alex are ya!!!

  29. Hmmmm. Intelligent stuff.

  30. Well have stolen my thunder,this is exactly how I feel,and all of my friends and family too,
    Spurs have been my life for 50 years(I’m 55),but I have to say I think it will be all over for me if we do go to jellied eel land,
    I hope you will be at the forthcoming AGM to tell mr Levy how much of a mistake this move would be,I certainly will.

  31. The lifestyle in Rangoon aside you’re spot on with this article. It is exactly what the A*se did all those years ago for financial gain and we’ve spent the last 80 years or so deriding them for it. N17 is home, it maybe a downtrodden area but it’s OUR part of the world. Whether it’s on a cold monday night at Bolton or a going down in a blaze of glory at the San Siro our players, our shirt, our crest and our fans all represent this. I think Levy has done a superb job (aside from the disgraceful manner of Jol’s sacking) and the plans for the new White Hart Lane were/are exactly what I would have dreamed of i.e. the searing one tier stand and the tightness of the pitch to the stands. It would be nice for once in modern British football for a decision to be made with the fans in mind rather than sponsors or far eastern markets. In any case, our “brand” would be so much more marketable if we had an identity seperate from the identikit “souless bowls” of Man City/A*se. The wall of noise coming from the huge new south stand added to the history that’s wrapped up in the stadium and the area is a far more enticing prospect for anyone than a passive matinee on Shaftesbury Avenue experience in an area we have now connection with. Why do Dortmund have such a great reputation? Because of the incredible atmosphere generated from their huge Kop. Why are Boca Juniors considered more passionate than River, because their stadium is built to generate noise rather than River’s where the noise generated is lost into the Buenos Aires night. Think about any prestigious team, apart from Spain where the atmospheres are terrible, atmosphere is one of the first things you think about. So much is going right for Spurs these days it seems like this would really prove how far we’ve come and how great a club we are. It is a pivotal decision in the legacy of the club and one that needs every supporter to voice their opinion. Good work JCE83

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