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Jul 052010

I been recently looking back at Everton when they finished 4th in 2005 but failed at the final qualifying round of the Champions League and how it affected them. It took the wind right out of their sails almost instantly, a feeling that can only be compared to a by kick in the nads by and angry donkey,and took them months to recover from the shattered confidence of all the players.

It is important Tottenham don’t make the same mistake, because if we do then there is every possiblity of another appaling start to the season which could also see Harry lose his job, leaving us back to square one. The confidence of the players and the belief they had will be instantaniously gone and will take 3 to 4 months to get it out of their mind. If the fans are unable to forget so easily how could we expect the players to should the unthinkable happen. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t handle the thought of the smug gooners I work with everyday if Spurs didn’t qualify.

On the brighter side I do believe we will qualify and here are the positives. Yes it will be a big ask for our players having to play midweek and weekend games most weeks but hopefully Harry knows this and will strengthen the squad soon. However playing in the Champions League will give our team the hunger and confidence to push on. Playing with and agaisnt other players of Champions League quality and knowing they have earned that right to compete will make our players better players through the priceless experience Europe’s Elite competition brings.

Come mid August we may find ourselves more nervous than the Manchester City match, a feeling most of us never thought possible, pull the armchairs out once again lads, to hide behind should the nerves set in once more. Squeeky bum time? too right, this is it and there are no second chances. This will be our most defining moment, one fixture over 2 legs will decide whether its months of “what if’s” or months of sitting in front of the tv on a tuesday and wednesday night with the biggest smile on our faces and the proud feeling we will get when that Champions League music starts to play and our Tottenham Heroes walk out and bring Champions League football to the worlds finest stage, White Hart Lane!

  13 Responses to “Why We Must Win Our Champions League Qualifier”

  1. Come On You Spurs ! ! !

    We must win Champions League, not just our qualifier!

  2. Thats the spirit Beso!!! Yid Army

  3. harry will strengthen our squad, that’s what he’s good at and we’ll get at least to the semi’s of the CL
    Come on you Lillywhites !!!

  4. We lost an “unloseable” game v Pompey in the FA Cup semi and followed up that disppointment with two of the greatest results in the clubs recent history.

    Agree the game means so much, but if the worst does happen does not mean three months of misery to follow and Redders getting sacked!!

  5. stupid thread it damn obvious find a batter subject es

  6. I’m surprised you also didn’t mention the whole world will end. This whole article is played out in the confines of your less than normal sized brain. Let me get this right – if we fail to qualify, there is every chance that we will immediately return to a mid-table position and ‘arry will come under so much pressue from Levy Inc he will he will have to be sacked. What exactly are you basing this on? Everton 6 years ago? How are these two 1/2 decade apart events related? How about looking in the NOW and looking at the CURRENT Spurs sqaud, state of the Club, the coach, the management, the opposition and then write an article more closely related to a little thing called ‘reality’, You may as well predict the demise of the British army based on the Battle of Hastings. C’m on people – if they lose they lose and we will all get on with it – as they did to beat City, Chelsa, Arse after losing to Portsmouth. Ladders don’t lie and we finished 4th for a reason. How about starting your article with these tidbids?

  7. we will qualify with the players we have and once spurs are in the group stages there’ll be no turning back…it’s up up and the way to the final.


  9. COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Could someone translate this into English please?

  11. It can’t be easy posting your comments on here, especially when half-wit morons like TruSpurs are waiting to pour their scornful and unnecessary bile on your opinions. A worthwhile question in my opinion. Of course there is every chance that failure to progress could set us back. To just disregard this and suggest they shuld just get on with it, come what may, is just narrow-minded. Or, perhaps the likes of TruSpurs is a natural born winner, who has never tasted the disappointment of failure. If that is the case, perhaps it would be more appropriate to post a more insightful and positive response, influenced by your successful life experiences so far. I wait with much anticipation

  12. Would love it if we won it at our first go. Wenger would be furious!

  13. Come on you beautiful can do it..Champions League here we come. I love you xx

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