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Jun 282010

Harry Redknapp, that’s why. No not in appointing him but by stalling his contract talks, as soon as we finished 4th they should have tied him down to a new contract as soon as possible but they didn’t and now it could turn out to be a huge mistake.

England’s awful display at the World Cup has cast doubt over the future of Fabio Capello. Now we have heard the rumors that Redknapp and Hodgson are the front runners for the job. Both managers have stated that they would not be able to turn down the chance to manage their country and with both managers heading towards the back end of their careers can you really blame them?.

Spurs failed to sit down with Harry and offer him a deal to keep him at the the club, so when you consider how much compensation would be due to Capello if he was sacked, how appealing does getting Redknapp in on the cheap look for the FA. With only 1 year left on his contract the FA could take Harry and pay us peanuts, however if we had been sensible and tied him down to a 4 year contract and the worse was to happen then we could expect some big compensation.

Now Harry knows there is possibly a chance to manage England just around the corner do you really think he will want to start talks over a new contract now? because I don’t. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the man was not offered a new contract, he has performed a miracle at the club and we have the audacity to mess him about by making him wait for a new contract when he has stated he loves it at Spurs and wants to stay.

I for one will be praying that Capello keeps his job for the sake of us Spurs fans or we could face losing our “Arry” on the cheap and then having to find the cash to buy out the contract of our next manager. Now don’t panic just yet, this is just speculation but if the FA make their move then Harry would take the job and get only pennies in return. The Football Association must be rubbing their hands together at the mouthwatering prospect at getting a highly respected English manager for what might as well be a free transfer. Levy hasn’t done much wrong recently but this could prove to be his biggest blunder to date, what were they thinking, what more does Harry have to do to be made to feel wanted by the club? So take note people, before you start shouting “Capello out” be careful what you wish for.

  41 Responses to “Why Tottenham Could Have Made Huge Mistake And May Pay The Price….”

  1. It is certainly a fear, before today I kept dismissing it because of this Tax Trial, but there is oh so much hype about it today I cannot help but fear it, still not sure the FA Bigwigs will go for it though either.

    Think is, could he not do both?!

    Surely he want to sample the Champions League now he has got us there with a squad of his own! Well mostly.

  2. *thing is.

    Sorry, I’ll get my coat!

  3. the fact that the FA are skint big time means a hell of alot…….i dont think they have the money to pay him out as we are still paying for sven…What we need to do is change the system…The fa dont have a clue….and the players have to much power…its a joke…Football needs to look at itself before anything will ever change…..How can u play terry after what he did….i would rather lose than have that cunt play for me……ledley and dawson would of been perfect but no same old shit……take off defoe bring on heskey… midfield no pace no width just devoid of any flair…..overpaid overhyped and a letdown to the nation

  4. I hope they go for hodgson

  5. Give the job to Stuart Pearce with the understanding that he has to use his under 21 team as the starting point and that no one who played in South Africa is available to ever play for him. I would fully expect a better team performance and a team that would go further… The squad and manager needs to be less focused on celebrity and big names and more about playing as a motivated team wit the hunger to win.
    Would be shocked for the FA to overlook Harry’s slightly grubby legal record… few too many skeletons too potentially fall from the closet for them to touch him (thank God!)

  6. I’m not too concerned.

    I can’t see the FA hiring a man with an impending court case hanging over his head. Especially not when there is a spotless, top bloke, good guy alternative in Woy. Also taking Hodgson’s considerable international and overseas experience against ‘Arrys limited exposure to anything outside the UK and I can only see one winner. Liverpool should be more worried about losing their replacement for Rafa if Capello gets the boot.

    Hopefully thats going to be the case as I don’t want to see us losing our best manager in donkeys to the useless beaurocrats at the FA. Personally I don’t think Capello should get the sack for the ‘Golden Generation’ to yet again fail to turn up at a major tournament however there needs to be a scapegoat for our horrifically average national team so the obvious solution is the blame the forgeiner.

    Top work with the blog fella.

  7. As soon as I read the headline I knew what was coming. I totally agree with your article. I do not think that another manager could take us forward. The thought of him leaving is disastrous. Saying this, I don’t think harry is who they would want. Hodgson is more their style. This needs to be sorted as it effects our signing ability.

  8. I thought Levy had learned his lesson after the Jol and Ramos disasters,but it appears he has just the same “tunnel vision” that was evident previously.He is a businessman.He should realise how important it is to protect the assets that he already has.Oh how I wish he would end his association with Tottenham.He is a Jonah and an albertros.

  9. beach_bum, i think thats why harry was only put on a one year contract (with the option of 2years on top). due to the amount we had to pay out by sacking Jol an Ramos

  10. Can’t agree with the criticism of Levy.

    He’s been shrwed and fortunate with the aquisition of Harry. He was appointed to get us out of a hole and it happens to have turned out that Redknapp was a revelation so we should now, and only now look, to improve the terms of his contract.

    Without attempting to sound overly cynical I’d fully expect Redknapp (and any other person in his position) to attempt to use a vacant England seat as a bargaining chip to better his deal and am grateful that we have the hardest of noses in Levy to avoid getting bullied.

    As with any player, Harry will get offered the terms that clubs see’s fit irrespective of how successful he’s been.

  11. Totally agree with most of that spud, I just think Harry deserved to be offered a contract pretty much straight away after securing 4th so nobody else comes sniffing around and if they want harry then they have to pay up big money. I can understand Levy not offering a long term contract at 1st but once Harry done a good job he should have sorted out. I actually do think Harry would leave for England, I think managing his country is a life long dream

  12. Fellas, I can’t believe the negativity towards DL. Who could’ve foreseen what’s just happened after the qualifying campaign we had, which was then followed up by the FA Twats removing the break clause. DL was spot on in waiting to see what happend in court with dear old ‘Arry. Seriously, no wonder we’re branded the most fickle supports in the country. Our glasses are constantly half empty and we need only the slightest of scare-moungering before declaring the end is nigh and start looking for someone to slaughter. We are however very entertaining :o)

  13. For heaven’s sake, Levy has a responsibility to manage the club intelligently for the benefit of the stockholders. It’s rdiculous to imply that he could have made a mistake in waiting for Harry to return from S.A. and possibly also to learn the outcome of the tax charges pending against him. I am sure that the F.A. would not hire Harry if his legal situation were not clarified prior to signing a contract. I have nothing but admiration for Harry and hope he has a bright future either at WHL or as England’s manager. If the latter, then I would hope that Klinsmann would be offered the post at WHL as he would be perfect for Tottenham.

  14. Hmmm. If we lose Harry, it could be a blessing in disguise. This biggest moment of this season for me, was not during THE TRILOGY, but actually for one of the games in the middle. AT OLD TRAFFORD, when we went 1-0 down, SPURS attacked United, and when we equalised I barely reacted. I KNEW WE WERE GOING TO EQUALISE. Then we fell back again and got beat. BUT WE TOOK THAT SPIRIT up to Man City and beat a good team on a roll. HARRY has built a ‘serious’ team. But he’s without Champions League experience, and in over a decade neither Arsenal nor Chelsea have won it. Capello is done for. IT MIGHT BE JUST WHAT WE NEED TO GET SOMEONE ‘SERIOUS’ IN. If we become the first LONDON team to win the European Cup, that’ll shut them up forever!

  15. What about Harry for England, and WE get Hodgson?

  16. Harry has one more year on his contract and Spurs, unless I’m off the mark, have an option to extend him 2 more years. Ergo, he’s under contract potentially for 3 more years. If he keeps the team going forward, there are no worries. If the team starts falling backwards, as every club Harry has coached has done after their first good year, we’re not stuck. That’s without getting in to his health and personal issues. People constantly make things out of nothing. Contract is in place. It’s on Harry to merit the extension. COYS

  17. What about Harry for England and we get Capello?
    p.s. If Stuart Pearce was the right man for the job why did he not have influence on the world cup squad as he was part of Capello’s team.
    Capello, Harry & Hodgson are all excellent proven managers any of whom would be great at spurs or England all completely different but all with different skills and abilities.
    I personally don’t want to see Capello go as what he has learnt over the last couple of weeks cannot be bought with money and only experience can buy.
    I think he is big enough to learn from the debacle of our world cup campaign and take England on to greater things but he does need to use an English person that is inspirational and unafraid to stand up to the egos of powerful players like Terry & Rooney but is also able to take on the egomaniacs at the FA.
    Who that is I don’t know. Venables fits the bill but has an ego bigger than them all. Harry fits the bill but is too inexperienced at that level & Hodgson is too dower.
    Come back Brian Clough all is forgiven.

  18. Why is it people aren’t ticked that Harry is throwing his hat in the ring. There was no sympathy for Palacios when he suggested Real Madrid. Berbatov wanting ManU was unacceptable, but Harry talking about another job while receiving his cheque from Spurs, is ok. So much hypocrisy. If my manager, who was still under contract was talking about another job, I’d make it really easy for him. Take the other job cuz you aint got this one any more. COYS

  19. Pete – I think the reason aren’t ticked is because your talking about managing the country. That’s far different from a club move and the highest honor in sport.
    Hopefully he stays, if not then Martin O’Neill would do a good job. Need someone tough to take us forward not light and fluffy like Klinnsmann unfortuately.

  20. The problem here is that Hodgson is about to sign for L Pool & Harry is almost contract free(not quite).
    With the FA being skint over Erikson you don’t have to be a genius to be worried for the club.
    The ONLY manager I would take over Harry is Mourinho and I can see him wanting to come(sarcasm)

    So the original premise is quite scary and if Levy screws up here (like Gudjonnsen) then he deserves the flak.
    Remember as a chairman you are only as good as your last BAD decision and so far Levy is sitting on two
    potentially bad decisions(failure to lock in Harry & Gudjonnsen)

  21. one might say that IF redknapp leaves, we’d have to pay the price of not tied him down on a long-termcontract, but IF he should leave, this would be the best time of doing so. we all know whos our next manager is. and he is free to join everybody he wants. the man i’m talking about, our hero, Jûrgen Klinsmann! we all know he’s coming, just a matter of time…

  22. It is not about money but managing your country. It would not matter if we did offer HR a new contract if he was offered the England job he would take it.

    A completely pointless article and debate.

  23. If Harry goes for the England job, we could do worse than taking Capello in his place. Capello is a proven club manager and will likely be perfect for our first season in the champions league. Harry has done an amazing job for us, but has never managed in the Champions League. Either way, hopefully we are in a good position.

    The question I have is how can we attract players with our manager touting himself for another job? I don’t begrudge Harry wanting to manage his country, but it may result in dificulties for Spurs to build for next season.

  24. are you mad?? it would be like hiring Juande Ramos all over again!! Capello don’t have the best of repurtation in the clubs he’s managed. No, if HR leaves, give us Klinsmann! Not a proven clubmanager, but indeed a prøven hero! Should he guide us down the drain, so be it, we gave him a try!


  25. spurs have the option to extend his contract by 2 years allah berbaknobs contract so y dont they do it know

  26. Harry has done a great job for us, but if the England job comes up and he wants it, I don’t think Spurs should or would stand in his way. It’s clearly what he’s always wanted and he probably won’t get another opportunity. And I don’t think you can compare this to players leaving for a “bigger” club – The England job is quite unique. I also think that tying him down to a new contract would have made little difference (maybe a few quid more compensation, but the amount of moey we’d be talking about would be of little consequence). Regarding any possible replacement, I’d like us to try and get someone like David Moyes. Alternatively, Harry was working on Tim Sherwood becoming his successor, so maybe bring back Venables to work alongside of him.

  27. England manager in criminal court… come off it, as much as Harry wants the job, the FA won’t go for it… Fabio will stay on as manager.

  28. So the money grabbing git wants to quit for money again, and it’s our fault?
    I knew when we got him he would one day leave us in the lurch when we least expected it. I say better now than further down the line

  29. I would hardly say he has left us in the lurch, he could have gone to Liverppol but said he wanted to stay at spurs. Managing your country is a whole new ball game and its every managers dream

  30. HAS HE GONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Capello will keep his job. Harry is suited to club football, so it would be a mistake on his part to leave a good thing.

  32. I’m thinking Klinsmann or Bilic could take us to the next level, to be honest I think Redknapp has taken us as far as he will! We have a pretty good squad, but we need some world class players in with the team we already have, and I’m not sure if Redknapp can bring them in? All the players we are linked with are 29 plus, which means Redknapp is looking to the short term. We need to be looking at world class talent that still have time on their and our side!

  33. P.s – Klinsmann might bring Ozil with him with the German connection, can you imagine him and modric in the same team?!

  34. Engalnd would be absolute MUGS to listen to the tabloids and sack Capello. He is one of the best manager’s in the world. Ok his team were 5hite at the WC, but the last thing they should do is panic and sack the best bloke we have had in the job since the great yiddo himself, Sir Alf (and please don’t tell me Bobby Robson was anything other than flookey – he didn’t even want to take Gazza to Italia 90 – and he was a geordie FFS!)

    As for Harry going, well if he does it’s hardly a crisis; we are a CL club now and we are loaded. Levy will be able to get a proven manager, like Hiddink for example, he won’t go for anybody without Champions League pedigree, he’s too canny for that.

    The fuure’s bright: The future is Lillywhite!


  35. 5hite managers? What about Peter Shreeves and Chris Hughton – they were 5hite! Look out Newcastle, you’re gan doon!

  36. If we do lose Harry it will be a crisis for Spurs. We would have a new Manager with two HUGE CL qualifying games around the corner. If it was Klinsmann for example he would need time to adapt to the PL and that could take a season and send the club backwards again. Harry has worked miracles at Spurs and we have broken into the top four which some Spurs thought they would never see. Our club has been crying out for stability for years and Harry is the man to stay at Spurs for many years to come (I hope) and turn us into a top club. The very last thing we need is another change!!!!

  37. Typical Spuds whingeing as always. If Harry hadnt got you fourth spot you’d have wanted him out anyway. You are the Prems most fickle fans!

  38. And you are the worlds biggest cunt Andy Mac you trophyless goona mug. Let’s see if you’re still as trappy once Cesc fucks off to finally win some silverware before the start of the season .. I’m sure Denilson can fill the void haaaa haaa haaaa

  39. Andy cunt? Mmmm suits you yid.

  40. Relax. Like he did when the Liverpool job came up, Harry is using his popularity to put him in a strong negotiating position with Levy. The tax case makes it impossible for the FA to employ him.

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