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Aug 082010

First they wanted Harry and now they want Crouchy, Harry saw sense so hopefully Crouch will do the same. it’s great to be able to say this but why would Crouch want to go to another team when he could stay at a top 4 club. Reports all weekend have been coming out that Hodgson is desperate to sign Crouch but is he going to get more game time at Liverpool than he would at Tottenham? I would think not, so why on earth would he want to move.

Fingers crossed we can beat Young Boys and then we have Champions League football at the lane so the squad is going to be rotated I would imagine, Crouch will probably feature more for Spurs this season than he would for the Scousers. They have Torres and now they have Joe Cole who might play just behind, so where would they fit Crouch in?

Some people might not see it as a big deal if he leaves for Anfield, and I probably wouldn’t see him as irreplaceable however he adds a different dimension to the squad, now nobody likes seeing us play long ball Wimbledon style but sometimes needs must and you have to take the route one direct style and Crouchy is the ideal target man in them situations. It has worked for Chelsea for years with Drogba as their target man and you could argue it has worked for us due to the fact we have finished top 4 for the first time in the Premiership.

Peter Crouch has helped in turning the fortunes around of the club, would he want to see it through or would he be tempted to go back to Anfield, personally I can’t see him going, I can’t see any logic as to why he would want to go to a club who can’t offer him what we can in Champions League football. It’s a classic case of Liverpool thinking they are bigger than they are and can attract players from our club, I think even if Liverpool come in for Robbie Keane that suddenly they wouldn’t be his boyhood club anymore. Liverpool are not as good as they were and keep living off past reputation and I can’t see any of our players who know they will be in the first team next season would abandon us now in favour of a move to Liverpool.

So if there are any truth in these rumours I don’t even think Harry would let him go and I really can’t see Crouch sulking like Berbatov did just to get a move to Liverpool, no doubt they are a big club but you are only as good as your final league position and that was 3 places behind us. Crouchy will know he will be spending a lot of time on the bench next season but so will a lot of the squad, that is the price you pay if you want Champions League football, United,Chelsea and Arsenal will be doing it and so will we otherwise league form will suffer.

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  1. Correction: The media touted Harry as a replacement for Benitez, not Liverpool.

  2. Whow cares?

  3. Same reason Joe Cole didn’t want to join spurs 😛

  4. know you place tottenham

  5. what a stupid fucking error message…”you are posting messages to quckly slow down” or some shit like that…here is my reply…”your site is too fucking slow, speed up”

  6. Good piece!

    Don’t reall think Liverpool ever wanted Redknapp! Just as I don’t tink Liverpool want Crouch! It’s paper talk! Personally I think Liverpool wnat Loic Remy and a deal is all but agreed with the player and just the actual transfer fee that Nice require to be agreed!

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  8. This reasoning is the same used with Crouchy when he left Liverpool!

  9. thats why !!!

    • Thank you Ched you just proved exactly what I stated in my article, that your fans live off past glory, at least we admit we are usually shit.

  10. cos spurs are shite

  11. So, after ONE good season and finishing in the top four, spurs are now a “top 4 team”?
    Everton did it once but they never got carried away.

    When you achieve it on a regular basis then maybe just maybe the words ‘Spurs’ and ‘top 4’ will go hand in hand.

    As for Peter Crouch, there is no doubt if these ‘rumours’ are true that he would jump at the chance of re-joining Liverpool. He loved the city, the people and he never wanted to leave.

    • As I said mate you are only as good as your league position, you finished 7th we usually finish around that spot so I know how you feel, at the moment Spurs are “TOP 4” side because we finished there, we earned it and untill you reclaim it you won’t be top 4.

    • You can have Robbie Keane instead

  12. First off, Liverpool never wanted The S*n loving Redknapp, those stories were concocted by his agent to earn him a nice new contract at Spurs…. which it magically did.

    As for Crouch, how about he and his fiancee want to live in Liverpool, her home city. He isnt exactly first choice at Spurs anyway and would play 70-80% of games for Liverpool given he would play in cup games, when we need to play 2 up front and when Torres is injured or rested.

  13. Last season was a blip, hence why you are in the CL and we aren’t. You talk about past glories as if we are talking 40 years ago. Even in the last 5 years we’ve been to more semi-finals, finals and won more than Tottenham (and most of the premier league for that matter) and have until this season consistently placed higher in the league. Lets see how you do in the CL first before you start spouting off about our former glories. Get some perspective.

  14. Yes coxie “you usually are shit”….For us its an exception. I hope Crouch does come back to LFC but I dont think he will. Not because Totting-ham (I have to say I Loved Ardilles – real class) are in the Chumps League. It’ll be same reason he left us:- Hardly any games, so he may as well stay in Lahndon with all the cockneys and sit on your bench instead.

  15. Ok you people stop mentioning champs league as a reason for crouch to not to move to liverpool. He left us to join portsmouth when we were in champions leaue . You are right about him not getting much game time at liverpool(which was the reason he left us besides benitez) which would be the only reason for him to not leave spurs for us. Besides we had a manager who didn’t rated him while harry clearly loves him. Personally we don’t want him as he would not fit in our current system.

  16. Because Liverpool are a bigger better club than Spurs

    • My point in all this being, is will he really get more games at Liverpool than he would at Spurs, I think he will spend an equal amount of time on the bench for both teams next season so what has he to gain? I could understand if it was a club like Newcastle trying to buy him because he would be playing week in week out.

  17. its gonna be a short stay in the top 4, city, pool, villa and everton are well capable of taking 4th spot, you better hope that you lose to young boys, the group stages of the cl are going to destroy your season, you dont have the quality or the experience for the cl

  18. The only reason he will go back is due to his missus, and the fact he has been having it with some brass aint going to help his case for staying in London, funny how this story breaks at the same time as the transfer rumour, she is dragging him back up north. It would not surprise me if it does go through

  19. I don’t think he’ll be joining us, he left to get games and he would still be a bench warmer if he came back.

  20. but its true…

  21. But of perspective please. Liverpool were dog shit last season and crippled with injuries, with crap owners not investing in the team and we were only 7 (yes, seven) points behind Spurs. Let’s see how you do with the extra pressure of a Champions League campagne. Past glories? 16 out of the 20 teams in the Premier League would love our ‘barren’ spell.
    The reason Crouch would love to return is because we are a massive club. Most successful club in the land with the second largest fan base

  22. SPURS fans are paranoid about having top players poached. It’s been happening regularly over the last decade. We feel especially indignant that, having finally reached the Top 4, the club we replaced have the cheek to try it on again. Liverpool fans are feeling insecure about last season and trying to puff out their chests and say it’s a one-off, and list their past achievements. Insecurity and paranoia. Aren’t the press clever!

  23. Get on with your Swiss adventure first before feeling so highly of your spurs. I got the feeling Young Boys will roll over you and then you will all have a “Berbatov’s Mull Syndrome”. Period!

  24. Keep Crouch. Most of us would be very upset if Roy wasted money on a player we got rid of 2 years ago. Good luck to him at Spurs, but NO THANKYOU at Liverpool.

  25. five time champions

  26. Liverpool great club great history but current team is really boring and not very good hence your finishing position last season and before Pool fans start crapping on about injuries every club had them. Joe went to your club for the cash and because he would not get in our team ahead of Modric he is overrated anyway in my opinion. The only manager you could get was Hodgson who I like and have a lot of respect for but it says a lot. If you dont achieve anything this season and by that I mean win the league then Torres is as good as gone. Gerrard is coming to the end of his career aswell. Football is all about cycles you guys are still living on past glories but things change. You have an almighty struggle on your hands just to reclaim your top 4 spot let alone win anything so stop being fucking delusional and except the situation for what it is. Liverpool fans are generally a knowledgeable bunch but some of the comments on here would make me think otherwise. Good luck with your season.


  27. Spurs are going to do an Everton and waste an English Champions league spot.

  28. Crouch was offered a new contract by Liverpool but he CHOSE to leave stating that he wanted to play more games. Given that Liverpool will start with Torre, possibly with Cole or Gerrard playing just behind; I doubt that he will get the number of games that he wants

  29. One season that saw pool going down because of continuous injury problems to our key men. It was nt a question of performance only. And you managed to scrape through. Even till the last few weeks the battle was wide open. It wasnt the case where you steamrolled into 4th place. So dont harp about it. This Is a new season. A 4th place doesnt guarantee you anything. And well , we were second the year before, missing out on the title literally by a goal( one more goal in any of the drawn games would have seen us lift No 19). So its meaningless to say we are not upto to your ” awesome” standards. We have almost the same squad as that season, with fresh air injected. There is no reason why cant be in top 4 again. So stop gloating on ‘past’ glories.

    • We all had injuries mate, modric broke his foot, Lennon missed half the season, King and Woodgate had a lot of injury time and we still managed a decent season, injuries is not an excuse because they are not unique to Liverpool, everyone has them.

  30. OK ancient history lesson over boys, how about recent history of less than a year?, you finished 7th and are skint, is that simple enough, the Europa League beckons and you did such a fine job in beating that pub side last week so that’ll keep the airways flowing with echo’s of your greatness. But you need a southerner to get you out of a very sorry decline, after all it’s been 21 years and counting wont it, never mind eh? Shame all those Southerners who’ve jumped on the bandwagon will be choking at yet another year of Southern domination, they’ll soon be calling it the Southern League, as we seem the only ones in profit and playing to full houses, week in week out, luva duck an’ all that mularky

  31. Going down because of injuries?? Gimme a break every club has injuries half our team was missing last season and we still managed to finish 4th. The league table never lies Liverpool where poor last season that is a fact. The reason it went down to the wire is because the league has become much stronger you’ve actually proved my point. There are in my view 8 teams that could realistically have aspirations of finishing in the top 4. If you guys think you are going to waltz back in because it somehow a divine right for Liverpool to finish in the top 4 you are in for a rude awakening. Everybody is improving gone are the days of the same teams finishing in the top 4 if you cant see that your in for a big time reality check.

  32. Simple: becasue he is big and RED and his feet stick out the bed!

  33. why wood we want crouch any way he is not good enough dats why we got rid of him> twenty two goals in three seasons> hes shite

  34. cause Tottenham is shithole

  35. You won;t beat Swss Boys. Haahaaa

  36. we will see dis season who will be in de top four it wont be spurs for sure>its a blip for pool but we will be back where we belong without doubt

  37. Pointless exercise really..Harry Redknapps own words last week..”Crouch is not for sale” as simple as that..From now on Liverpool should ge used to mid table mediocrity anyway..Hodgson abviously has no money, so he is trying to lure Crouch via media on the cheap..For whatever the reason Liverpool was appealing to Harry that is the reason it is appealing to Crouch..which is no reason..Harry didnt even consider Liverpool, Crouch will not either.

  38. I can’t believe this has come up again. Redknapp said last week there is NO chance that Crouch will be leaving Spurs. This post said reports have been coming in all weekend saying Crouch might go! Made up reports! The papers and the bloggers trying to fill space. Crouch is very happy at Spurs and right now Spurs have never been better. We have a great squad, probably going to get a few more in before the window shuts, champions league football will hopefully happen. Liverpool have huge debt, an average squad, and they are not as good as Spurs anymore. SImple as that. We finished above them this means we are NOW a better team.

  39. You will get shit on in the CL spurs.

  40. why would crouch want to join liverpool ?

    coz we (liverpool) are a bigger, bitter and greater team. one season without CL doesn’t suggest otherwise.

  41. *better team. (lol) i was thinking of everton. coz you (tottenham fans) remind me of them

  42. wow….the most ridiculous point made so far goes to…….Topyid….”Joe Cole went to your club for the cash and because he would not get in our team ahead of modric he is overrated anyway…”…genius. Joe cole was offered the same by ARSEnal, albeit in packages and bonuses. You should be worried that you could’nt persuade a player to join spurs for ‘champs league football’ over us who in every spars opinion was dog shit. Not really a good advertisement for you really for future signings? And i feel this remark sums up spurs fans. Strange to call liverpool fans delusional also….i think its you spurs fans who are suffering delusions of granduer after your BEST premier league season. Jog on princess. All said and done WE DONT WANT CROUCH. been there done that.

    Also i dont see any clubs coming in for all your top players boys….if you can call them ‘top players’. Can’t think of any player on the spurs team that would get into liverpool/chelsea/arsenal/manure/citeh…..etc etc


  43. Liverpool will finish above spurs this season simple as!

  44. R(d)ick says we have an average squad? So average that i can think of 5 players who would walk into your first team. Cant say i’d take ANY spurs players. Maybe Lennon at a push….and only if he wasnt dog shit like he was in the world cup. As for the debt…..soon to be forgotten moron or do you not read the papers?

  45. Currenty Tottenham have a better team than Liverpool if you disagree google last seasons league table it will tell you all you need to know and back up what we all know. If you finish above us this season then fair enough you will have a better team than us. But as it stands it is the other way around this is how it works the league table doesnt lie it may be hard for you to accept and all but we live in reality you know.

  46. Last Season we beat you 2-1 at the lane when you had Torres & Gerrard.

    And the year before ..

  47. LOL, I love spurs fans. They always amuse me. Make the most of this season, it will be the last time you play in the CL for the next 20 years.

  48. mega-lol at liverpool.

  49. Er, because they are a much better and immensely bigger club than Spurs. The deal is done now and he’s coming so this worthless article has been proved wrong in several ways.

  50. Maybe because Liverpool is the most famous, successful club in England, and one of the most legendary clubs on the planet?.

    Whereas Tottenham are a medium sized club whos hallmark is underachievement?, a club who done quite well last season, well done, but you hit above your own weight.

    Keep Crouch thanks, hes not good enough for Liverpool.

  51. crouch is garbage please do us a favour and keep him. id rather take cisse back whos been on fire recently, but crouch just ruins the meaning of football, and would be encourage carragher to keep hoofing. and lol at topyid our team is full of world class players (torres, gerrard, mascherano, reina, johnson etc), last season was a blip and you know it, you wont have much time in the champions league so enjoy it while u can. aquilani, cole and jovanovic will also be important this year, if everyone performs and we have better luck with injuries the top 4 will be no problem.

  52. You have a better squad not team.

  53. To the two Stevies saying Im barking get a grip Im talking sense it is your juvenile fans coming here giving it loads that are doing all the barking with Spurs are shit and Spurs are small, very grown up of them. Im dealing with facts. The facts are you were poor last season, you have a poor squad and a fight on your hands just to finish in the top four again. We were not prepared to pay Joe 80 grand a week or whatever you are paying him because he isnt worth it same reason Chelsea wouldnt give it to him this isn’t rocket science it is just a fact. I’ve obviously hit a few nerves here with usually happens when you say things people dont want to hear because there is an element of truth in what Im saying. Keep telling yourselves you have a great team and a great squad thats fine by me but dont come here giving it all that because I will tell you the truth unfortunately and the truth hurts sometimes.

  54. LIVERPOOL is better than any other team in PL….

    You’ll Never Walk Alone

  55. Yidiot what do you mean? team as in first 11? lmao. Torres alone costs more than your whole team so where does that put you?

  56. @toyyid, i think you are suffering delusions of grandeur mate! i believe when the most sought after player of the summer opts for anfield rather than the lane, that tells me who the bigger club is!
    i absolutely agree that the table doesn’t lie, you fully deserve your place in the CL and i genuinely wish you well and hope that it’s a successful journey for you! but i also believe that last season was a freak for liverpool and spurs, to your credit, took full advantage but, when you are consistently in the top 4, only then can you call yourself a “big” club, a couple of FA cups doesn’t qualify you mate! i don’t mean to sound disrespectful pal but THAT is the reality.
    as for big pete, a nice guy and a decent enough player but i for one don’t want to see him back in the red of Lfc because, in my humble opinion, i don’t think he’s A. what we need and B. good enough!
    like i said, good luck in the CL

  57. What tells me you have a poor squad is that you couldnt deal with the injuries you got last season. Take Gerrard and Torres out of your team and your average this is not a myth its a fact.

  58. Topyid you had a good a season the best in years and only finished 7 points ahead of liverpool, our strongest team is better than yours, a combination of injuries, off the field distractions and a manager who lost it caused last seasons shambols, Liverpool will be back in the champions league next year and we will win a trophy, so save this put in your diary for May so you dont forget.

  59. Since when did spurs played in CL? They haven’t even qualified for the group stage. Just like the small club in merseyside, they were over the moon when they took the 4th spot, claiming that it was their right to play in CL. Everyone knows what happen then. So don’t count your chicken until it hatch.

  60. Seriously, dont make me laugh! Liverpool have with out doubt a better team than Tottenham, the ONLY reason they finished 7. last season was because half the squad were injured all the time, with Gerrard & Torres both out half the season.. Everything that could go wrong last season did go wrong, Murphy’s law.

    Crouch is welcome to join Liverpool again and he will play more than he’s going to in Tottenham, also the co-operative partnership with Torres is potentialy the best in world. Having Gerrard, Cole and Jovanovic behind them will make sure they get their chance to prove that fact.

    Dream on Tottenham! It will be the last chance you have in champions leauge football.

  61. Haha Im not suffering any delusions of grandeur. Show me where Ive said we are the best team in the land Im talking about as things stand from last season. Please dont take it personal I like Liverpool dont get me wrong but you all jumping on me when Im giving you my opinion that’s what I think, no offence. Before this degenerates into a verbal war I will take my leave and leave you with this. Liverpool is a GREAT club but you got a hell of a fight on your hands for next season and I think we have a better squad than you thats all Im saying. Best of luck for next season.


  62. i like spurs but come on de reds will bounce back and i think spurs will drop back to five or six in de league and i think day will exit de cl early

  63. I think Crouch is class and has a great touch for a bigman… We should never let him leave and I think his time at Anfield was a successful one… I’d welcome him back, He does add something different and his technique and finishing are pretty good… In the current climate 9 million is a bargain… If Roque Santa Cruz and Joleon Lescott are 17 and 22 mill respectively then Crouch at 9 seems cheap for a player who’ll add 15 goals and holds the balls up well…

    In terms of why would he want to come then I think its YOU underestimating the draw of Liverpool… One of the best atmospheres in the world every home game, The most successful club in England, and despite finishing 7th last year (poor by our standards) we still managed to sell, globally, the top 2 selling shirts for the premier league in Torres and Gerrard. Like I said, Big draw here. and a team which seems at the moment to be lacking in some positions… Crouch’s only real challenger up front would be Torres, who spent a great deal of last year injured, and he’d be playing for a manager who wants him… that inspires confidence, and Harry’s willing to offload him… lets be honest… you’d be in red by next weekend too…


  64. I’m not gonna say u didnt serve 4th, league tables dont lie, but in that sense… was the first time since ‘ 71 that u finished above Liverpool…… one season makes you that much more appealing?? Get real. And considering last year we even go beat by beach balls and played some terrible football…..we dont have to improve too much finish above u again.

  65. I don’t want to be rude, but Spurs is not a Top 4 club yet. Just beacuse you’ve done it once doesn’t mean you’ll do it every year. FFS this is the first time in what? Forever? Crouch knows that Liverpool is in so many ways a bigger club, and as long as he doesn’t start everytime at Spurs, why stay?

    I love Spurs as much as the next but we are not a top 4 club. We are a top 6-8 club who got lucky. We were lucky City couldn’t get it together and that Liverpool had so many injuries. This year with all the focus on Champions League I’ll be amazed if we get 6th let alone 4th.

  66. Last year was a fluke. We were bad but we still have the same spine of a team as when we came 2nd in the prem, and we have improved with 2 very good players, and 2 good young prospects. you wont get 4th place again. enjoy the champions league while you can. man city, liverpool or everton will beat you to it this year

  67. im sorry to say but i personaly think crouch is shite .he has one to four ratio goals for pool dats not good enough>w

  68. Why would Crouch want to join Liverpool?…because Liverpool are Liverpool and Tottenham are Tottenham end of argument.

  69. Moron – you are a top 4 club but for how long? and this is the first time! Also you are not going to win the CL and both MC and Liverpool were both under par last season so get a grip.

  70. Just a quick statistic! 2008/09 season Liverpool finished with 86 points (enough to win 2009/10 season). The holy grail which is 4th place belong to Arsenal on 72pts! In the 2009/10 season Spurs finished 4th with 70pts!

    You would’nt of even made the Champions League places with your best season 12 months previous. Enjoy it! I feel 2010/2011 season will be your last and normal services will be resumed.

  71. Apparently Crouch, Poulson and Figueroa (once Insua signs for Genoa) are all done deals now. Welcome back Crouchinho!

  72. Lets get this out the way up front, I am a Spurs fan but with a soft spot for liverpool.

    I’ve gotta be honest- Liverpool have 2 world class players in Stevie G and Torres, and a few good ones in Cole, Reina and Johnson however- if we look at the Spurs squad, you also have players such as Bale, Modric, Gomes, Defoe, Keane, Huddlestone, Lennon…..

    There isn’t a huge amount to choose between the two- Liverpool have the most remarkable players, yet I believe strength and strength in depth spurs have the better team and squad (Liverpool lack depth up front and with Carragher still in your side they lack a quality centre half pairing)

    If we look at this season and not the past or history – Spurs are in the champions league (hopefully if we beat young boys) Therefore, when he is on wages that may not be matched at Liverpool, in a side which although has a couple of players is currently weaker, and without European football- then I could not see him moving.

    Next season, should Liverpool bounce back and strengthen maybe, but at the moment, Spurs edge it for me

  73. well done spurs,……top 4 …… superb 4 u ….LEVI WILL NOT PLAY CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WAGES….enjoy your big season then go back asleep

    • Liverpool might pay more wages, but then looks who’s skint and look who’s not, you need a buyout to save you from doing a portsmouth in afew years.

  74. small clubs v BIG clubs

  75. FACT: Last season Spurs finished above Liverpool. Both teams had injuries to key players.

    OPINION: Liverpool are better than Spurs. It’s a fluke. Spurs will go out of CL at qualifying stages.

    Fact > Opinion. ’nuff said.

    P.S. Crouchy is a red? Nope. He’s Spurs. Started his career at Tottenham.

  76. Just for the record guys Crouch to Liverpool is now a done deal.

  77. I like Spurs and I think they have a really good squad and a very good manager in Harry Redknapp. They deserved 4th place last season as Liverpool were at times awful. However, Liverpool have two genuine world class players in Gerrard and Torres and a team full of seasoned internationals (more than any English club at the world cup!!). We had a bad season due to a multitude of issues – injuries, bad team morale, boardroom squabbles, no money net to spend (sell to buy!) and we lost Alonso (a player who made us tick!).

    The problems with your statements are quite simply as pointed earlier – one season of moderate success doesn’t suddenly mean you are a better team, consistent yearly performance is required to give yourselves that credential and lest my memory is going – spurs have underachieved consistently except last season. Liverpool previous to last season – finished in the top four for the past 5 seasons and finished 2nd to utd the season previous!!! Not much has changed since then.

    Also I hasten to mention a certain other club that boasted to be better than us after a freak season (Everton)!! Oh and who finishes higher – who won the champions league!!

    Unless you support the likes of Utd and Chelsea who win things consistently- you can’t comment on your team comparing with one of the most successful teams in World History and the most successful in English History. People always like to say its in the past if it bests suits them but cos utd didn’t win the league are they past it? No, think about what you say and also the words you are gonna eat and the end of the season!!!

  78. not about crouch…lucky he ever pulled on a red shirt….on level at spurs…18 leagues 5 european cups….where would u rather play

  79. Rich yop are talking CRAP.

  80. hope u do well in cl mate…ask david moyes about young boys

  81. i think pool will do very well dis season in all competitions .we have a point to prove plus rafa is gone and woy is here and a few good signings so far .things are looking good

  82. You Spurs boys sure are quick to pull out the old “the League Table doesn’t lie” line. But then you did do good last season and we didn’t. Well done.

    However, was your season a blip or the beginning of a trend? Was our season a blip? Who knows? Let’s contest the coming season in good sport and find out, shall we?

    As for Crouchy, he’s a cracking player and I’d have him back at Anfield any day. Who knows if this transfer will happen? I’d like it to, but I could see why it wouldn’t too.

    Enjoy your season in the Champions League.


  83. Crouchie just has to take one look at what happened with Robbie Keane to realise it would b3e a bad mistake to go back to the Pool.

  84. Champions league we are havin a laugh, of cause he wouldnt leave the mighty Spurs.

  85. I am not leaving SPURS

  86. one bad season….2nd season before…wake up …same team…no alonso but plus cole and johnson…new manager…suprises fdor the cockney press

  87. Erm….Liverpool were in the Champions League when he left for PORTSMOUTH as he wanted to play week in week out, so why wouldn’t he leave Spurs to re-join the most successful club in England, a team that already has FIVE European cups glistening in their MASSIVE trophy cabinet/s!

    Spurs qualify for the Champions League once in 70 years and they think they are the best team in Europe, get a grip.

  88. We beat all the top teams with the exeption of Man U and deserve our crack at the champs league and hopefully we will do well, but for once we will not loose a player because we cant offer football in the top tier.
    We will enjoy our season no matter what it brings and we will NOT sell any of our existing main team players, especially to a team who will most likely be a main rival.


  89. Spurs fans I genuinely hope you do well in CL, but the answer to the above question is glaringly obvious: Spurs will never be as big a club as Liverpool. Spurs are a bit like Everton to be honest. It’s also worth noting that once Crapello gets the chop, Harry’s off to manage England. And a very fine job he will do!
    Rafa never played Torres and Crouch together, so there’s unfinished business at Anfield.

  90. Hmmm,I dunno…ambition

  91. Everyone’s missing the most obvious reason Spurs need to keep Crouch – WAG rankings!

    Kidding – sort of…

  92. ye he is good player ,,, liverpool for ever

  93. dogface10 says:
    August 8, 2010 at 15:59
    There’s no doubt that the Champions League play-off round will be one of our most important games for decades but we should also be keeping an eye on the rest of the fixtures in the ‘Non-Champions Path’ of the play-off round. Assuming that (please god) we don’t slip up against Young Boys and get throught to the pretigious Group Stage of the Champions League our group fate will again be decided on seedings with the top 8 highest ranked teams in Pot 1, the next 8 in Pot 2 etc.

    We are currently ranked 30th in the UEFA Team Ranking coefficients and if we were to get through to the Group Stage we could be ranked anywhere from the 16th highest ranked team to the 19th depending on who goes through in the play-off round. If, with a bit of luck, we go through and the right teams get knocked out we would claim that 16th highest ranked team and therefore be in Pot 2. This could have a massive bearing on the quality of our opponents in the group stage and could make the difference between us playing a team like Real Madrid or a team like Rosenborg.

    For us to be in that all-important Pot 2 we need 3 other ties to go our way in the play-off round. We need Braga to beat Sevilla, Sampodria to beat Werder Bremen and Auxerre to beat Zenit St. Petersburg which may seem unlikely but is surely not impossible.

    You could say I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I honestly can’t see us slipping up against Young Boys. Of course first and foremost we need to focus on getting past this hurdle but I for one will be keeping an eye on a few of the other play-off round ties taking place!


  94. liverpool are a far bigger club to be honest.

  95. The good old days are just round the horizon let me tell you. A buy out will not see us spend lavishly like city but will improve the depth of the squad which was lackin last season. Spurs were struggling in the relegation zone the same year when we were flying high on top. But you ve come back to the top. Congrats for that. But the same thing can happen to us as well.. League tables show a performance of a specific season. Not for ages. Its unfair that spurs are the better team going into the new season. This discussion can probably continue in january. Its premature to talk about it now. What all pool fans out here wanna convey is tat its unfair to take jus one season into consideration to judge who is better , decide tat the previous season’s performance is going to have a bearing on the new one. It isnt the case. Well done to spurs that they grabbed 4th place especially after a torrid time in the earlier season. Hope you could bring in somethin new to the champions league which has traditionally seen only ManU,chelsea, liverpool , arsenal. I believe the discussion should end here.

  96. I’m a Newcastle fan and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame Crouchy if he chose a return to Liverpool. As a footballer, you need to think about the next 4/5 years as opposed to the next 12 months. I personally think Spurs have done what Everton did in 04/05. Yes, they deservedly got a champs league spot but I wouldn’t expect you to maintain this over the next few seasons. Liverpool are too big an institution and we all know what’s happening at City.

    I wish Tottenham the best of luck, I really do – but sometimes you have to be realistic.

    p.s Top 10 finish for the Geordies !

  97. crouch speculation is pure bollox…if we sell him it’s bcos he got his dic*k sucked in a taxi – no other reason and as for Liverpool being bigger that THFC…I laughed over my cornflakes..!..the bin-dippers are 500M£ in the by my reckoning that makes them VERY SMALL INDEED. coys

  98. “£500M in the red…”
    I think you’ll find it’s £273M and it’s not the club that’s in the red it’s Hicks and Gillet.

  99. “First they wanted Harry now they want Crouchy”
    Firstly Liverpool would never take on a manager who has a part-time job with a certain Newspaper…That was a media rumour that they were interested in Harry.
    Secondly Crouch has been linked (as with nearly every other player) with Liverpool since the end of last season, even more so since Hodgson was give the job – so maybe it’s more Hodgson wants Crouch than Liverpool

  100. makes me laugh- spurs have one good season and they then become a bigger club than 18 leagues, 5 times european cup winners – Did well last season but a little deluded

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